Positively Dog Training Episode 108

Victoria gives us an update on the new season of IMOTD while discussing her role as a counselor to humans on the show as well as dogs.

The hot topic is pet bereavement and grieving: how pets grieve for each other and how animals have a greater capacity than we're aware of. Victoria discusses the loss of her 3 cats, including the recent passing of her Maine Coon Angelica and the impact of her death on her daughter, Alex. Holly discusses her 20-year old cat, Ricky, who is currently suffering from mass cell disease.

Also discussed: the use of anti-depressants on animals, why it should be a last resort, potential side effects, and how important it is to pair the drugs with behavioral therapy. Also: other homeopathic remedies, dog-appeasing pheremones, anxiety wrap shirts, etc.

They discuss listener emails about previous episodes, including responses to the conversation about extreme grooming. They touch on how animals learn and think, and especially which species of animals can recognize themselves. Listeners chime in about feeding their dogs BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet, the Michael Vick dogs, and requests for Victoria to sing on the show.

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