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Hi Victoria:

My yorkie-chihuahua won’t let me look at her teeth. She barks when someone comes to the door. I was sitting on the couch watching TV and she cried at the gate we have up. She also licks her bottom nonstop. She wont let me brush her teeth either. What should I do - can you help me?


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3 thoughts on “Ask Victoria – Annaleigh (AL)

  1. Lois

    When I watched yhe video that a lady sent to you, she mentioned that her dog licks her bottom. You did not say what she should do. I HAVE the same problem except my Pekinese mix lays on his back with his legs straight up, then we rub & scratch his belly which he loves. When he leaves our lap he gets on another & continuosly licks his penis, he does this until I say stop it.
    Why is he doing this & what do I need to do to make him stop this nasty disgusting licking his penis??
    Please help, I am desperate.
    Thank you Very much!

  2. Kelly Blair

    Just wanted to say that many time obsessive licking of the behind can be from an anal sac impaction.
    You should have to vet check that. I am not sure about the penis but possibly there is a urinary problem that needs checked or even boredom.
    Our Corgi no longer licks his behind since I started giving frozen green beans with his meals. He loves the beans and the fiber keeps the anal sac clear as my vet suggested.

  3. kathy Berner

    i would see the vet about your dog licking her bottom constantly. Could be a habit or a medical problem. Once you see your vet and rule out health problems, then you can re direct the behaviur by play or chew toys ect. What ever motivates your dog.

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