Positively Dog Training Episode 710

This episode brought to you by Zukes.

Victoria and Holly ring in the new year by discussing several of the new projects and developments coming in 2018 in the Positively ecosystem. Also, a rundown of this year’s resolutions… including their pet resolutions (on behalf both of pets and their owners). The ladies are joined by Victoria’s husband, Van, to discuss the behind-the-scenes workings and passion behind the Positively brand and businesses like VSPDT and the Victoria Stilwell Academy.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • Why a Miniature Schnauzer doesn’t eat very much.
  • How to get a puppy to live more harmoniously with three cats.
  • Four Basset Hounds bark every time the owner leaves the house.
  • Border Collie responds well to training, but is becoming obsessed with lights and reflections on the ceiling.

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