DOG_HEARING_FeaturedWe all know that the modern dog's sense of hearing is far more powerful than our own, but when attempting to develop and maintain a positive relationship with your dog, it's critical to put the importance of this incredibly powerful tool in perspective. In short, a dog’s auditory system is amazingly effective. The human ear can detect pitches up to 20,000 Hertz, whereas dogs can hear frequencies up to 45,000-67,000 Hertz.

Puppies are actually born deaf, but their ears open at two weeks of age, and by one month their hearing is exceptional.  Dogs’ ears are mobile and move around like satellite dishes, picking up sound from all around them.

Working dogs like Border Collies are highly sensitive to sound because they rely on their hearing to do their job properly. Although most dogs are able to filter out offensive sounds so that their brains are not overwhelmed, others do not have this ability and suffer from noise sensitivity disorders as a result, developing fears and phobias to noises such as fireworks, thunder, and sirens. Household appliances that mean little to us in terms of sound can really hurt a dog’s sensitive ears. Vacuum cleaners, roaring garbage trucks, or the cries of a baby can cause misery for many dogs.

Studies have shown that dogs are so sensitive to changes in tone that they can detect even the smallest changes of pitch between two notes. With this in mind, Victoria discovered that there was another way to help dogs get over certain sound sensitivities and anxieties, by using music as part of a sensory education program.

Working with the creators of Through a Dog’s Ear, whose specially designed bioacoustic music helps to calm dogs in all environments ranging from the home to the shelter, Victoria developed the Canine Noise Phobia Series, which pairs bioacoustic music and sound effects with a behavioral protocol designed to help a dog overcome sensitivities to certain sounds.

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