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Read the latest articles by Positively ExpertsVictoria Stilwell Positively is honored to have the following distinguished guest bloggers contributing regularly to this site.  World-class behaviorists, trainers and veterinarians are among those blogging, as well as some amazing individuals representing organizations and movements helping to make the world a better place for both dogs and people.

Here you will get a unique perspective directly from those scientists and behaviorists who are shaping the debate regarding positive reinforcement, along with fantastic health and behavior advice from some of the world’s leading veterinarians.  You’ll also find the latest news from those on the front lines of the fight against dogfighting, puppy mills, and animal welfare around the world, along with some fun articles by some well-known pet bloggers and dog people you may recognize.  Enjoy!

Below is a list of contributors to the Positively Expert Blog:

Dr. Nicholas Dodman Nicole Wilde Patricia McConnell Jana Kohl Kim Alboum Beverley Cuddy
Ian Dunbar Wayne Pacelle James O'Heare Cathy Bruce Rachel Sheppard Emma Judson
Trish King Sophia Yin Marc Abraham Duffy Jones Bill McFarlin Travis & Presley
Lisa Spector Steve Dale Jayde Davey Susan Kendrick Linda Michaels, MA Scott Amsel
Karen Pryor Lara Wilber Amy Sandmann Jennifer Arnold J. Nichole Smith Laurie Hess
Sam Wike Patrick Mahaney Paula Bloom  Kevin Lowery Tim Link  Dale Ward 
Maggie Marton Alex Andes Sarah Lukemire Linda Case  Louisa Morrissey  Abigail Witthauer 
Holly Firfer Theo Stewart  Laura Brody Kari Bastyr  Amy Weeks  Laura Clawson
Lorena Patti Sara McLoudrey  Kevin Duggan Mary Phillips  Thomas Aaron  Alix Mitchell
Mary Haight Jen deHaan Layla Morgan Wilde Tia Guest  Jessica Shipman  Jennifer Kachnic
Christina Berry  Debby McMullen  Donna Elliott Kelsie McKenzie  Debbie Jacobs  Juliana Willems
Renée Erdman  Carla Dusel  Kimberley Matchem  Jen Gabbard  Diana Bird  Camille Schake
Ivana Pen Lucy Bennett Amanda Fuller  Bobbie Bhambree  Bernard Lima-Chavez
Janetta Harvey  Laura Coffey  Louise Swindlehurst Beverley Courtney  Ines Gaschot  Erica Lieberman
Jo Pay  Andrew Thomas  Maureen Backman  Sarah White  Sarah Stremming  Grisha Stewart
Rachel Hayball  Julie Schmitt  Christina Waggoner  Anthony De Marinis  John Woods
Aly Lecznar

Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman

Dr. Dodman is one of the world's most noted and celebrated veterinary behaviorists, an acclaimed author of four books and a regular lecturer.
Read more about Dr. Dodman
Read blog posts from Dr. Dodman

Nicole Wilde

Nicole is the author of ten books and lectures worldwide on canine behavior. She is a columnist for Modern Dog Magazine, runs Gentle Guidance Dog Training in southern California, and donates her time to photographing rescue dogs to improve their chances of adoption.
Read more about Nicole.
Read blog posts from Nicole.

Lisa Spector

Spector-Thumb-NewLisa Spector is a concert pianist, Juilliard graduate, and canine music expert. By combining her passion for music with her love of dogs, she co-created Through a Dog's Ear, the first music clinically demonstrated to relieve anxiety issues in dogs.
Read more about Lisa.
Read blog posts from Lisa.

Steve Dale

Steve is a certified dog and cat behavior consultant who has written several books, writes several syndicated newspaper columns, hosts two nationally syndicated radio shows, and has appeared on numerous TV shows.
Read more about Steve.
Read blog posts from Steve.

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB

Patricia-McConnell-thumbPatricia McConnell is an Ethologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has consulted with cat and dog lovers for over twenty two years.
Read more about Dr. McConnell.
Read blog posts from Dr. McConnell.

Ian Dunbar PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS

Ian-Dunbar-thumbCurrently, Dr. Dunbar is TopDog of the Center for Applied Animal Behavior and Scientific Director for Dog Star Daily.
Read more about Dr, Dunbar.
Read blog posts from Dr. Dunbar.

Karen Pryor

Karen-Pryor-thumbKaren Pryor is the CEO of Karen Pryor Clickertraining and Karen Pryor Academy.
Read more about Karen.
Read blog posts from Karen.

Wayne Pacelle

Wayne-Pacelle-thumbWayne Pacelle is the president and chief executive officer of The Humane Society of the United States
Read more about Wayne.
Read blog posts from Wayne.

James O’Heare

James-OHeare-thumbJames O’Heare, CABC, PABC, is the President of The Companion Animal Sciences Institute, Director of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and editor of the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior.
Read more about James.
Read blog posts from James.

Sophia Yin


The late Dr. Yin was a veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist who lectured and taught workshops internationally to dog trainers, shelter workers and veterinary staff and was the author of three books including a veterinary textbook and DVD set on behavior.
Read more about Dr. Yin.
Read blog posts from Dr. Yin.

Trish King, CPDT, CDBC

Trish-King-thumbTrish King is the Director of the Animal Behavior & Training Department at the Marin Humane Society in Marin County, California, and the author of a critically acclaimed book for dog owners, Parenting Your Dog.
Read more about Trish.
Read blog posts from Trish.

Cathy Bruce

Cathy-Bruce-thumbCathy Bruce has been training her own dogs and studying dog behavior long before becoming a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer and a CPDT.
Read more about Cathy.
Read blog posts from Cathy.

Marc Abraham

Marc-Abraham-thumbMarc was recently awarded the UK's veterinary industry’s prestigious Special Recognition Award and voted the UK’s Favourite Vet.
Read more about Marc.
Read blog posts from Marc.

Duffy Jones, DVM

Duffy-Jones-thumbDr. Jones currently serves as the veterinary consultant for It’s Me or the Dog episodes filmed in Atlanta.
Read more about Dr. Jones.
Read blog posts from Dr. Jones.

Jayde Davey

Jayde is an aspiring dog trainer-in-training trying to spread the word about positive reinforcement. She lives in the U.K. with her deaf Dalmatian Logan whilst studying and blogging.
Read more about Jayde.
Read blog posts from Jayde.

Susan Kendrick

Susan is the owner of Orlando's Bowser College and is a member of the VSPDT dog training team.
Read more about Susan
Read blog posts from Susan

Jana Kohl, Psy.D

Jana-Kohl-thumbJana is a psychologist, animal welfare advocate and author of A Rare Breed of Love.
Read more about Jana.
Read blog posts from Jana.

Lara Wilber

Lara E. Wilber is a writer and animal advocate with a background in horse training which helps her relate to fearful dogs as well as appreciate the relationships built from positive training. She blogs about a joyful and enriching life with her two rescue dogs at Rubicon Days.
Read more about Lara.
Read blog posts from Lara.

Rachel Sheppard

Rachel Sheppard is the author and founder of My Kid Has Paws. She is a Social Media Manager, blogger, animal lover, volunteer, graduate student, and shoe collector.

Read more about Rachel.
Read blog posts from Rachel.

Scott Amsel, D.V.M.

Scott-Amsel-thumbSince receiving his veterinary degree in 1984, Scott has studied epidemiology and preventive medicine and experienced a wide variety of fascinating veterinary adventures.
Read more about Dr. Amsel.
Read blog posts from Dr. Amsel.

Bill McFarlin

Bill-Star-thumbBill McFarlin and his dog Star are the National Spokesman for the American Brittany rescue, and were contestants on the CBS reality show Greatest American Dog.
Read more about Bill McFarlin.
Read blog posts from Bill.

Travis and Presley

Travis-Presley-thumbTravis and Presley are best known for winning CBS’ Summer Reality Hit Greatest American Dog.
Read more about Travis.
Read blog posts from Travis.

Beverley Cuddy

Beverley-Cuddy-thumbBeverley has been the Editor of Dogs Today magazine since 1990.
Read more about Beverley.
Read blog posts from Beverley.

Emma Judson

Emma-Judson-thumbEmma Judson has over a decade’s experience resolving behaviour problems in dogs through her extensive work with foster, rescue and her own dogs.
Read more about Emma.
Read blog posts from Emma.

Kim Alboum

Kim-Alboum-thumbKim Alboum is North Carolina state director for The Humane Society of the United States.
Read more about Kim.
Read blog posts from Kim.

Linda Michaels, MA

Linda Michaels specializes in the psychological aspects of dog behavior and treatment, is a VSPDT trainer in Del Mar, CA, canine behavior modification columnist, and ardent practicer of Do No Harm training.
Read more about Linda.
Read blog posts from Linda.

Amy Sandmann

Amy Sandmann is a VSPDT trainer and lover of the outdoors whose mission is to get people re-connected with their pets thru +R training and exercise.
Read more about Amy.
Read blog posts from Amy.

Jennifer Arnold

Jennifer-Arnold-ThumbJennifer is the CEO and founder of Canine Assistants. She has written two best-selling books and appeared in a PBS special about Canine Assistants.
Read more about Jennifer
Read blog posts from Jennifer.

J. Nichole Smith

J.Nichole Smith is an author, photographer, designer and consultant specializing in the pet-industry. While in college she co-founded the brand Dog is Good®. Recently, Nichole packed up her dogs and re-located to London where she is currently completing her Masters in Marketing.
Read more about Nichole.
Read blog posts from Nichole.

Laurie Hess, DVM

Dr. Hess is an internationally recognized veterinarian in the field of bird & exotic animal medicine and is one of 150 veterinarians worldwide board-certified as an avian specialist..
Read more about Laurie.
Read blog posts from Laurie.

Patrick Mahaney

Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a Los Angeles-based holistic house call veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist.  As a certified veterinary journalist, Dr. Mahaney’s shares his perspective on current events, public health, and animal welfare.
Read more about Patrick.
Read blog posts from Patrick.

Sam Wike

Sam is a retired police officer, explosives detection K9 handler and unit supervisor, a CPDT-KA since 2009, a VSPDT member since 2010, a Best Friends Animal Society Community Training Partner and Recommended Trainer and owns and operates his own business, The Inner Dog.
Read more about Sam.
Read blog posts from Sam

Paula Bloom

Paula-Bloom-ThumbDr. Paula Bloom is a practicing clinical psychologist, speaker, author, and TV commentator.
Read more about Paula.
Read blog posts from Paula.

Kevin Lowery

Kevin-Ballance-ThumbKevin Lowery is a positive reinforcement trainer, dog training columnist, pet photographer, and service dog trainer at Canine Assistants.
Read more about Kevin.
Read blog posts from Kevin.

Tim Link

Tim-LinkTim Link is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Animal Writes, on Pet Life Radio. He is an internationally recognized animal expert, communicator and consultant.
Read more about Tim.
Read blog posts from Tim.

Dale Ward

DaleWard-ThumbDale Ward is owner of Dale’s Dog Training Academy LLC serving southeast VA and northeast NC. She is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer, an AKC/CGC Evaluator, CBATI (Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor - in progress), and a full member of the Pet Professional Guild and APDT. Dale also works with Lab Rescue and other rescue and shelter organizations on behavior issues.
Read more about Dale.
Read blog posts from Dale.

Maggie Marton

Maggie Marton is an award-winning pet journalist who focuses on the animal-human bond in her writing and her advocacy.
Read more about Maggie.
Read blog posts from Maggie.

Alex Andes

Alex Andes is a professional dog trainer and the owner of Peach on a Leash Dog Training and Behavior Services. She spent five years working alongside Victoria prior to opening her training business.
Read more about Alex.
Read blog posts from Alex.

Sarah Lukemire

Sarah Lukemire is a pet blogger at LolaThePitty.com where she is raising positive awareness and fighting the negative stereotypes associated with pit bull type dogs, networking bully breed dogs in need of adoption or rescue, as well as sharing recipes and tips for dog owners.
Read more about Sarah.
Read blog posts from Sarah.

Linda Case

Linda Case, MS is a dog trainer and canine nutritionist and owns AutumnGold Consulting and Training Center (www.autumngoldconsulting.com) in central Illinois. She is the author of “Dog Food Logic” and other books.
Read more about Linda.
Read blog posts from Linda.

Abigail Witthauer

Witthauer-ThumbAbigail resides in Birmingham, Alabama where she owns Roverchase, a large dog training and care facility.  Abigail has been training dogs professionally for 15 years and resides with several animals, most famously, Mr. Big the Chihuahua (Instagram @MrBigChihuahua).
Read more about Abigail.
Read blog posts from Abigail.

Holly Firfer

Holly is an Emmy-nominated journalist and a correspondent for CNN. She is active in many charities and actively raises money for cancer research and animal shelters. Holly co-hosts the Positively Podcast and was featured in an episode of 'It's Me or the Dog'.
Read more about Holly.
Read blog posts from Holly.

Theo Stewart

Theo is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer and a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. She is also a qualified schoolteacher.
Read more about Theo.
Read blog posts from Theo.

Laura Brody

Laura is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer and the owner of Denver's Good Family Dog-- Kind, Purposeful, Force-Free Dog Training and Behavior.
Read more about Laura.
Read blog posts from Laura.

Kari Bastyr

Bastyr-thumbKari Bastyr, MS, VSPDT, CDBC is a certified VSPDT trainer with Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training. Kari is the founder of Wag and Train Animal Behavior Specialists in Denver, CO.
Read more about Kari.
Read blog posts from Kari.

Amy Weeks

Amy Weeks, M.A. (VSPDT, CPDT-KA, CAP-1, CGC Evaluator, Family Pet Paws Presenter) is owner of “Amy’s Canine Kindergarten”, a dog training company based out of Tampa, Florida which provides in-home and group training as well as bite prevention presentations.
Read more about Amy.
Read blog posts from Amy.

Laura Clawson

Laura Clawson is the owner of Unleash the Pawsitive Dog Training and Pet Sitting in Carrollton, GA and is a proud member of the Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training team.
Read more about Laura.
Read blog posts from Laura.

Tia Guest

Tia Guest is the Executive Director for the Victoria Stilwell Academy, as well as a professional animal trainer.

Read more about Tia.
Read blog posts from Tia.

Lorena Patti

Lorena Patti is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer out of Orlando, FL. A Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed. She provides training and behavior modification consultations in the southwest area of Orlando.

Read more about Lorena.
Read blog posts from Lorena.

Sara McLoudrey

Sara McLoudrey, CPDT-KSA, CNWI, TAG-L2, VSPDT is the founder of ROOT Dog Training, in the Northern Chicago Suburbs. She prides herself on providing positive dog training no matter what the challenge.

Read more about Sara.
Read blog posts from Sara.

Kevin Duggan

Kevin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club. He currently resides in Ohio, where he operates All Dogs Go To Kevin, LLC, specializing in helping build positive relationships between humans and their canine companions using clear communication, not pain and fear.

Read more about Kevin.
Read blog posts from Kevin.

Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips has a Psychology degree and is a certified Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer. She resides with her husband and 2 IG’s, Diamond & Toby in Florida.

Read more about Mary.
Read blog posts from Mary.

Thomas Aaron

Thomas Aaron is a positive gun dog trainer who runs FetchMasters in Denver, CO, and is the founder of the Positive Gun Dog Training Program and the Positive Gun Dog Association.

Read more about Thomas.
Read blog posts from Thomas.

Alix Mitchell

Alix Mitchell is a veterinary technician, pet blogger and animal lover. She is dedicated to raising awareness for better nutrition and R+ training on her blog Fetch for Me, Human.

Read more about Alix.
Read blog posts from Alix.

Mary Haight

Haight-thumbMary is a professional blogger and content marketing consultant, specializing in the pet industry. Her Dancing Dog Blog & Animal Cafe sites offer useful, entertaining information.

Read more about Mary.
Read blog posts from Mary.

Jen deHaan

deHaan-thumbJen deHaan is graphic designer, writer, and dog person living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and training her two dogs.

Read more about Jen.
Read blog posts from Jen.

Layla Morgan Wilde

Morganwilde-thumbLayla Morgan Wilde, founder of Cat Wisdom 101, holistic cat expert and award-winning writer/photographer/speaker is the official cat behaviorist for Tara the Hero Cat.

Read more about Layla.
Read blog posts from Layla.

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. She shares her journey on Beagles & Bargains.

Read more about Jessica.
Read blog posts from Jessica.

Jennifer Kachnic

Jennifer Kachnic is president of The Grey Muzzle Organization, a nonprofit providing grants to animal shelters and rescues nationwide for senior dog programs. She is also author of a manual on senior dog care.

Read more about Jennifer.
Read blog posts from Jennifer.

Christina Berry

Christina Berry is a wife, mom, Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist, movie lover, and Diet Dr. Pepper addict. She blogs about pet-friendly living, responsible dog ownership, and Pit Bull advocacy at The Lazy Pit Bull.

Read more about Christina.
Read blog posts from Christina.

Debby McMullen

Debby is a certified behavior consultant and the author of the How Many Dogs? Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household. She also owns Pawsitive Reactions, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA.

Read more about Debby.
Read blog posts from Debby.

Donna Elliott

Donna Elliott is the owner of Mutts With Manners in Atlanta, Ga. Donna is a VSPDT and a certified dog trainer through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Read more about Donna.
Read blog posts from Donna.

Kelsie McKenzie

Kelsie McKenzie is a dog blogger and marketing grad student with a mild Great Pyrenees obsession. She enjoys learning about canine health and behavior and social media marketing.

Read more about Kelsie.
Read blog posts from Kelsie.

Debbie Jacobs

Debbie Jacobs CPDT-KA, CAP2, created the Fearful Dogs website to help owners and trainers learn about fear-based behaviors in dogs. She is the author of “A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog."

Read more about Debbie.
Read blog posts from Debbie.

Juliana Willems

Juliana Willems (KPA CTP) is a senior trainer with Washington, D.C. based company Dog Latin Dog Training. She writes about her experiences fostering and training dogs in her blog Peace, Love & Fostering.

Read more about Juliana.
Read blog posts from Juliana.

Renée Erdman

Renée Erdman is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer and behaviour consultant focusing on the emotional needs and welfare of dogs and their guardians. She resides in North Vancouver, BC Canada where she runs Bravo Dog, her pride and joy.

Read more about Renée.
Read blog posts from Renée.

Carla Dusel

Carla is the co-owner of Good Karma Canine, a Milwaukee based business that specializes in professional dog training and in-home pet care.

Read more about Carla.
Read blog posts from Carla.

Kimberley Matchem

Kimberley has used her passion for animals, being a shelter animal advocate & dog mom, to launch her own pet blog Confessions of a Rescue Mom to inspire others looking to adopt through real life stories and adventures. It also gives an inside look into her life as a dog mom to former shelter dog, Rolo.

Read more about Kimberley.
Read blog posts from Kimberley.

Jen Gabbard

Jen Gabbard is a blogger, web designer, and dog lover living in Michigan. She writes about living a happy, healthy life with our canine companions on her blog Puppy Leaks.

Read more about Jen.
Read blog posts from Jen.

Diana Bird

Diana lives in NZ. She is intensely interested in behaviour, teaching, learning, and self development. She strives to generalise positive reinforcement ideas to her life and relationships with other people.

Read more about Diana.
Read blog posts from Diana.

Camille Schake

Camille Schake is a pet blogger, author, and former Registered Veterinary Technician. Through her blog Good Pet Parent, she shares information on pet health, veterinary terminology, and animal behavior and communication.

Read more about Camille.
Read blog posts from Camille.

Ivana Pen

Ivana is the Founder of Good Dogs & Co., a website offering tips, tricks, and reviews for all things dog-related. She's often seen out on the hiking trails near her home with her Great Dane, Archer.

Read more about Ivana.
Read blog posts from Ivana.

Lucy Bennett

Lucy is Co-Founder of Good Dogs & Co., a website celebrating the ups and downs of dog ownership. She's on a mission to help her dog Topher overcome his dog reactivity, after he was blinded in one eye by a dog attack..

Read more about Lucy.
Read blog posts from Lucy.

Amanda Fuller

Amanda, with her dog Keller, are deaf dog advocates, doing everything they can to remove the stigma around owning special need pets. Do you know what a double merle is? Amanda can tell you.

Read more about Amanda.
Read blog posts from Amanda.

Bobbie Bhambree

Bobbie Bhambree is the Founder & Director of DogCentric Training, LLC, and has been a professional dog trainer for 13 years. Bobbie is a CPDT, member of IAABC, member of APDT and is a licensed trainer with VSPDT.

Read more about Bobbie.
Read blog posts from Bobbie.

Bernard Lima-Chavez

Bernard Lima-Chavez is a deaf dog pet parent, blogger, trainer and advocate who writes and works for deaf dogs, to raise awareness about their existence, needs, and capabilities and to help them live rich, full, happy lives.

Read more about Bernard.
Read blog posts from Bernard.

Janetta Harvey

Janetta is a writer, blogger, independent commentator & campaigner against puppy farming. She is the author of two (soon to be three) books on what a tragedy for dogs the industry is.

Read more about Janetta.
Read blog posts from Janetta.

Laura Coffey

Laura T. Coffey is a veteran journalist and the author of the book “My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts.” She has been a writer, editor and producer for TODAY.com, the website of NBC’s TODAY show, since 2008.

Read more about Laura.
Read blog posts from Laura.

Louise Swindlehurst

Louise is a Canine Massage Therapist and Vice Chair of the Canine Massage Guild.  She specialises in the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and management of orthopaedic conditions in dogs.

Read more about Louise.
Read blog posts from Louise.

Beverley Courtney

Beverley Courtney, author of the forthcoming book “Calm Down! Six Steps to a Relaxed, Calm and Brilliant Family Dog” is the owner of Good for Dogs! where she works with new puppies and rescue dogs, always looking to intensify the bond between dog and owner.

Read more about Beverley.
Read blog posts from Beverley.

Ines Gaschot

Ines Gaschot, CPDT-KA, is the founder of The Modern Dog Trainer blog where she shares the best dog training industry tips. She "crossed over" from dominance-based training methods with the help of her rescue dog, Loker.

Read more about Ines.
Read blog posts from Ines.

Erica Lieberman

Erica Lieberman Wittenberg is the owner and founder of Pawsibilities New York. She hold two national, and three international dog training certifications from obedience to aggression. Erica has been a life long New Yorker, and a lover of all animals, big and small, from cats to horses!

Read more about Erica.
Read blog posts from Erica.

Jo Pay

Jo Pay is an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the ABTC, the European Co-ordinator for Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training and has spent more than 20 years working with dogs in a variety of roles.

Read more about Jo.
Read blog posts from Jo.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant who strives to break the cycle of dogs being given-up on unnecessarily due to behavior issues.

Read more about Andrew.
Read blog posts from Andrew.

Maureen Backman

Maureen Backman, MS, CTC, PCT-A is the owner of Mutt About Town Dog Training in San Francisco. She is also the founder of The Muzzle Up! Project

Read more about Maureen.
Read blog posts from Maureen.

Sarah White

Sarah White is an animal behaviourist and the creator of the award winning Ruffle Snuffle mat – a toy that doubles as a slow feeder and keeps pets stimulated and engaged.

Read more about Sarah.
Read blog posts from Sarah.

Sarah Stremming

Sarah Stremming is a dog trainer, a blogger, and an agility competitor. She teaches online classes and coaches people regarding behavior solutions for their performance dogs, all through her web-based business, The Cognitive Canine. 

Read more about Sarah.
Read blog posts from Sarah.

Grisha Stewart

Grisha developed Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) to boost dogs' confidence and social skills. Because of its elegant simplicity and effectiveness in rehabilitating reactivity, this dog-friendly method has spread quickly throughout the world.

Read more about Grisha.
Read blog posts from Grisha.

Rachel Hayball

Rachel is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer and an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the ABTC. Rachel is a tutor for the ISCP and is also a mentor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy. She also runs a rescue.

Read more about Rachel.
Read blog posts from Rachel.

Julie Schmitt

Julie is the owner of Out n About Dog Training in San Diego and a VSPDT trainer.

Read more about Julie.
Read blog posts from Julie.

Christina Waggoner

Christina is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. Christina has presented at Clicker Expo San Diego and Long Beach. Christina lives in Oregon with several dogs, goats, and a potbellied pig named Tofu.

Read more about Christina.
Read blog posts from Christina.

Anthony De Marinis

Anthony is a certified Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT), hand selected by Victoria Stilwell. Prior to becoming a VSPDT Anthony attended the Victoria Stilwell Academy For Dog Training & Behavior where he graduated with distinction.

Read more about Anthony.
Read blog posts from Anthony.

John Woods

John Woods first fell in love with dogs volunteering at a shelter over 15 years ago, since then he has gone on to study animal welfare & behavior and is the editor in chief for All Things Dogs. He also serves as their dog behavioural consultant.

Read more about John-Woods.
Read blog posts from John Woods.

Aly Lecznar

Aly is a certified dog trainer as well as a master trainer of people as well. Aly believes in teaching both people and dog how to live harmoniously together through teamwork. Working in Midtown, Atlanta, she works with clients whose dogs display ‘reactive’ behaviors in high-traffic, urban areas. Aly is the Curriculum Manager at Victoria Stilwell Academy where she creates dynamic learner-centered, performance-based programs.

Read more about Aly

Read blog posts from Aly

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