Positively Dog Training Episode 301

In the first episode of the new season, Victoria and Holly catch up on what's been happening for the past several months including: Victoria's European tour recap, the recent season of It's Me or the Dog, Victoria's new Ehow Pets YouTube channel, Victoria's new book, and Holly back working at CNN. They are joined on the Positively hotline by Jennifer Arnold from Canine Assistants. Included in the discussion: how the organization was started, why they breed dogs instead of rescue, the difference between the US and Europe re dogs in public, Why Retrievers make the best service and working dogs, how much it takes to train a Canine Assistants dog, and how many dogs they train and place each year. Also, the story of a diabetic man who was asked to leave a restaurant because he had his service dog with him. Finally, Victoria recaps the battle to try and save Lennox in Belfast, including her trip to Belfast to visit the family and what's next in the fight against BSL.

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6 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 301

  1. Al Larese

    Wow! What a way to return from a too-long absence. Great podcast! Heartwarming, sad, warm, and informative. I can't wait until the next one. Thank you!

  2. DeLinda

    I think BSL is bullsh*t - I had a 12 week old American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix (that looked somewhat like Holly's dog actually), taken away from me when I lived in an apartment complex in Ely, NV. I wasn't aware of the breed restrictions because there was another Pit Bull living in the same complex. I was told that the other dog was "grandfathered" in, basically that meant that the other dog was there BEFORE the restriction was put in place. I had already begun training the dog I had, she was very well socialized with the community - everyone loved her - and she already knew a few basic commands. She never growled, barked, or bit anyone - yet she was taken from me. She was a happy little dog, and I have no idea what happened to her.

    There are apartment complexes in Vegas as well that are breed specific - and I refuse to rent from them. It doesn't help that Vegas has a plethora of Pit bull breeders that will sell their puppies to anyone with the cash - and there are dog fights all over the place. The breeding needs to be maintained, and the owners of the dogs need to be held responsible for the training of their pets.

    BSL is something that uneducated people stand behind. Because common sense says that if you train your dog to bite, or don't bother socializing your dog, something is going to happen - that's not the dog's fault, that's the owner's fault. If you're going to put a dog down for being a dangerous dog, what are your plans for the owner that raised it that way? That owner can go right out and get another dog, and do it all over again.

    BSL needs to be killed - people need to grow up and take responsibilities for their pets. They need to spay and neuter - and stop selling dogs for profit. Get a REAL job for goodness sakes.

  3. FĂ­rinne

    Being from Northern Ireland, I'm embarassed and a bit miffed to admit I didn't know about Lennox's case until today. It has really upset and infuriated me. Belfast city council has acted just appallingly even though they claim to be merely abiding by the law, seems they were intent on destroying Lennox by any means necessary despite the alternative options they had infront of them. I'm not from Belfast so I can't take a stand against specific members of the council through the ballot box but I will write to politicians in Stormont from the political parties involved to let them know that the murder of this poor creature was not in my name and nor is any future blind irrational implementation of the dangerous dogs order. The actions (or lackthereof) of a certain Pat McCarthy has reflected very badly indeed on the SDLP. The system and the individuals in it have truly failed this family and their loving pet, and so much of what went on seems so shrouded in corruption, underhandedness and misinformation. Victoria finding out about his passing before the family really does say it all. Just awful...

  4. DeLinda

    The wrong video is showing - and having a hard time downloading this particular episode on iTunes. Episode 302 downloads fine, but 301 is giving a 404 error.

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