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Hi Victoria!
I love your show!  I have two mini Australian shepherds.  My female Alice was rescued from a puppy mill.  She is very territorial when it comes to men.  The second a man comes near her she begins barking non-stop.  I’ve tried my command leave it, ignoring her, giving men treats to entice her, but nothing has worked!  How do I get her to be more comfortable around men?  Any advice would be much appreciated!  Thank you!

Lauren from Norman, OK

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28 thoughts on “Ask Victoria – Lauren

  1. Maryanne Stockage

    Hi Victory, I Love your show, and i have learned so very much. Thank you. I do have a question, my Puppy iis 9 month old Rat Terrier and it is apain getting her to eat her dog food very picking, she eats her treat with out hesitation, i have tried swictching , she eat one day nextturnes her nose up, she has never been a aggressive eater but oh boy a picky one what can i do I am wasting a lot of money throwing dog food out.
    Thank You
    Phila, PA

  2. Melissa

    I love your show, Victoria, and am happy to be receiving the newsletter now, including video clips! I learn so much from them, whether it's just you answering a question, or you interacting with dogs and people.
    I'm getting a Mini Aussie from a breeder Labor Day weekend, and am refreshing myself in your ideas so I can start my puppy off right, and keep us as a team, heading in a positive direction!
    Thank you for your inspiring work,

  3. Jade

    Hi Victoria

    My dog is a black Labrador
    When he goes for walks he
    Always pulls please may you
    Help me control him
    Thank you

    Jade xxx

  4. Kirstine

    Hi Victoria,
    My sister and I are in desperate need of some help. We have two German Shepherds a male and a female. We also have a female chocolate Labrador. The Female shepherd is so aggressive that we have to keep her separated from the lab at all times. We feel like we have tried everything to keep her from attacking the lab but are stuck in a rough spot. We currently have one or the other kenneled while the other is in the yard. The shepherd tries to eat the lab through the fence though even when she is kenneled. Please help us if you can or share any advice you may have i don't want to give my lab away or see her torn apart anymore she is to sweet of a dog. Thank you.

    The Smith girls

  5. Sarah -Orlando, FL

    Hi Victoria, I love your show and your training methods. I have a 4 month old Great Dane. She is developing a few behavioral problems: Walk on a leash is not fun. She pulls and chokes herself. What steps can be taken to have her stop this? The second is she seems skidish of a lot of things like switching from plastic bowls to stainless. I don't want to give in to her fears or reinforce them. What is the best way to handle her when she is scared?

    Also, we have a pool and I would love her to learn to swim and enjoy the water but she is scared. What is the best positive way to teach her to swim?


  6. heather jarvis

    hi we have a west highland white terrier call Jill we have a problem we her most night she sit on the floor and starts to rub her bottom we thought it was worms but we give her drontal tablets and seen the vet but they can't seem to find nothing

  7. Hanne de Wolff

    Hello Victoria -
    I'm a huge fan of your methods of raising dogs and have just one question for you: I have a 10-year old Rottweiler (naturally he's the most beautiful and kind dog alive!), but he's problem is that he eats dirt! He simply opens his mouth and takes large chunks out of my lawn and eats them. When scolded, he looks bashful but doesn't quit. At first I thought, this was a way og gettingmy attention, bu he also does it when left alone outside. He gets fed with Hill's Prescription diet j/d due to minor skin problems, that have now vanished and is a very happy and well-behaved dog otherwise.
    How do I stop him from eating all this dirt?
    Many regards
    Hanne de Wolff - Denmark

  8. laura

    hi victoria, I have a visiouse six month miniture yorkshire terrier who attacks over everything and anything! I was lyin on my coach with my partner watching a film and he attacked the top of my head because i was near a piece of paper he was chewig. He has food aggression towards my other dogs, a japnease akkita and a pomeranian, and i do not know what to do? I have arranged for him to be castrated, but i heard this does not take affect strate away. Please advise me on what to do. Thankyou laura

  9. Lola

    Hey Victoria I've got a 5 month old Staffordshire terrier female Sky she's mouthing my hands ankles what ever she wants some times with pressure we thought it was because she was teething so we got her nylabones but she has now got all her adult teeth and is still nipping ect especially when she gets excited she just don't seem to listen to my commands ? Thanks 🙂

  10. Mckae

    Hello Victoria, I am a huge fan of your show. I have two dogs a 10 year old American Boxer and a not even a year old black lab. Seeing and the lab is not even a year old yet she is still a lot hyper. The only thing I find wrong with it is that she's too hyper. When some one comes to our house she tends to bark refusly and as we invite then in she has a need to jump on them. I just don't know how to control her with the jumping. I have tried pulling her back or putting her in another room but still when she comes out she tends to jump again. Also, my father played with her quite a but but now I'm afraid that he may have played with her too rough. And I don't want some child or even an adult coming up to her and she thinking they are playing and biting the poor kid or adult even. I could really use your advice with thes few things. Thanks soo much:)

  11. Mellissa

    Hi Victoria, we ( husband, our two year old Lina,and myself ) need help for our husky/ wolf/ american bulldog mix. Her name is Stella and she has extreme issues with other dogs. She is very unpredictable, rarely will accept another dog to play with. She has brutally injured other dogs already many times. We do not know what to do at this point of coarse we love her but it is so difficult to take her anywhere cause if she sees another dog she goes nuts and wants to attack it. She is ok with people as long as I introduce them and is very gentle with our daughter but she turns into a completely different dog around other dogs. Please help us. I want her to be able to go everywhere with us and to the dog park and all without me having to worry about her attacking other dogs. Thank you for your time. Mellissa.

  12. Haven

    Hi Victoria!
    I luv your show. I need help!!!! I have a 1 year old Pomeranian/chihuahua mix. Stormy is really adorable and friendly to people and kids but, when he sees any other dog he lunges at them and barks nonstop... We've had him for a month and a half now. He came from a shelter. I need to know how to stop this bad behavior but I dont know how... It's gotten worse for the past few days. If he does get to sniff another dog, when they touch noses he suddenly growls and snaps at the other dog. Also when we are outside he never listens to me. In the yard he becomes extremely territorial and even barks up to ten minutes at a time to my neighbors new puppy... I really need help with my dog...
    Haven <3

  13. Happy Dog

    Have a neighbor,who's a clean freak,has a 5 month old BOXER pup. There in there 50's they luv the dog, but never owned a dog,The dog is crazy 2 them, but my view is it is well behaved 4 a pup. Pulls, them & demands attention. She is home with the dog ,has read every boxer book & gone 2 several trainers, they flew from FL to PA to buy this dog, it breaks there heart ready to put up for adoption, I know with a few basics, all would B fine, is there any episode on boxers, U recommend ,? Walking, jumping, etc. They have a nice home & time,hate to C them give the dog up. They do luv her. There just frustrated, the dog listens to my husband, who is firm, the dog always comes & sits & wants the disaplin from him, but THEY need to learn how to render control. Please advise an episode ,iknow U won't B in FL anytime soon. We R near Kenady Space Center the cape/ Cocoa Beach 40 mins from Orlando. If U ever come out we R going to C U ! Thanks Christine.

  14. shadow scotland

    hi victoria,i watch ur show,i nd some advice on my dog ive got a 2yr old male english springer spanial,he"s still mouthing n he can be arggressive when getting checked n he jumps on everyone that comes in the house,he"s scratched the walls wi jumping when im coming in the room,its my first springer n male dog ,i nd some help thanx shadow

  15. quinn

    i have a jack russell and a chihuahua and they are so mean to each other and the chihuahua every time we open the door she bolts out and it takes us like 10 minutes trying to cvatch her. WE NEED HELP

  16. Nicola Dempster

    Hi Victoria i'm in need of help, my 9 year old little girl got a choc lab for christmas he is 10m old and he was a bit un well so we took him vets to find out he has double hip displacior. He is wanting to be active and because we have to be careful he then sits and cries lots. He also has a social problem were as he barks at everyone and tries to pull, i've watched your vidoe's and tried your methods but not having much luck hope you can help me soon. Thank you very much Nicola

  17. Francesca

    Hello Victoria I'm Francesca, I'm Italian and I love your program! I have a big problem with my dog, a Labrador than 8 years! Drake has no control, bites all jump on people, let's say you always try to make love to the legs of people, it is impossible to carry it around is very strong and pulls a lot, not to mention as fights with other dogs. forgot Drake always tries to escape from the fence where he is, and also from the fence of the house, so we can not let him run in the garden because it would escape!

  18. Victoria Ribbands

    Hello, i love your show and i wish i could do what you do.
    i have a very big problem i have 2 dogs, a mixed breed jack russel x staff girl who is 1, and a boy staff 5months. the thing is i will start with my girl she is a very loyal dog to me, my partner and our 5 young children, BUT anyone else she is nasty she barks and jumps up at another person and has also tried to BITE inc other children, i have not had her since she was a pup and i hear her last owner was a nasty piece of work but i cant have a dog who bites other peoples children, also when she is worried or excited she wees all other the floor, is there any help for this dog or is she doomed?
    now my boy pup, i know he is really young still but he will not learn to do his business out side we take him out for walks so many times a day, we let him sniff when our girl dog does her business out there and praise her but he will NOT learn he will hold it all day if he is out and then when he is home he will do it all other the carpet/floor he dont care about being told off!!!
    Please help i cant have this round my kids no matter how much i LOVE my dogs
    thank you

  19. Brea Hicks

    Hello, I know you are very busy lady! But I have just taken in two chihuahua mixes that were litereally just dumped out of the car... The truck stopped and dumped them out the truck and took off... I didnt have the heart to leave them, and have desided to keep and love them. they are very fearful and shy. I was wondering what I should do? I have had dogs in the past but not this fearful. They are not biting or actingf agressive in any way. They are sooo sweet, I just want to know what can do to help them be wellrounded and less fearful dogs. I am up for the adventure of rehabing them. I watch your show all the time and know that you are the BEST! I figured I would get ur advise first! Hope you have a great day!

  20. max

    i have 1 cocker spaniel he bit's thing he shouldn't like a 20 pound note that was in my room he barks constantly when when my mum is home he growls at me my brother and my dad when he is sitting with my mum if we go near him he is mischievous eats anything we just need some tips on controlling

  21. max

    i have 1 cocker spaniel he bit's thing he shouldn't like a 20 pound note that was in my room he barks constantly when when my mum is home he growls at me my brother and my dad when he is sitting with my mum if we go near him he is mischievous eats anything we just need some tips on controlling new email [email protected] please send me your tips to me thank you

  22. lucy

    Hi Victoria i love your show and i was wondering if you were filming in the uk, because i have real problem with a little jacket russel called fizz she's out of control...we have tried handling lessons and also a behaviour expert, but still no hope, we have three dogs all jack russel terriers, the other two are really chilled and older little girls, fizz is their junior, but the real problem is she attacks them when ever she gets the chance even to the point where she isnt left with them durling the day and has to sleep on her on own because she cant be trusted to be left on her own with them.
    She is a loving little dog and wont hurt people but it so sad to see her like this with her mates.

    Please help

    Thanking you lucy batten


    Hola Victoria. Veo siempre tu programa, me encanta, intento aprender todo lo posible, pero definitivamente necesito ayuda. Tengo un macho Dálmata de 6 años, muy inquieto y territorial que está en la familia desde que tenía 2 meses. Hace casi 5 meses rescaté de la calle una Labradora a punto de parir que había sido abandonada y parió en mi casa 12 cachorros a los que criamos con mucho amor y dimos 8 en adopción luego del destete a familias conocidas y muy responsables, la mamá también fue dada en adopción, todos están muy bien, pero el problema es que en casa quedan 4 cachorros, 2 hembras y 2 machos que haremos esterilizar proximamente, pero es realmente dificil la convivencia.Intento educarlos, pero 4 cachorros mas el dalmata es una situación que me supera, aunque todos son muy buenos y de buen carácter, yo no dispongo del tiempo suficiente ya que trabajo fuera de casa muchas horas y el tiempo que tengo para estar con ellos, si contamos que hay que alimentarlos, higienizarlos, etc., no es suficiente. Me ayudan mi hija de 13 años y mi esposo.Me preocupa que a medida que crezcan comiencen a pelearse y no puedan convivir, porque no tengo intención de deshacerme de ninguno de ellos y me gustaría que puedan convivir como una manada e integrados a la familia.Espero que puedas aconsejarme, amor y perseverancia me sobran, lo que me falta es técnica y conocimiento que solo vos podés darme. Un abrazo grandote y gracias

  24. Rachel

    Hello victoria
    I have a yorkie terrier and she can not get house
    Broken. We also have to other dogs they are Both
    King Charles caverliern spaniel they are both house
    Broken we have tried create training everything
    She does it in here bed my bed on the floor
    On the couch and we know she knows she is not
    Supposed to do that because she hides after she is done
    Please help Victoria

  25. jenni

    to my family have a female rottweiler! shes a crazy she bite me and jumping every where! shes crazyyy...Thats rottweiler!!im 16yrs and i scared the dog. my mom,she dont care! what can i to do about the dog? training?? or what! what i post to do?

    Help me!!!!

  26. lyndsey

    hi victoria i watch all ur programe's and think what u do is fantastic i have a very well behaved and good natured 2yr old rottie who has left me a little confused he love's it when we have visitor's and allway's get's plenty of afeccton from all who come's round he's a very chatty fellow and allway's grunts and groan's while being petted i have never had any dought that he was just aperciating all the attention he is getting but as off late he has been aproaching for his stroke then whilst wagging his tail eye balling the guest and low growling i have advised that if he dose this that they dont pet him as i feel he is missbehaving allthough iam not realy certain as he is wasgging his tail he only ever dose this with visitor's what do u think ?

  27. becky

    Hi Victoria,I have watched your show, but I haven't seen or have missed an episode on a skiddish dog.
    I just resued a month ago a yellow lab puppy 10 mos old, I have yet to get a response back from the previous owner, such a loveable dog w/me and my husband, but if someone else comes ove the dog hides
    & never comes out. WHAT CAN WE DO, I love her but, I don't know what to do. Can you give us some suggestions. Please.

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