Positively Dog Training Episode 201

In the first episode of the new season, Victoria and Holly discuss what they've been up to for the past several months, including Victoria's filming of the 8th season of It's Me or the Dog, experiencing the recent earthquake and hurricane, Victoria on Anderson Cooper, the Hero Dog Awards, Holly's judging of Miss Tennessee, her dog Kashmir's knee surgery, and Victoria's development of her new Canine Noise Phobia series of desensitization products.

Also discussed, Victoria's upcoming trip to San Diego for a dog training conference and pet expo, her upcoming live tour dates, Holly's work as a correspondent for CNN, and the new podcast sponsor, Pets Add Life.

Ask Victoria featured questions about why it took so long for the new podcast season to start, how to puppy proof your home, whether neutering will stop bullying behavior and more.

The hot topic was the case of Lennox, a pit bull type dog in Belfast who is scheduled to be euthanized due to Northern Ireland's antiquated breed specific legislation (BSL).

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