Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell: The Power of Positively

You've seen her on TV. You've read her books. You've heard her podcast. Now get to know the person behind the power of the world of Positively: Victoria Stilwell. Yes, there's plenty of It's Me or the Dog, but here is where you also get direct access to Victoria and her mission to change dogs' lives... Positively.

Get to know Victoria!

Through her work on TV as a dog training expert and as the architect of the Positively ecosystem, Victoria’s passion for helping dogs and the people who love them to live their best lives together is the driving force behind what Positively is all about.

Here is where you can find Victoria’s voice in its most powerful form: from her popular Positively Podcast to her bestselling books, from her behind-the-scenes blog to her favorite clips from It’s Me or the Dog, dig into her world of Positively content and connect with the passion that has driven Victoria to become one of the most influential and accessible stars of the dog world.