Positively Dog Training Episode 317

Victoria reveals her trip to Ireland to shoot for an upcoming secret project, while Holly describes how she lost her filter and says what's on her mind. Also, details about the upcoming VSPDT Miami Dog Bite Prevention Conference on April 26th and Victoria's new book, Train Your Dog Positively.

Tampa-based VSPDT trainer Amy Weeks of Amy's Canine Kindergarten calls the Positively hotline to discuss reasons behind the spike in severe aggression behavior issues, and to help answer this week's Ask Victoria questions including:

  • A 3-male dog household where two of the three are neutered, and all three have begun fighting with each other
  • A 10-month old Cocker Spaniel with a weak bladder, who pees minutes after she's just gone potty outside
  • A husband who is threatening to put a nine-year old Beagle mix because he has started nipping
  • A 2-year old Shih Tzu/Maltese/Yorkie mix who growls whenever he hears anyone else making sounds.

Show Notes:
Family Paws Parent Education
VSPDT Trainer Search
Miami Dog Bite Prevention Conference (April 26)

Contest to win personalized copy of Victoria's new book:

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