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Get connected to a licensed, Victoria Stilwell-approved VSPDT dog trainer now to help answer your dog training questions and help manage behavior issues.

Virtual Training Consultations are the best way to get expert advice and information from a licensed dog trainer from the comfort of your own home so that you can quickly and effectively manage your dog’s behavior using only positive dog training tools and methods.

When getting a dog trainer to visit your home is not possible (or when you can’t find a good positive trainer to hire), virtual training consultations can be an invaluable resource to help get back on track. And you can book knowing you’re getting an elite dog training professional hand-selected by Victoria Stilwell who is offers the highest level of professionalism, quality, compassion, and training expertise.

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Register for your consultation by paying the $100(US) consultation fee online using the form below.

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After the successful submission of your payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can provide contact details, and your language preferences

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Next, you will be prompted to share information about your dog(s), the environment and the issues or questions you'd like addressed by a licensed VSPDT trainer. You will also have the option to submit a link to a video which provides further insight into the behavior issue.

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After your booking is complete, you will be contacted (usually within 48 hours) by your VSPDT trainer to schedule your consultation. At a mutually-agreed date and time, your VSPDT trainer will contact you and conduct a customized consultation with you and your household members for up to one hour.

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When you click "Submit Payment" below, your card will be charged $100 (US) for your VSPDT virtual training consultation. Following payment submission you will be directed to the final steps of the registration process. Your trainer will then be assigned and will get in touch via email to book a mutually agreeable time to connect.

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Victoria Stilwell Positively guarantees that you will be contacted by a certified VSPDT trainer to schedule your consultation within 48 hours of your registration or we'll refund 100% of your payment.


Please note that while virtual training consultations are extremely valuable tools to help dog owners find answers to questions and guide them towards long-lasting solutions, nothing can replace a session with a certified VSPDT trainer, especially for anxiety and fear-based behavior issues such as aggression. Such issues can and will be addressed during virtual training consultations, but it is important to understand that to effectively address such significant issues, extensive and personalized behavior modification protocols designed by a qualified trainer who has witnessed the behavior issues in the dog's environment is almost always required. There is still great value, however, in conducting a VSPDT virtual training consultation even for these more significant behavior issues, especially for those who are not in a position to hire a local VSPDT trainer, as the VSPDT trainer can help point the owner in the right direction in terms of possible environmental changes, general behavior protocols, what to look for (and what to look out for) in local dog trainers, and more. Also note that VSPDT's are not veterinarians, and are not authorized to prescribe medication or provide more than summary opinions regarding veterinary health issues.

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