Ask Victoria – JK (Florissant, MS)

We have a Pitbull female, 3years old.  We had to put our Shi Tzu down because of age and sickness. The problem now is the pitbull won’t go out to relieve herself and now goes in the house. How can we break this habit?  She doesn’t get much exercise.  She has not been the same since we lost the other dog. She is very protective and obedient but has to be forced out to go potty. Please help!

JK from Florissant, Missouri

Victoria's Answer:

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One thought on “Ask Victoria – JK (Florissant, MS)

  1. S from Preston

    Do dogs suffer with Dementia? I have a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier he wanders constantly and barks at nothing and for no reason He is a lovely little thing but seems to acting very strangly of late.

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