Positively’s Pet Blogs to Watch

PetBlogsVSPAt Positively, we're lucky to have some really incredible contributors who share their amazing stories and insight with us. Many of them have their own blogs dedicated to training, nutrition, or just how to enjoy life with pets.

Here are few of their pet blogs that are worth sniffing out!


1) Lola the Pitty

Sarah Lukemire created this awesome dog blog as a way to raise awareness about pit bulls and fight the negative stereotypes associated with bully breeds. The blog is full of great training tips, fun homemade dog treat recipes, and some great stories about her two pit bulls, Lola and Rio.


2) Oh My Dog! Blog

This is another fun, positive dog blog. Maggie Marton always has some great DIY projects to share, as well as product reviews, fun dog stories, and more. With a household including three dogs and a cat, she always has some interesting stories and ideas to share.


3) Steve Dale's Pet World

Many of you may know Steve from "Steve Dale's Pet World," his nationally syndicated radio show that's all about pets and their people. But Steve is also an avid writer, and contributes regularly to ChicagoNow. He's also the co-edit of "Decoding Your Dog" and author of the e-book "Good Dog!" From veterinary and nutrition information to the latest in pet-related news, Steve's blogs will keep you up-to-date.


4) DOGthusiast

DOGthusiast is a blog tailored to active dogs and their pet parents. The blog focuses on dog activities and sports, life with dogs, and interesting products and services that may be of interest to active pet parents.


5) Cat Wisdom 101

Cat Wisdom 101 was created by holistic cat behaviorist Layla Morgan Wilde. The site is full of cat-related news, information, and even product giveaways for kitties and their guardians. Layla also has some creative DIY projects and recipes. Perhaps the coolest part? She's the official behaviorist for Tara the Hero Cat and other celebrity cats.


6) Beagles and Bargains

Are you a dog lover on a budget? With the tagline "surviving pet parenthood without going broke," Jessica Shipman's Beagles and Bargains blog is a great resource for pet parents that want to enhance their dog's lives without breaking the bank. Full of homemade recipe ideas and DIY pet projects, this is one awesome dog blog.


7) The Lazy Pit Bull

The Lazy Pit Bull is a blog dedicated to bringing readers the best in pet-friendly living. Christina Berry's blog is full of reviews and giveaways, recipes for simple and delicious recipes for your pets, and loads of inspiration for pet-friendly living.


8) The Science Dog

If you love to learn about the latest dog-related science and research, The Science Dog is a great place to start. Linda Case is a science writer who is specifically trained in companion animal nutrition and training. Her blog is full of fascinating and easy-to-follow explanations of new dog-related studies and scientific discoveries.


9) How Many Dogs?!

Dog trainer Debby McMullen's "How Many Dog?!" blog is a great resource for pet parents with a multiple dog household. Her tips include the latest force-free training methods to maintain and happy and healthy relationship when you have more than one dog to manage.


10) All Dogs Go to Kevin

Kevin Duggan is a force-free dog trainer whose blog is full of awesome advice for pet parents! His blog posts often include step-by-step training instructions and straightforward answers to some common training and behavior questions.

Do you think your pet blog has what it takes to join the ranks of these awesome Positively Contributors? Leave us your URL in the comments below. 

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  • These are some of my favorites! I'd love for you to check out my blog, Rubicon Days. I write about life with my two rescue dogs, with a focus on positive reinforcement.

  • Please check out Mutt About Town and our sister site, The Muzzle Up! Project, for information on science-based, force-free training as well as educational materials about muzzle training and reducing muzzle stigma. Many, many thanks for all you do for dogs!



  • Seattle DogSpot

    Here's the URL for my blog/website - http://www.seattledogspot.com. Thank you!

  • Love all of these blogs - what an awesome list! We're over at itsdogornothing.com 🙂

  • Excellent list! I've been a follower of a few of these blogs already. I look forward to checking out the rest! My blog is not exactly a "pet blog" per se. Animal Bliss : A Blog about Animals - wild & domestic - furry, feathery & scaly - big & small - air, land & sea. Stop by and visit sometime. 🙂 http://www.animalbliss.com

  • Thanks for these recommendations! I'm a big fan of The Lazy Pit Bull, Dogthusiast, and Beagles and Bargains, all terrific choices! I'm anxious to visit the other blogs you recommend as well, they all sound great! Thanks Victoria!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • PawesomeCats

    You should also check out this fabulous dog blog: http://www.ohmyshihtzu.com

  • Cree

    Victoria -- here is a fantastic site I stumbled upon for preventative tips and info - all written by a Vet. http://www.preventivevet.com

  • feelingual

    the best dog blog i've found is eileenanddogs.com

  • Great choices above!!! We love so many of them!

    Our passion is finding and sharing the best that the pet industry has to offer in order to live a healthy, active, dog-involved life! http://www.mydoglikes.com

  • Rachel Sheppard

    Amazing choices! Some of these authors are my friends and I am so proud of them! I would love to be considered in the future. I am the owner/creator of My Kid Has Paws which is a pet blog focused on Pet Health, Pet Products, and Pet Rescue. http://mykidhaspaws.org

  • Jodi

    You've listed some of MY favorite blogs. My blog is usually just about the silly stuff my dogs do, it's my attempt at shedding the fun part of dog ownership. http://www.heartlikeadog.com

  • DC
  • Dorice Stancher

    Please "Like" Canines Can Do on Facebook. We not only post our own blog here but also share blogs from other positive and force-free trainers. I am a writer with several AKC publications as well as Web Vet and some mainstream publications. I write about positive training for performance sports including kayaking, surfing and skijoring plus AKC titling events.

  • Eileen Kerrigan

    Another vote for eileenanddogs.com (and no, that's not me 😀 ) Also, check out http://www.stubbypuddin.com/ and http://fearfuldogs.com/ -- all excellent resources for dog lovers!

  • Hocus Pocus the pup

    Conscious Companion: http://consciouscompanion2012.com

  • Scott Sheaffer
  • Camille Schake

    Terrific list, these are some of my favorites as well! My blog is GoodPetParent (www.goodpetparent.com), a blog for pet parents of all kinds that makes veterinary terminology, pet health and wellness, and animal behavior and communication easy to understand. Thank you, Victoria!

  • I write Pet Chronicles which is a mish-mash of all things companion animal related: http://corawade.blogspot.co.uk/

  • We'd love to join the conversation! I write about our dog Topher's journey through reactive training, and more, over on http://gooddogsco.com

  • That is a really great one for sure; one of my favorites

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