Positively Dog Training Episode 102

In this episode, Victoria and Holly discuss Victoria's appearance at North Carolina's Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Victoria's recent Venice vacation.

Other topics include:

  • The issue of animal cruelty, the inadequacy of certain animal welfare laws and Ahimsa House.
  • Victoria's Animal Academy about dog senses.
  • The recent special episode of It's Me or the Dog when Victoria helped PAWS Atlanta achieve a total shelter makeover.
  • Holly's obsession with barkless Basenjis via the famous YouTube clip of a Basenji singing along to the Godfather theme song.
  • Ask Victoria topics included:
    • How to stop your dog from herding the whole family.
    • How to train recall in a 22-year old dog who has recently gone blind.
    • Whether Victoria will film any upcoming It's Me or the Dog episodes in the UK. In this inaugural edition of Victoria Stilwell's Positively Podcast, Victoria and her co-host Holly Firfer describe what the podcast series is all about.

Episode 102 links:

Ahimsa House

Victoria's Mother Dancing 'The Nutcracker' on the BBC in 1957

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