Positively Dog Training Episode 320

Victoria and Holly dish the dirt on the Oscars' red carpet fashion hits and misses, then give their guesses for who will win the big categories. Victoria describes her high tea with the American Humane Association, and also her visit at the Global Pet Expo, including her talk for the American Pet Products Association's Professional Women's Networking breakfast. Also discussed, the great work being done by Dr. Marty Becker (America's Vet from Good Morning America) to help create fear-free vet visits, the interesting design characteristics of certain dog toy products, Victoria's Swedish dog training seminar, the Miami Dog Bite Prevention conference on April 26th, and Victoria's recent inclusion on the board of directors for Canine Assistants.

The Positively Hotline interview is with Channing Seideman, who has been paired with a Canine Assistants epilepsy seizure response dog.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • A shelter volunteer in Chicago who is directed to her local VSPDT trainer, Sara McLoudrey of Root Dog Training.
  • A German Shepherd puppy who attacks an older dog when she passes near and is also difficult to control in public.
  • A foster dog that digs big holes in Australia.
  • A disabled dog owner whose dog will not pee or poo while on walks, but waits to do the business at home.
  • When does a puppy become an adult, and is a puppy a good choice to add to a household with 3 cats.
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2 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 320

  1. DeLinda

    Okay, I'm freaking out - THANK YOU!!!! That's so exciting, and I'm SOOOO looking forward to reading the book. Your first two have been quite helpful with Gypsy (and my cats, lol) - and I know this one will be full of even more information. Thank you. 🙂 And Gypsy thanks you too.

    And congrats as well for being added to the Board of Canine Assistants Victoria, that is awesome. Well deserved.

    One more thing - just found out recently they're thinking of passing BSL here in Nevada - what do I do to stop this from being passed in this state? There are already a LOT of apartment complexes with breed restrictions, and I really don't want this to spiral out of control. Ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

    Again, thank you! I don't want to sound silly but, winning the book is probably the most exciting thing that's happened to me since I got a special surprise for Christmas. 😉

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