Positively Dog Training Episode 406

Holly starts off the podcast with some great news about her dog, Kashmir. PositivelyDogTraining-Podcast-albumcover-v3-150408Victoria talks about her experience at the National Press Club as part of a Dog Bite Prevention press conference. She joined State Farm, American Humane, the AVMA, the US Postal Service, Prevent the Bite, Elle the Pit Bull, and other Dog Bite Prevention Coalition partners to help educate the public about how to prevent dog bites.

Victoria and Holly chat with State Farm's Heather Paul to talk about the company's dedication to dog bite prevention. They discuss the importance of not focusing on a dog's breed, but rather focusing on the pet parent's responsibility to prevent dog bites through responsible pet ownership. They also discuss that there is a difference between a dog bite and a dog-related incident, but that all dog-related incidents are classified under a dog bite claim, and how that can affect pet parents.

Ask Victoria questions include: 

  • How do you stop a dog from chasing cars?
  • Which basic cues should you teach a new puppy, and in what order?
  • What should you do to stop a puppy from guarding resources?
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