Positively Dog Training Episode 501

Holly and Victoria are back with a new season of the Positively Podcast after a PositivelyDogTraining-Podcast-albumcover-v3-150408summer hiatus. They've got a lot of catching up to do, as they have both been traveling all over the world. Victoria catches everyone up on her new TV show that will be airing in the UK next year, and Holly tells the story of how she learned what "bear spray" is.

Calling in to the Positively Hotline this episode is filmmaker Patrick Reasonover, one of the creators behind the new documentary 'Of Dogs and Men.' The film covers the difficult topic of police shooting dogs, and Victoria was featured in the film along with several of the police officers she has been filming with for an upcoming project. Patrick talks about what inspired him to create the film, and steps people can take to prevent their pet from being a victim.

Holly and Victoria can't get enough of a funny video of a very loud Marmot. You can see it for yourself here.

This season's 'Ask Victoria' segment is sponsored by Zuke's. Ask Victoria questions include:

  • How can I stop by high-strung Weimaraner from acting fearful and aggressive?
  • How can I help my sound sensitive border collie overcome her fear of fireworks and other loud noises?
  • What can I do to stop my Dalmation from dragging me down the road?
  • How can I stop my Mastador puppy from peeing in the house and chewing things up when left alone?
  • Why is my Spaniel no longer making eye contact and spinning compulsively in circles?

This season of Ask Victoria is sponsored by Zuke's!

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