Positively Dog Training Episode 314

Recaps of New Year's Eve festivities, Holly's Re-Giftmas party, national bill requiring service dogs to be returned from overseas battlefields, not thought of as equipment, and allowed to return as military heroes. Victoria's interview with expert trainer Pia Silvani.

Ask Victoria question include:

  • The role of 'dog psychology' in training, as well as dominance and pack theory versus positive reinforcement training.
  • How to help a dog who is grieving and changing behavior due to changes in living partners.
  • 5-month old housebroken Great Dane who continues to have occasional accidents in his crate.

Show Notes:

Holly's dinner creation to celebrate husband Shawn's birthday.

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One thought on “Positively Dog Training Episode 314

  1. DeLinda

    Awesome, as always - I have a question though. What do you do with a hyper-attached dog if you live in a studio? Only one room, with a bathroom?

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