Ask Victoria – Mary M. (from Niles)

Victoria, I’m 13 years old and have wanted a dog since I was 5!  I have watched all of your It’s Me or the Dog  episodes and have your book.  How do I get my mom to let me get a dog ??!!  I have been looking at the different breeds and think the Brittany would best.  What do you think about the Brittany?

Mary M. from Niles

Victoria's Answer:

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2 thoughts on “Ask Victoria – Mary M. (from Niles)

  1. Jette

    When I read the letter before watching the video I was so excited to hear what you are gonna say! A great response, though!

    I, too wanted a dog since I was 5 years old, got it at age 10. Now I'm in university in another town and I still have my dog with me. I guess my parents were just lucky to have a dog-crazy kid!

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