Positively Dog Training Episode 101

In this inaugural edition of Victoria Stilwell's Positively Podcast, Victoria and her co-host Holly Firfer describe what the podcast series is all about.

Topics in this episode include:

  • How Victoria met Holly during the filming of her It's Me or the Dog episode entitled "Monstrous Mutts."
  • Victoria's upcoming attendance at North Carolina's Puppy Mill Awareness Day
  • Victoria's first Animal Academy quiz
  • Victoria's experience filming 'Curb: The Discussions' for TV Guide with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld
  • Ask Victoria listener questions regarding:
    • dogs giving signals before toileting
    • tail-chasing
    • coprophagia (poop-eating)

Episode 1 Links

Puppy Mill Awareness Day Official Site

Humane Society video footage of puppy mills

Buddy - Alaskan Hero Dog video

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