Positively Dog Training Episode 708

This episode brought to you by Zukes.

It’s Christmastime, and everyone’s busy with the holiday season. Victoria shares things she’s celebrating during the holidays, including the huge response to #LucysLaw – helping to combat the practice of puppy farming and puppy mills, especially in the UK. The ban on third-party sales in the UK is drawing near, which is a great move forward for this issue. Also, California’s recent announcement that the sale of various pets in pet stores, and Victoria becomes the first state in Australia to ban puppy mills.

Holly tries to stump Victoria with a holiday-themed edition of the Animal Academy.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • Pit bull doesn’t like going into her kennel when placed there while her family goes away on vacation.
  • 7-month old ‘Morky’ won’t leave his female owner’s side at work, in bed or anywhere else.
  • 11 year old lab constantly pulls on lead, meaning he can’t be taken out as much. What harness will help with his leash-pulling?
  • First-time dog owner asks how to establish safe barriers in the yard without adding a fence.
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