Positively Dog Training Episode 305

Holly describes her work on stories for CNN with Jennifer Arnold and Silver Sneakers, while Victoria discusses her work with Jim Crosby as they investigate recent canine homicides and conduct canine forensic research into why dogs attack. Also: News and information about Victoria's upcoming National Dog Bite Prevention & Awareness Conference in Denver on November 2, Victoria's latest Ehow Pets video about herding dogs, description of Victoria's childhood memories of lambing on a farm in Wales, a call for fans to help RAF military working dogs in Afghanistan and their handlers in order to help raise morale.

Ask Victoria topics include: How to get dogs to stop digging up and eating plants in the garden, helping a previously abused dog too skittish to cope with sudden noises and changes in routine, When is the ideal time to enroll puppies in puppy classes, how to help a young dog who is sharing a household with kids that have multiple medical condition develop impulse control for, and how to get labs to settle down now that there are two new parakeets in the same house.

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Denver National Dog Bite Awareness & Prevention Conference

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One thought on “Positively Dog Training Episode 305

  1. DeLinda

    Love the podcast this week, as always - but am concerned about the woman with the child that has OI and a large dog. OI is brittle bone disease. I recognized the name from a novel I read called "Handle with Care". Here is a link to an explanation of the condition: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/facts/brittlebones.htm Maybe she should have a smaller dog? Or if the dog is trained, it would need to be well trained to not even bump into the child, depending on how severe her condition is. Some children with this condition can even break a bone just sneezing. It's a concern.

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