Positively Dog Training Episode 703

This episode brought to you by Zukes.

Holly and Victoria catch up following Holly’s deployments to cover recent hurricanes for CNN and chat about the many dogs and cats that ended up in Atlanta area shelters following the Houston and Florida hurricanes. Also, Victoria highlights the viral video produced by Lifeline Animal Project’s #DismissTheMyth campaign which combats the misconception that behavioral problems and/or age are actually not the #1 reasons why people don’t want to adopt from shelters.

Watch the #DismissTheMyth video here.

Why Victoria and Holly have both been ‘foster failures’ by adopting rescued pets, and Victoria’s history of fostering dogs and cats both in New York and Atlanta. But what happens when fostering or adopting doesn’t work and isn’t a good fit?

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • A newly rehomed 9-month old mini-Dachshund was badly bullied in his original home and is now not only scared of other dogs, but nearly everything else in his world.
  • Large male European Doberman doesn’t snaps at and ‘doesn’t like’ kids – especially highly active young children.
  • Holly asks why Barnsley – her Black and Tan Coonhound – likes to lean on guests and friends’ legs.
  • GSD/Collie mix has problems going potty outside after being saved from an abusive situation.

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