Positively Dog Training Episode 504 – Thanksgiving!

In this special Thanksgiving edition of the podcast, Victoria and Holly welcome back Dr. Paula Bloom, who peppers Victoria with questions about her new puppy, Suki, and how she's getting along (or not) with her existing dog. Topics touched on include:

  • Whether you should train and raise different types of dogs differently
  • What to do when the new puppy seems to like one person in the family more than another
  • Victoria's thoughts on the concept of 'sibling rivalry' between multiple dogs in the same household
  • How to deal with an existing dog who is showing her teeth to the new puppy in the house.

Ask Victoria questions include:

  • How long is it ok to leave dogs on their own during the day? (Addie, NYC)
  • Do dogs recognize and develop prejudices against certain breeds? (Brooklyn from Chicago)
  • Whether it is ethical to buy breeds known to have health issues even if they come from responsible breeders? (David from Vancouver)
  • What makes a dog smart or intelligent? (Holly from Perth, Virgin Islands)

Victoria's Animal Academy returns with a twist: Victoria's daughter, Alex, stumps Holly, Victoria and Paula with some pretty random, difficult (and usually not particularly dog-related) quiz questions.

Ask Victoria is sponsored by Zukes - check 'em out this Thanksgiving!


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