Positively Dog Training Episode 202

In this episode, Victoria and Holly are joined by concert pianist and Through A Dog's Ear co-founder Lisa Spector to discuss the Canine Noise Phobia Series - the groundbreaking new desensitization tool Victoria developed in partnership with Through A Dog's Ear.  Also discussed: update on Kashmir's knee surgery, Victoria's trip to San Diego for the APDT conference, SD Pet Expo and VSPDT evaluation day, Lennox update, and more.  Ask Victoria questions included whether you can rush training, the music in It's Me or the Dog, and how to get puppies to stop barking at training classes.

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  • n. little

    great episode again. I laughed out loud a couple times. very interesting info about the calming music for sounds that make our dogs nervous. also so kind that you played calming music for holly during the animal academy segment. fantastic.

    keep up the great work! thank you.

  • I tried to get tickets for your UK date but they sold out in no time! Any plans for more UK dates?
    Just got some DAP products for Nov 5th.

  • .....PS...I just love the podcasts but heard 'em all now! Need more!

    Licks and woofs from Charlie & Lola.....!

  • hi, cool you love dogs i love them to you know i love dogs so mutch i want to grow up to be like you


    all of the episodes are AWESOME!!! i love listening to them.

  • I actually like your article! I just acquired my new dog and am looking for extra coaching resources.

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