Positively Dog Training Episode 210

Sadie & Jasmine waiting patiently for the podcast recording to finish.

Victoria and Holly recap their appearance at this year's Reindog Parade at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, which also included HGTV's Vern Yip, Victoria's mother, daughter and several other notable celebrity judges. Holly describes her experience covering the Penn State child molestation case in State College, PA. Victoria talks about her recent talk to several schools' Homeless Pets Club members and why the program is so important to her.

This week's special Positively Hotline guest is filmmaker Jemima Harrison of Passionate Productions, creator of the powerful documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed. They discuss the current issues surrounding the current unhealthy breed standards as well as her work promoting awareness of physical and mental factors involved with the propagation many popular breeds in the UK, US and beyond.

Ask Victoria questions include Victoria's recommendation for flying with small dogs as hand luggage, how she handled flying with Jasmine, and how to control excited dogs who run around in your car.

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9 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 210

  1. D

    I wish people would listen and not suddenly jump on the "they're attacking all breeders" bandwagon. I agree that the most guilty are the loudest to disagree with the program. The most guilty are the loudest, period. I watched the program as was appalled at what I saw - and knowing, in the pit of my stomach, that the US is just as guilty. It's sick and twisted, and I will do everything I can to spread the word regarding these issues... thank you for bringing this program to the attention of your fans Victoria.


    As for the upcoming Holiday podcast - where would you possibly get an idea to do that? 😉

  2. andyspal

    Love the podcasts! Please keep doing them. Fascinating to hear about Pedigree Dogs Exposed 2. I will be interested in seeing it. I sincerely hope it leads to changes.

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  4. BlindDogs

    Thoughtful, respectful responses to a thoughtless disrespectful practice of breeding for vanity and physical discomfort. It gives me great pain to hear a dog gasping and wheezing to simply breath, for owner enjoyment and status. Well done, you guys, for an amazing discussion on a practice that needs to be halted, for the dogs' sakes.

    Woof! Only Positives!
    San Diego

  5. Riley

    What a powerful movie, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed". I could only get through about 20 minutes before I just couldn't watch anymore.

    As for the muscles in a dogs ears, I had a cinnamon Chow named Cajun and he would lie flat on the ground "sleeping" and you could see his ears twitching and moving around like little independent radar receivers. He did miss anything.

    Va Becah

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  7. hope

    i love listening to your podcasts victoria! i wish you would come back to england and make a new show over here 🙂

  8. hope

    I have seen pedgree dogs exposed and i thought that this was very interesting and a big problem 🙁

  9. Teresa

    I just watched the movie "pedigree dogs exposed". I can NOT believe how willingly blind people can be. Makes me sick. So glad we have people like Victoria to stand up for our best friends. Thank you Jemima Harrison for being brave enough to tell the truth!

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