What’s In a Name

There are many different terms used to describe dog behavior and training methods and so much confusion as to what they actually mean.   I posted a few already this week on my Facebook page and asked for your comments.   The feedback was really interesting and showed how these terms can be interpreted in such a broad way.   I also asked what you would like to discuss in future posts and received some great ideas for topics so these will definitely be covered in the weeks ahead.   For now though, what does the term, ‘dominance,’ mean to you in terms of describing canine behavior and how does it impact the way we teach them?  Does dominance exist in the canine world and does a human really have to establish dominance over a dog in order to get him/her to behave as old school theory would have us believe?  I pick these terms knowing that they are highly controversial and spark vigorous debate but I think it is important to correctly define them.   If you join the discussion please keep it civil.

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