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Below is a list of all It's Me Or The Dog episodes, and their descriptions:

Title Air Date Description
UK 1 101 Jimi & Duke 8/31/2005 Victoria helps a family of desperate pet owners get their misbehaving dogs Jimi and Duke under control.  She meets a couple whose house has been taken over by their two lusty Labradors'  humping, chewing, pulling, fighting, food stealing and running away, and decides the best course of action is a trip to the vet's for castration.
UK 1 102 Menagerie 9/7/2005 Victoria comes to the rescue of Karen Holder's family and friends, who have taken second place to her six manic dogs who are being fed ice cream and cookies.  The animals' incessant barking and bad behaviour have caused the household's visitors dwindle over the years and now the family is under the trheat of eviction.  Meanwhile, Karen's son Shaun is becoming the butt of his school friends' jokes because of the pet hairs covering his clothes.
UK 1 103 Teddy Pom-Pom 9/14/2005 Pomeranian Teddy and Pekingese Prince Louis are a vicious biting duo that defend their home and the marital bed, biting anyone who dares to cross their path.  Victoria tries to discipline two tiny canines who attack anyone who comes near them, with the man of the house getting bitten every night as he attempts to get into bed.  Terrible behaviour has left the owners fearing their pets may be in line for a visit from the local dog warden with an order for their destruction.
UK 1 104 Pongo 9/21/2005 Victoria Stillwell brings her expertise to bear on Pongo, a Dalmatian who thinks he owns the house and has numerous behavioural problems, least of which is his penchant for stealing everything in sight - including the family's beer.  The pooch has claimed the sofa as his own, guards his space furiously and bites anyone who dares challenge him.
UK 1 105 Lilly 9/28/2005 Lily the barking Bichon has a big attitude and a fierce hatred of the mailman.  Victoria comes to the aid of a couple who are on the verge of breaking up because of their attention-seeking bichon frise, which uses the whole house as a toilet and gives its owners endless sleepless nights.  She realises the problem stems from the husband and wife's different attitudes toward the pesky pooch.
UK 1 106 Diesel 10/5/2005 Victoria tries to tame the wild ways of Siberian husky that is tearing his owners' relationship apart.  Nine-month old Diesel's initial playfulness has turned into dangerous aggression, biting and mauling.  Victoria is forced into drastic action in a bid to prevent the wolf-like canine from being turned out of the house
UK 2 201 Pugsley 1/10/2006 Pugsley, a spoiled, frightened Bulldog terrorizes a young family by biting, humping and pooping on their beds.  Victoria comes in to help the three-year old pedigree bulldog, whose disobedience and overactive sex drive create endless headaches for his owners.
UK 2 202 Toadie & Smartie 1/17/2006 Victoria tries to discipline two misbehaving Great Dane mixes, weighing in at over 110 pounds each.  Having already cost their owners $52,000 over the past six years, the two dogs are treated to gourmet meals every night while the rest of the family make do with frozen dinners.  Meanwhile, exercise is a nightmare for their doting owners as their toleration for other dogs is non-existent.  Can the family continue living with these canine monsters?
UK 2 203 Rufus 1/24/2006 Victoria attempts to curb the aggressive behaviour of a miniature dachshund. A barking baby-substitute, Rufus has a particular hatred for small children and goes wild at the sight of a stroller.  Its owner's cat is also on the receiving end, but Victoria is determined to bring the disruptive pet to heel before he divides the family further and pits brother against sister.
UK 2 204 Bailey 1/31/2006 Bailey an aggressive Yorkshire Terrier causes havoc to a couple's love life and bullies the governor of a high security prison with a green wellington boot!
UK 2 205 Max 2/7/2006 Max an ex-military dog suffers with obsessive compulsive disorder. Can Victoria curb his obsession with chasing reflections and shadows?
UK 2 206 Rex 2/14/2006 A terrier aggressively protects his young owner from her mother – can Victoria change Rex's potentially dangerous behavior and mend the bond between mother and daughter?
UK 2 207 Talullah 2/21/2006 A Paris Hilton wannabe buys a viscous accessory that is intent on causing destruction to all visitors. With a long bite history Tallulah the Chinese Crested is living on borrowed time.
UK 2 208 Ben 2/28/2006 A German shepherd holds an entire family to ransom chasing kids around the house and defending his male owner from all visitors.
UK 2 209 Red & Jasper 3/7/2006 Two Labradors threaten a new baby with their pushy behavior driving their owner to tears. With no daily exercise the labs are intent on escaping the house – Victoria gives the lazy owners a taste of their own medicine.
UK 2 210 Jilly Johnson 3/14/2006 Three spoilt and unsocialized Great Danes who have taken over the neighborhood are banned from the nearby village. Can Victoria restore order and tame these large powerful dogs?
UK 2 211 Bailey at Crufts 3/21/2006 Bailey an out-of-control Shnauzer is trying to win at Crufts – the biggest dog show in the world. Can he beat 22,000 other hopefuls and get 'Best in Show,' or will he be disqualified for humping the judge?
UK 2 212 Teddy Pompom update 3/28/2006 Did Teddy Pom Pom change from demon biter to little Angel? Watch what happens when Victoria revisits the family six months later.
UK 3 301 Jodie Marsh 10/10/2006 Four peeing, fighting Chihuahuas bully a Bulldog and cause a split between daughter and parents.
UK 3 302 Lucy 10/24/2006 Separation anxiety and aggression affects a young couple's plans to move house.
UK 3 303 Pixie & Tyson 10/31/2006 Doggy demons threaten to deafen the family's new baby and a husband has not slept in the marital bed for over a year because of the dogs.
UK 3 304 Bumble & Dougal 11/7/2006 A mother and daughter are trapped in their home by two out of control Old English Sheepdogs. Unable to leave them, both women yearn to change their own lonely lives.
UK 3 305 Buster & Morgan 11/14/2006 Two dogs affect their owners' love lives. Can Victoria restore marital bliss or will the dogs tear them apart?
UK 3 306 Jimi & Duke update 11/21/2006 Were Jimi and Duke finally brought to heel? Watch what happens when Victoria returns to them six months later.
UK 3 307 Bumble & Dougal update 12/5/2006 Were the Old English sheepdogs tamed at last? Watch how training these dogs led to a proposal of marriage.
UK special It's Me or the Fat Dog 10/3/2006 Three families have obese dogs that are at risk of disease or death because of their weight problems. Can Victoria change these owners' ways and save the dogs from an untimely death?
UK special Crufts Special 3/13/2006 Three dogs compete to qualify for the most famous dog show in the world, Crufts. Will one of them become Best in Show?
UK special The Event 3/22/2006 Walking with Wolves, Woof Fest and a food-obsessed Dalmatian. Victoria comes face to face with a wolf, attempts a world record and helps a family train their food-thief Dally the Dalmatian.
UK special Fat Dogs update 4/12/2008 Did the dogs complete their weight loss plan or did their owners fail them?
UK 4 401 Zulu 3/29/2008 A crazy, jumping, obsessive licking Boxer threatens to tear a couple apart.
UK 4 402 Lottie 4/19/2008 A hound Houdini intent on running away is living on borrowed time. Rescued from a backyard breeder Lottie compulsively chases her own tail and digs up the back yard.
UK 4 403 Jed 8/16/2007 A dangerously aggressive American bulldog's future hangs in the balance. While the husband is away with the Navy Jed jealously guards his female owner from visitors.
UK 4 404 Harvey 8/9/2007 Two owners struggle with an out-of-control Doberman – but is it Harvey's fault or is it the owners that need the training?
UK 4 405 Niles 8/2/2007 What do you get when a cat lover buys her first dog, a Chihuahua, only because it is the same size as a cat - disaster and an armful of scars!
UK 4 406 Roxy & Rio 7/26/2007 Fighting, urinating Greyhound sisters wreck household havoc causing arguments and threats of separation between their owners.
UK 4 407 Widget & Gizmo 7/12/2007 Two kidnapped Yorkshire terriers are returned to their owners. Can Victoria rehabilitate them and their owners and help them function again after this traumatic experience?
UK 4 408 Chaos 7/19/2007 A humping English Bull terrier brings chaos to the household, bullying children and humping anyone in his path. Chaos is the aptly named English bull terrier whose anarchic behaviour and boundless energy are affecting everyone in the house.
UK 4 409 Teo 8/24/2007 A poop eating, food-stealing Labrador spreads e-coli around the home.
UK 4 410 Peanut 4/26/2008 Peanut the pint sized pup has a hatred of the mailman and a penchant for stealing underwear. Bought as a companion for her owner, Peanut is now preventing her from having a love life.
UK 4 411 Toby 5/3/2008 With five children and six dogs, a couple struggle to control their man hating and biting terrier.
UK 4 412 Mollie & Alfie 5/10/2008 One lazy owner, two terrorizing dogs and a family intervention. Cesar spoils the dogs while his family suffer the consequences of their bad behavior.
USA 1 101 Boxed In 10/11/2008 Cooper, a dog-aggressive Boxer, is a danger to other dogs in the neighborhood and his owners are at their wits end.
USA 1 102 The Prince of Chaos 10/18/2008 A Mastiff mix bullies a family and takes over a mother's love. Unable to sleep in her bed because of her dog, she sleeps on the sofa while Prince stands guard.
USA 1 103 The Triplets of Terror 10/25/2008 Three dogs: a rambunctious Boxer, an Italian greyhound and an overweight Beagle threaten an owner with failing health and pitch mother against daughter.
USA 1 104 The Fickle Five 11/1/2008 Five poop eating, fighting pugs contribute to problems between their owners.
USA 1 105 The Not So Great Dane 11/8/2008 Harley the Great Dane uses his size to get what he wants. His owner makes excuses for Harley's behavior, but when it threatens his marriage, he is forced to take off the blinkers.
USA 1 106 The Chief of Jealousy 11/15/2008 Sydney the Jack Russell hates other dogs so when her owners decide to adopt Sam the Labrador, Sydney is willing to fight to the death.
USA 1 107 The Wild and Wacky Weimaraners 11/22/2008 Chaos reigns in the house of Weimaraners. Is the dogs' destruction due to separation anxiety or boredom? Hidden cameras reveal just how smart these dogs really are.
USA 1 108 The Monstrous Mutts 11/29/2008 A TV presenter's home is being destroyed by her dog and she is forced into buying two sets of furniture in order to hide the destruction from her friends.
USA 1 109 Untamed and Untrained 12/13/2008 Four dogs in a household are intent on killing each other: Retriever/Lab mix Olivia bullies the other dogs, German Shepherd mixes Rex and Sophia have never had any training, and Spaniel mix Garmon has a very high prey drive. Can Victoria convince Frank and Elaine step up to the plate and train them or will their dogs have to be re-homed?
USA 1 110 Boys vs. Girls 12/20/2008 The Shelton household is divided - boys versus girls. Junie B, an aggressive pint-sized poodle divides the whole family in two while her doggy companions, Apple and Zuzu, are left out in the cold. Victoria helps rescue the Sheltons and bring men and women together again.
USA 1 111 Toilet Trouble 1/3/2009 A young girl is passionate about rescuing dogs, but when she brings them home they turn the house into a toilet. Can Victoria change the dogs' toileting habits before the family's health suffers?
USA 1 112 Bullheaded Bulldog 1/10/2009 Former punitive training methods with a shock collar turn an English bulldog into an aggressive and unstable wreck.
USA 1 113 No Small Problem 1/17/2009 Peanut the Pomeranian has a piercing 24 hour bark that is exhausting his owners and Staines, an Australian shepherd, is transfixed by food.
USA 1 114 Bad Apple 1/24/2009 A family is divided over their neglected rescue dog, Peanut Butter. Will they be able to give their dog a good home or will PB suffer if she stays with them?
USA 1 115 Pit Bull Predicament 2/7/2009 A man is held house-bound by his two dogs. Unable to have a social life Victor is a prisoner in his own home and the destruction his dogs have caused threatens their very existence.
USA 1 116 Puppy Love 2/14/2009 Two lonely hearts are prevented from dating because of their dogs. Can Victoria restore harmony and bring love into their lives?
USA 1 117 The Loves of His Life 2/21/2009 An owner is at risk of losing his girlfriend because of an obsession with his dogs. With the ultimatum – 'it's me or the dog', who will he chose?
USA 1 118 Hollywood Hounds 2/28/2009 A busy Hollywood family argue over their peeing, barking, food-stealing dogs.
USA 1 119 Making Room for Baby 3/7/2009 Bella a fearful, nipping Weimeraner, concerns her owners who are expecting their first baby. Can Bella stay with the family or is she destined for the pound?
USA 1 120 Growing Pains 3/14/2009 A busy couple bring up their puppy, 'Mr. Black,' in social isolation. Will their misguided care threaten their dog's future?
USA 2 201 Dog Days of Summer 8/29/2009 A labradoodle's antics are endangering himself and the family cat. He darts out of doors, jumps out of boats, and has a high chase drive. Victoria will have to teach his owner how to properly discipline him, and her training may come just in the nick of time.
USA 2 202 Summer Cookout 8/8/2009 Three dogs with three different sets of issues presents a challenge for Victoria. One dog is fearful and has bitten multiple people, one has severe separation anxiety, and the third is terrified of water. Victoria will have triple the trouble in this household!
 USA  2  203  Unhappy Campers 8/15/2009  One family's vacations in their RV turn to nightmares because of their four out-of-control dogs. One of the dogs is particularly dangerous and will need Victoria's special attention. Can she bring the fun back to this family's vacations?
 USA 2  204 The Dog Spinster 8/22/2009 A young single woman's social life has all but disappeared because of her two poorly behaved dogs. Her friends and family don't want to come over for fear of being mouthed and jumped on. Victoria will have to give the dogs some much-needed training to keep their owner from spending a lifetime alone.
USA  2  205  Nervous Newlyweds 3/6/2010 Victoria deals with a terrier that has a severe phobia of the vacuum cleaner, and a doberman whose frightening behavior prevents guests from coming over.
USA 2 206 Pool Party 8/1/2009 A family's three dogs are ruining their summer vacation. Victoria will have to help stop them from rushing at the door when the doorbell rings, and keep them from jumping on top of their owners in the pool. Can she bring the fun back to this summer vacation?
USA 2 207 Eight is Enough 2/13/2010 A couple's eight dogs have taken over every part of their home, including their bed and their kitchen while they're cooking. Victoria will have to show them that even eight dogs are managable with the right training.
USA 2 208 Tiny Tyrant 1/23/2010 The unpredictable behavior of a couple's Pekingese makes everyday life difficult. They can't even pick her up without being bitten. It will be up to Victoria to show her owners that using positive training with her can help restore her trust in them.
 USA 2 209  Berry Bunch  1/2/2010 Victoria works with a family that recently joined households and has a combined total of nine dogs. The family has different ideas about how best to train the dogs, and Victoria will have to get them to work as one.
USA 2 210 House of Horror 1/9/2010 Victoria gets caught in the middle of roommaates fighting over their dogs. She'll have to help them all work together to make their lives--and their dogs' lives--much happier.
USA 2 211 Great Dane Devotion 1/16/2010 A newlywed couple's three Great Danes are running their lives. They are afraid to leave the house for fear of returning to destruction. It's up to Victoria to give this couple and their dogs back a normal life.
USA 2 212 Dangerous Territory 2/20/2010 Victoria helps Cameron and Cortes, two roommates are at odds over one of the dogs in their home. Nekko is Cortes' 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier, and his aggressive guarding behavior has Cameron walking on eggshells in his own home. Victoria will have to fix this frightening behavior before it tears a friendship apart.
USA 2 213 Killer Instincts 1/30/2010 A picture perfect family is secretly struggling with their out-of-control Jack Russell Terrier. He constantly escapes out the front door and has bitten at least 5 other dogs. His prey drive turned the family's gerbil into a meal. Can Victoria channel his instincts in a better direction?
USA 2 214 Man vs. Manny 3/20/2010 Victoria meets a couple whose marriage is being torn apart by a 9 pound miniature poodle. His aggressive behavior has kept them from even being able to sit together on the couch. Victoria will have to get the dog's possessive behavior under control to get this family back on track.
USA 2 215 Weathering the Storm 3/13/2010 Victoria helps a family with their problem Papillons. Their issues range from thunderstorm phobia to darting out the door at every opportunity. These tiny terrors will put Victoria's skills to the test.
USA 2 216 Florence and Fiona 4/24/2010 Victoria helps an owner and her wheelchair-bound mother train their out-of-control Bichon Frise, Fiona. Victoria soon finds out that her owner's irresponsibility may be the cause of Fiona's undesirable behaviors. Can she get this family to work together to get Fiona under control?
USA 2 217 The Un-Adoptables 6/19/2010 Victoria comes to the rescue of PAWS Atlanta, a shelter in dire need of help. Their facility is falling apart, and adoptions are low. Victoria helps train several of their long-term residents, and even has a few surprises in store for the staff.
USA 2 218 Lazy Dog Days 4/17/2010 Victoria encounters a slobbery situation with a family's three Neopolitan Mastiffs. Many of the dogs' problems are caused by the laziness of their owner, and Victoria is determined to set everyone straight.
USA 2 219 Bulldog Battle 5/1/2010 A house full of bully breeds means a whole lot of work for Victoria. The family's English Bulldog and French Bulldog are constantly fighting, and their recent addition of a Presa Canario only adds more stress to the situation. Can Victoria give this family the reality check they need?
USA 2 220 Three Pampered Pups 4/3/2010 Victoria helps two sisters with their three sound-sensitive Malteses. The dogs bark at the slightest noise, and have several unusual phobias as well. Victoria will have to get these sisters to work together to help their dogs overcome their fears.
USA 2 221 Living on the Edge 5/8/2010 Sammy is a one year old lab mix whose nipping and mouthing has spun out of control. Victoria herself has to dodge a bite from this highly reactive dog. Can she convince his owner how serious the situation truly is?
USA 2 222 Double Trouble 6/5/2010 Two Dobermans are confined to small room of their owner's house every day, which has resulted in destruction to the room and frustration for the dogs. Victoria will have to show these owners how to truly enjoy a life with their dogs.
USA 2 223 Feisty Females 5/15/2010 Victoria meets two small female dogs that can't even stand to be in the same room with each other. Their owners are at odds about rehoming one of them to stop the fighting. Victoria will have to stop the fighting to keep one of these dogs from losing its home.
USA 2 224 Bully Breeds 6/12/2010 Victoria meets a family caught in the middle of a battle between their two bully breed dogs. To make matters worse, they are considering breeding one of the dogs. Can Victoria knock some sense into these unrealistic owners?
USA 2 225 Puppy Special 5/22/2010 On this special episode, Victoria delves into the fun, but often frustrating, world of puppy training. She works with two families, one with an older puppy, and one just starting out on their search for their first puppy.
USA 3 301 Til Dog Do Us Part 4/30/2011 Victoria meets a couple with a German Shepherd who sinks her teeth into just about everything. It doesn't take long for Victoria to figure out why. She'll have to re-train this dog, and her owners, to get everyone back on track.
USA 3 302 Terrier Takes Manhattan 1/22/2011 Victoria heads to a home with two clashing Yorkshire Terriers. The constant barking and anxiety from one of the dogs is causing the other to shut down completely. Can Victoria come to the rescue of these canines in crisis?
USA 3 303 Castle Goes to the Dogs 1/15/2011 An eccentric couple needs help with their four dogs and potbellied pig. Their animals live without boundaries in the house and have not been housetrained. Victoria takes a walk on the wild side with this family in need.
USA 3 304 Bone of Contention 4/6/2011 Victoria works with a young man and his unstable large dog. Not convinced about neutering his dog, Victoria has to show this young owner the consequences of irresponsible breeding.
USA 3 305 Calamitous Canines 5/21/2011 Two small terriers are keeping a mother and daughter prisoners in their own home. Guests have to climb over a railing to avoid being harassed by the dogs. Victoria will have to teach these dogs-and their owners-not to be afraid to leave the house.
USA 3 306 Menace of High Society 1/8/2011 Celebrity housewife Jill Zaran has a little Chihuahua with a big attitude. Even her daughter can't get too close to her without being growled at. Can Victoria help this pampered pooch live the social life with her owner?
USA 3 307 Bad to the Bone 1/29/2011 A family's pitbull is too much of a challenge for his owners. When Victoria finds out that two adult sons live in the house and aren't putting in their share of work with the dog, she'll stop at nothing to get them to step up. Hopefully, it's not too late for the dog.
USA 3 308 Six Chihuahuas Under 4/23/2011 Victoria has her hands full with a full house of six chihuahuas. She'll have to give the family a reality check about the health of their dogs, and try to make peace in a household overrun with dogs.
USA 3 309 The Woof Pack 4/9/2011 A couple is completely overwhelmed by the antics of their four large dogs. They have sustained multiple injuries from walking the dogs, and their persistent howling is driving the family crazy. Victoria has a few tricks up her sleeve to put these frustrated canines to work.
USA 3 310 Taming Indiana 5/14/2011 A family's hyperactive dog has turned their life to chaos, and is endangering their young child. Victoria will have her work cut out for her when she tries to calm this hectic household.
USA 3 311 The Rocky Road 2/5/2011 A dog's pent up energy and frustration causes him to engage in compulsory behaviors. His owners are worried that his behavior is beyond help. Can Victoria prove otherwise?
USA 3 312 Dakota's Territory 5/7/2011 A  family's English Bull Terrier causes even more chaos than their young boys, and Victoria fears his reactive nature is a danger to the children. She'll have to show this family how to have a trusting relationship with their dog, all while teaching their dog some much needed impulse control.
USA 4 401 Living in a Prison 6/2/2012 Victoria helps a family in desperate need of help with their dog, Scooby, a lab/pitbull mix with an extreme case of separation anxiety. The destruction Scooby causes when he is left alone is controlling his family's life. Can Victoria show this stressed out pooch how to cope with being left alone?
USA 4 402 A House Divided 7/24/2012 Two constantly fighting dogs means Victoria has her work cut out for her. It doesn't help that  their owners are contributing to the problem. Victoria will have to help more than just the dogs to restore peace to this divided household.
USA 4 403 This Dog is Ready 6/30/2012 A Maltese/Chihuahua mix is terrorizing the household with constant barking and aggressive behavior. After witnessing the dog biting one of the children, Victoria gives the family a reality check. But will they be willing to give this dog the training he needs?
USA 4 404 Where's My Treat 7/17/2012 Victoria tries to help a couple heal their relationship while training their three out-of-control dogs. A house full of poop, barking, and nipping are just a few of the issues that Victoria takes on.
USA 4 405 Jersey Girls 7/14/2012 Two hound sisters have brought their owners to their wit's end. The dogs panic without one another and have destroyed furniture and carpeting. In addition, leash walks are a total nightmare. Victoria may be these dogs' last chance. Can she bring order to this chaotic household?
USA 4 406 Saving Snooki 6/14/2012 Victoria comes to the rescue of a Golden Retriever named Snooki, who is constantly escaping the house and is in danger of being hit by a car. The family's apathy towards the situation may be her biggest challenge of all.
USA 4 407 Family Trauma 6/9/2012 A family needs help for their two large dogs. One is shy and fearful when people come over to the house, and the other is nippy and rambuctious. But Victoria discovers that there may be more to the dog's issues than meets the eye.
USA 4 408 Last Chance for Love 7/7/2012 Victoria tries to bring a couple together who have been living in separate homes because of their dogs. The dogs' marking in the house, barking in the yard, and chasing the cats has driven their family apart. Can Victoria get this family back together again?
USA 4 409 He Needs to Go 6/23/2012 Victoria enters the loudest house she has ever been into. The constant barking in this multi-dog household is driving their owners crazy. Victoria will have to bring order to this chaotic household in order to keep their owners from parting ways.
USA 4 410 Day Care Crisis 7/31/2012 Two Maltese sisters are making apartment life difficult for their owners. Their owners are worried their dogs' barking and peeing on the carpet will get them kicked out of the apartment, and have even considered de-barking. Victoria might be these dogs' last hope.
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