Positively Dog Training Episode 318

Victoria and Holly discuss appropriate Valentine's Day gifts for long-married couples, Victoria recaps her recent trip to film in Ireland, the Pope's resignation, snowstorm Nemo in the Northeast US, Punxatawney Phil's prognostication, thoughts on the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, Tonik, the human-looking dog. The winner of the big dog photo contest is announced, and the new small dog photo contest is revealed. Also: Victoria's upcoming appearances from Florida to Sweden and beyond, the exciting launch of Dognition - described as a Myers-Briggs personality test for dogs with ongoing training and lifestyle support.

Victoria introduces a new regular segment of the podcast called 'Cue of the Week' and talks about the importance of recall (or the 'come cue'). Holly tries to stump Victoria with a new Animal Academy quiz.

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2 thoughts on “Positively Dog Training Episode 318

  1. Martin

    Thank you DeLinda, I was going to say the same thing. It's ok, Holly, you can continue to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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