What Our Pets Are Really Saying…

Ever wonder what dogs are saying to each other while they chill out in the laundry room? Or our cats when they tire of the scratching post.  How about why lizards lie around on rocks all day?

I think these videos from Pets Add Life really hit the nail on the head. Of course, I'm pretty partial to the dogs, but they're all super-cute.  Check 'em out!

You can check them all out at the Pets Add Life YouTube channel, and get more info about PAL by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “What Our Pets Are Really Saying…

  1. Cari

    I like the videos but I really don't think that it is responsible to encourage people to integrate reptile breeds. We have always kept our species separate for various reasons. Mainly due to the fact due to size difference sometimes the larger can eat the smaller. I wouldn't recommend sharing that video.

    I also feel that this is sending completely the wrong message to people with animals, sometimes getting another pet can completely stress them out, and cause problems that weren't there before. You know all about this Victoria, and although they're funny videos, I think they lack the information and guidelines needed with the slogan.

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