Positively Dog Training Episode 208

Victoria and Holly recap their Thanksgiving holidays and discuss the concept of 'delayed gratification' as it relates to Black Friday. They are joined in studio by guest Dr. Paula Bloom to discuss what makes some people actually want to use dominance with their dogs and/or kids, how domination is about the need to control, why our culture celebrates machismo and more.  Also: Victoria runs away to the fair, corporal punishment with kids and dogs, and Animal Academy questions about interesting dog trivia.

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3 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 208

  1. Barbara D. Brill

    I do believe that our American culture has a long history of placing a high value on dominance methods. America was settled by people whose aim was to suppress the Indians. Then we went through the period of the Wild Wild West, highly celebrated in the Western novels and films. That historical perspective persists to today. For instance, we spend so much money on building and operating prisons that there's insufficient funding available for education. Those are just my personal musings.

    Recently I've read Jonathan Kozol's book, The Shame of the Nation, and I recommend it to everyone.

    It can be difficult for anyone to try to see around or beyond our strong cultural conditioning to face such BIG questions anew, to be opens to exploring what theory of child rearing will I use? what theory of dog raising will I use?

    We involved in canine behavior and training need patience and also a willingness to understand the pet parents who (almost automatically) had previously accepted without question some authoritative, dictatorial dog trainers. Their 'belief' was culturally conditioned and it is not a personal judgment of us when we first meet. (Smile)

  2. Brenda Haggai

    Our thoughts absolutely determine how we are able to deal with certain situations. What we think about,and the 'form' our thought takes as well as where our thoughts originate are all important to understand. We can certainly change our lives simply by changing our thoughts. Our thoughts can affect relationships with humans as well as animals. We need to spend more time analyzing our thoughts so that we can understand better how to control them, rather than just letting them go 'willy-nilly' in our minds. A person who wants to control their animal or their environment should start first by considering their own thoughts. A great book on this subject is "Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives", The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica. When we can begin to influence our own thought process, only then can we expect to influence the life of another person or animal in a positive way. I thought your podcast today was very enlightening.

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