Weed Addiction

My dog Sadie is addicted to weed.  It’s gotten so bad that we’ve had to have several interventions (which, as evidenced by the fact that there have been a few, obviously means they haven’t been entirely successful).  She doesn’t necessarily admit to having a problem, but then I guess that’s to be expected.  When one is under the fierce grip of such an insidious vice, it can often be hard to see the forest for the trees.  When I think of her addiction issues, the age-old witticism comes to mind:  Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.  No, I don’t think Sadie thinks she has a problem at all – in fact, she seems to be perfectly oblivious to our concern for her well-being.

Of course, by ‘weed’, I don’t mean marijuana, but rather the clover, nutsedge and the countless other grassy weeds that seem to sprout up everywhere around this time of year.  I’ve become resigned to it:  my dog loves to eat grass.  She is obsessed.  Won’t stop chomping away whenever we’re outside.  The local city government ought to be paying us for the free grazing service our dog provides every day on each walk through our local park.

Every off-leash walk in our neighborhood has become an opportunity to support her otherwise very healthy diet with a variety of the delicious grasses the Southeastern United States has to offer.  She really likes the tall, wispy reeds, and has lately begun to avoid the clumpy clover-like weeds.  She is now perfectly aware of our disapproval of this dietary trend, and looks at us from the corner of her beautiful brown eyes while she feasts madly, as if we hadn’t fed her in a week and a half.  As we approach her to stop her from eating, the pace of her chomping speeds up in a desperate effort to get every last scrumptious morsel of green in her gut before running off to the next patch.  All this excitement usually comes to an unseemly conclusion which usually results in me using my poop bag or two sticks to pull the inevitably stuck, grass-ridden poop from her behind while she looks around at me with a look that says “I kinda think I understand that you’re trying to help me here, but this is really awkward and no fun.”  One thing that is fairly certain in Sadie’s case is that like most dogs, the memory span relating to her cognitive reasoning is not nearly long enough for her to understand the correlation between eating grass and having to endure another manual poo extraction exercise.  So much fun.

I used to be concerned when dogs (my own or otherwise) ate grass.  How many times have we all heard that dogs only eat grass if they have an upset stomach?  That they’re only eating grass in an effort to make themselves throw up?  I’ve had to dispel the generalizations of that myth countless times with fellow dogwalkers in the park.  Inevitably, they look on sadly while my Sadie chomps away at her greenery, offering their steadfastly ominous advice about the fact that she must be unwell and casting furtive glances at me that seem to say “you obviously must not be feeding your dog a nutritious diet.”

Dogs eat grass for many reasons, only one of which is occasionally that their stomach is upset and needs emptying.  Far more often, the dog simply likes the taste of grass.  Occasionally, an incomplete diet can result in this craving, but more often than not the dog simply likes eating grass for the fun of it - just like Sadie.

So while I may feel that a good portion of our daily walk time is unnecessarily taken up with boring grass-eating, Sadie is happy and healthy, and that’s the most important thing.  I just wish I didn’t have to deal with the grass when it comes out the other end….

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87 thoughts on “Weed Addiction

  1. Jenna

    Our smallest Rat Terrier Pagan is a grazer. She has her favorite clods she must partake in daily. She has never vomited in her entire 5 years of life, so I always assure people she just likes grass- even though they like to hint it has to do with the raw diet we feed.

    Also, wanted to add- yay for Earth Day, but very disappointed your show was not on this morning!

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  3. Mel

    Thanks for dispelling some myths about why dogs eat grass. I had a dog who used to love to eat grass, but then threw up afterwards, giving us a reason on why he would eat (to regurgitate). In any case, the dog I have now don't eat grass much, but if he ever does choose to chomp on some, I'd understand that it's not necessarily because of his upset tummy.

    Thanks from NYC,

    BTW, the dog I have now has somewhat of a food aggression problem where (not sure why, as when we got him from the shelter 5 months ago, he used to wag his tail when we pet him while he was eating his kibble and now) he would stop, stiffen up, and start growling. However he only growls and snarls if we don't stop petting him or whatnot. I read in your previous entries that you use food as a positive training to get them to stop being insecure about controlling their food. Would that work if I offered him a piece of treat to get him to stop? Please advise. I would like to bond with my dog more and understand his behaviors, and would not like to take him out to an outside trainer.

  4. Karen

    Victoria, love you and your approach to everything. I have a 9 year old dachshund named Malcolm..For him, the grass eating which occurs very sporaticly is clearly an attempt to settle his stomach..He does not eat grass like Sadie at any other time. We've asked the vet and the answer is there is no clear cut answer. She simply doesn't know for sure

  5. Tammy Hayes

    WOW!! What a beautiful dog. Usually, I would recommend the person to seek the advice of Victoria Stilwell, but in this case I won't... LOL. Thank you for the much needed laugh today. Oh, by the way, my dogs do not eat weed or grass....LOL


  6. Carol

    Hi Victoria! I just gotta say that I LOVE your show!! I'm sure you get that a lot, but I'm gonna say it again...your show ROCKS!! It has really helped me and my family out when we are training our new member of our family. Her name is Coco Channel (Coco for short) and we are all just smitten by her! My brother bought her home from a shelter and at first I was really scared. She is a Pit Bull terrier, so I am like the rest of the world. Scared that she (pit bulls) might attack us or our neighbor's kids. But Coco is not like that at all!! I am so happy to say that she is very friendly with people. She listens to my dad the most. But, one thing, she goes crazy with other dogs, cats. Seriously, I don't take her out for her walks, because she kinda scares me that one bigger dog might get her. But my dad, everyday after work he comes home and walks her. He said she is getting much better with other dogs., Well, I was reading your blog about Sadie, (she is so CUTE!!) and you know my dog does the same thing! She loves weeds! and I know for a fact she doesn't have an upset stomach or is gonna throw it up! She just likes them. I sometimes see her chewing on the weeds early in the morning when I take her out in the backyard, and she just chews on them and walks away! like she is just doing it, because she can and she likes it! okay now that I have re-ply long enough! thanks again for making such an awesome show =) God bless u!

  7. Melissa

    All 3 of my dogs graze like cows. I long ago gave up trying to get them to stop eating it. It was obvious they didn't have upset stomachs since none of it ever came back up and I have always fed them high quality kibble. When my cadaver dogs are working they will ocassionally stop to graze on grass and it seems to wet their tongue even though I offer water. One thing about it that concerns me is the increasing prevalence of the unknown cause of hemorhagic diarrhea here in the USA. There is no known cause but some scientists have linked it to contaminated grass. The dogs that contract this die quickly even with vet intervention. So I worry but not much I can do until they figure out the cause.

    I also have a golden who not only loves grass but since moving to New Orleans from S FL she has discovered that the soil is not sand but is evidently tasty organic muck. I have divets all over my yard from where she lays and licks and chews at the dirt. I have finally stopped that for the most part by putting her poop in the holes but will have to see when the rainy season starts as that seems to be when she likes it most. She also eats wood but just decomposing wood or bark so I'm not so concerned about splinters but she definately has some strange eating habits.

    It is so nice to hear that other people have dogs obsessed with grass though!

  8. Sandy

    Glad to read that the grass eating is really not that big a deal. Our dogs love to eat grass as well, and they only once in awhile "toss their biscuits" afterward. We love your show and blog 🙂

  9. Nancy Paolucci

    Thank you Victoria!
    I thought that I might be in the minority of those that have cows disguised as dogs! Every time the dogs are at our lake house they go on a feeding frenzy and it worries me even though they get a very balanced diet. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

    I would also like to thank you for helping me decide that a career in dog training is what I want to do with my life. I will be beginning the Animal Sense Training Academy in Chicago early next year and look forward to learning all that I can about our beloved canines.

    Nancy Paolucci

  10. Heather Crotsley

    Thanks for this article. Our shepard mix, Gatsby, has been eating grass a lot the past few weeks. He wasn't getting sick afterwards though. I thought that maybe his regular doggie diet was not providing him with some vitamin or mineral so I started him on a doggie multivitamin. I'm glad to hear that it is kind of normal. My only other concern would be the fertilizers and pesticides that people put on their lawns. Any validitiy to those concerns?

  11. Elisha

    I am so happy to read this. My small dog sometimes spends the majority of his walk eating the greenery in the park. It actually takes precidence over his obsession with squirrels and birds. And yes, I get lots of advice from concerned dog owners in our local 2,000 acre off leash park. I now have an extra defense against them besides "I looked it up on the internet". Now I can say, "Well, Victoria Stillwell says it's okay."

  12. Jami Rome

    I am rather concerned because we live in a subdivision where many people have their yards professionally sprayed with lawn treaments. I try to discourage grass eating in my neighborhood.

  13. Little Bo

    Thanks for the laugh! My dog, passed a few years ago but I distinctly remember the 'after effects' of a grass binge and the looks on neighbors' faces as I tried to extract the undigested grass before she decided to do the butt scoot along the ground.

  14. Daphne Robert-Hamilton

    I live in a country setting and the dog portion of the backyard doesn't have grass - so when they have access to the rest of the property they immediately do snacking on tall country grass - they obviously enjoy it and yes.... sometimes I have to help when it comes out the other end. I've even planted a special planter-box of wheat grass for them last year - they absolutely LOVED it. Not only did they like eating the fresh wheat grass but they had fun throwing clumps of dirt all over our deck area- there wasn't much left in the planter-box.

  15. stacy

    My dachshund Romeo also likes to eat grass,but he seems to perfer that hard grass thats been through the lawn mower a few times.I have no idea why he does this but when i catch him doing it i stick my fingers in hes mouth and pull it all out before he can swollow it. The only thing it does is make him sick the next morning.

  16. Candy Blakeslee

    Betsy learned to graze from the neighbor's goats. The little kids would be on one side of the fence and Betsy would be on the other side. We have pictures to prove it. Both Betsy and Norman love grazing.

  17. Mary Grace White

    I've never seen a dog yet who didn't like to eat grass. when I walk my dog Harvey we have to stop several times while he eats his "salad". Being the cook that I am, I sometimes think that maybe it would taste even better with a little vinegarette dressing! Any way, I guess it's just a "doggie thing" and that's just one more thing that endears me to them.

  18. Lisa Spector

    My Yellow Lab, Sanchez, is also an addict. He's on a very healthy diet and his holistic vet said that the extra fiber is good for him. Since he's a Lab, the definition of "edible" is pretty broad. BTW, love the "Weed Addiction" title of this blog. Very funny! And Sadie is gorgeous!

  19. Jaspy

    My horse like grass and my dogs often graze with him! I have never stopped my dogs from eating grass, just make sure they are wormed regularly. (and the horse!)
    Tis an oddity how it doesn't seem to get digested but then neither does most of the bone they eat and that can cause more awkwardness at the other end! Lots of carnivores eat greenery, I eat salad by the ton!
    I worry more about them eating other stuff off the ground, stuff humans chuck away who knows what's in that?....
    They also like weed! - (jk)!

  20. Riekje

    Hi Victoria!
    I've been watching 'It's me or the dog' for a while now and I really enjoy it. I can easily watch the same episodes over and over again. I learn new things every time. I've even bought Your book, and am trying it out with my 1 year old Rudy. Rudy also is really liking grass. In our garden there are always some spots that are difficult to cut with the machine, but there comes Rudy to the rescue! I've never seen him vomit grass, it comes always out the other way.. I already didn't think it to be that harmful, but thanks to You now I'm sure!

  21. Linda

    I loved the piece on grass-eating. My son's beagle, Sophia loves to eat grass, as does Andy our cocker. HE also likes eating dirt, especially nice yummy garden soil that we purchase at the garden center. When we see a really dark poo, we know he's been composting again.
    I loved the picture of Sadie, she's a beauty.

  22. sherri

    Thanks for the laugh - it also quieted a concern I have. I have two dogs. The one frequently has an upset stomach, and will chew on grass to help her feel better. The other dog, I've tried everything to get her to stop. As we're walking, she'll just lower her head, grab a clump of grass, chew on it. Once it's down, she'll lower her head again. Calling her "Guernsey" used to help - but she's decided at this point that the name calling doesn';t hurt her.

  23. nancy

    hi victoria
    i absolutley love your show and never miss it! you are a marvel i love animals especiallly dogs from the bottom of my heart and i'm just wondering i seem to be finding in my dog magazines that people are feedng thier dogs a raw diet? i suppose if they needed to hunt down food on thier own i could understand it but it makes no scence to me and sounds as though it might make our dogs ill i realize that they come from wolves but really? can you fill me in on what to me is new
    thank you for your time
    and please keep bringing us "it's me or the dog" nancy


  24. Janhavi

    Hey Victoria,
    the grazing addiction seems like a world wide affliction and my dog bozo a black lab,gives me those same side glances,as sadie gives to you, problem is he doesnt only top up with whatever grass he can fit into his mouth, he also goes for the wooden branches,and bricks or stones ,actually anything, he's healthy enough though, i still get worried sometimes. anyway nice to read about the existence of the many grazing dogs around...:))))) lovely blog.

  25. Kathi

    Well this article makes me feel better. We have a 2 1/2 year old Papillon and we swear she is a goat in dog's hide. Once she does her "parimeter patrol" for bunnies, squirrels and any bird dumb enough to land in her yard, she happily marches around the yard taste testing the grass. Never throws up, although we sometimes have the poop extraction issues. She lets us know she's having a poop issue by squealing and spinning in circles. God love the dog. She makes us smile.


  26. Erin

    I am so glad to see I am not alone! As my schnauzer is grazing on her grass, I always tell her that she will be sorry when I have to pull the poop out of her rear end! And yet she still does it and I still let her! She screams when ever there is something on her behind and runs to me to make me get it off. Yes, God love the dog.

  27. Jessica

    At the moment I do not have a dog but I do have 2 cats. My cat Elijah is also obsessed with the clover. I garantee you his diet is the best I can get. I've done tons of food research to make sure I'm not stuffing filler or animal digest down my cats throat. His meal is very well balanced. So to my horror he will not stop eating the clover and lo and behold come midnight he loves to vomit it up on my lovely comforter. I've planted cat grass and catnip outside as a great alternative and I weed as much as I can and yet he always finds that patch I missed.

    So Victoria I agree with you completely. Clover must be very tasty and our pets just don't understand why we haven't cought onto it ourselves. lol By the way love your show and can't wait to move to a dog friendly residence where I can use all that I've learned from your show on my first puppy.

  28. Denise

    Yay! This is good news. My sisters beagle, Dixie, LOVES to eat grass. Well, she loves eating in general.... =D

    But she was so worried about what she had heard and read online. She thought Dixie wasn't getting enough nutrition so she thought she should feed her more by leaving food down for her at all times.

    I did tell her this is a extremely bad idea (I'm a HUGE fan of your show, you see,,,) because then Dixie would become very overweight and that would just make things worse.

    So, I shall be sure to inform her of this, I'm sure it will make her feel extremely releaved!

    Thanks, and many blessings!

  29. Alicia

    I have four dogs and they all love grass, weeds, and just about anything green that comes out of the ground. But my St. Poo also loves the dirt from the pots of my moms house plants. Every time we visit he sneeks a bite. I am thankfull that we don't have any poop issues though; )

  30. Lynn

    We used to joke that our Gordon Setter, Rosie, was more horse than dog. And when she's contentedly grazing away in the fields with her tail slowly wagging she certainly looks the part! I roll my eyes with a laugh as her chomping draws the worried comments of 'oh is your dog alright?' and tell them that she's really a Shetland in disguise.

    Our walks are never complete without a good old munch on the sticky bud. Just wait until summer/autumn when our attention turns from grasses to carefully stripping the berries from the bushes!

  31. Gloria

    Victoria, need urgent help. I have a white boxer who is 1/12 yrs from a rescue forstered by a nice lady. I love him but he is deaf froj birth. I watch all your shows, how to i train him with hand signals he isn't looking at me, can't hear me and I tried with treats but he ignores them when I try to get him to sit etc.

    I trained my sheltie who is old now but don't know how to train a deaf dog.

    Please advise


  32. Mel

    We have Jack Russell's and sometimes they will just stop in the middle of whatever they are doing and grab a mouthful of grass. Our first Jack Russell, now departed, was always stopping to graze, so much so that we sometimes had to chase him away from the grass so that he would get back to doing what he had started out doing, such as walking or playing with other dogs. We had the same problem with the 'remains' being stuck on the way out. Our concern was not so much that they liked grass as what they might be ingesting on the grass, especially if someone in the distant past used an insecticide on it. I know that the ground does not rid itself of such things because one of our dogs became really ill recently when we had some landscaping done that moved some of the dirt to the area where the dogs play. She started having breathing problems and the Vet said that it was a fungus or something else that was dormant in the dirt from years past and had now been reintroduced into the environment. We had to remove her from that area until the ground settled again, about 2 weeks.

  33. Amy

    Great blog Victoria! My dog is a weed eater too. At first it worried me but then I realized how helpful it is so now I don't mind! Especially here in rainy Atlanta! We have more weeds than we know what to do with so we just let Rawley help out. Thankfully we don't have the same problem as you on the other end of the process.

  34. Dewayne

    Hi Victoria...........I love you! I love watching your shows, checking out your site and have just finished your first book.

    Anyway, in regards to your post I too seem to have a grass addicted dog (miniature schnauzer, 6 months old), she doesnt seem to be so attached to the grass but as soon as the lawn is cut, watch out!...she will munch til her eyes bulge. I think she mostly enjoys chewing the fresh cut clippings but it creates a huge mess within her beard. I definitely try to discourage this habit and she too will speed up her chomping when she sees me approaching to stop her...it is actually quite humerous at times but non-the-less I dont like her eating it. I dont know why she seems so inclined to eat the stuff but I dont think it has anything to do with an upset stomach. On the other hand my cat loves to eat growing grass...the difference is, he will eat it with every given opportunity and will almost always (within short order) vomit the grass on the carpet inside the house!

    So, as most here have stated, "I just dont get it". I suppose as long as it doesnt seem to be harming our pets we can learn to live with it......

    Thanks for your sharing Victoria.

    Your #1 fan in Tennessee!

  35. Sheena

    I love watching your show and I've learned so much from watching you. I benefit so much in teaching my two dogs, Abby and Sonja, so many new things, and they love learning new things....probably because of the treats!
    I had the same thoughts that you did about dogs that chow down on grass before I read your blog here. I had three dogs growing up, and two of them ate grass basically when there stomach's were upset. I now have a 2 year old jack russell/poodle mix that likes to eat grass ALOT and I've always tried to discourage her from it, because growing up, I thought it was to settle their stomachs. But come to think of it, Abby, doesn't seem to have an upset stomach whenever she eats the grass. So the next time we go for a walk or go play outside, I'll let her chow down on the grass. She'll probably look over her shoulder a few times at me wondering why I'm not coming at her, haha.

  36. Sandy

    I realize it's normal for dogs to eat grass, but how do you break the obsession? The grass where I live is very rough and causes him to vomit, but he eats it like a fiend. I've tried the leave it command, with limited success. The first few times he will leave it, then he completely tunes me out. It then becomes a game of running away and eating as much as possible. I would like to be able to enjoy my yard with my dog, but I cannot let him loose because of his obsession. Please help!!!!

  37. Garry

    My rotti ,Suki would eat grass now and again it adds ruffage to the diet it cleans the bowl and intestine and grass is very course so cleans well. But she ate lots and lots of grass when she was dying with cancer, it broke my heart to watch her trying to self medicate, i think somehow she thourght it would help her but there was no hope, dogs have a very limited amount of resorces they can call upon in thre wild grass is one stone is another dogs will lick stones and rocks to get esential minerals, like the pregenant women that eat coal.

  38. Miriam

    Dear Victoria,
    I love your show. Finally, no more punishment based training! Now to the point, I had a West Highland White Terrier who had the supposedly genetic defect that made him unable to digest food well. We had to take him to get an injection about twice a month. He would eat grass, but never had a problem passing it. I don't know if the two things were connected or not. Now, I have a Lhasa Apso who couldn't be bothered to eat grass. And, he gets gastritis. I don't know what it is with these dogs and their stomachs. I have spent more money on their digestive systems than on any other part of their lives--including food, toys, bedding, etc. But their love and loyalty more than pay for all the gray hair I've worried myself into over their discomfort!
    Best to you and your family; thanks again for all the wonderful things you do for the animals and owners.

  39. Valentina Vayntraub

    I have had a friend recently ask me the same question about eating rocks. He was totally under the impression that a dog knows best what to eat and what not to eat. Well friends that are veterinarians have told me enough horror stories with golf balls, and pens, a even shoes eaten by a canine. And I am SURE those are not beneficial to the dog in any way. Some dogs, I feel, just have an obsession that needs to be dealt with through training and exercise. I recommended the leave it and drop it commands and to start always on a leash so that the dog is supervised. I also advised him against scolding the dog but instead take away what its most prised - food and your attention. He emailed me recently with his progress and they are slowly moving in the right direction. Please let me know if there is anything I have done wrong. I just didnt want him going on thinking the dog will make the right decision. Lead, lead, lead.

  40. Rich

    Thanks so much for posting this. I thought our 12 week old Lab-bloodhound puppy Lexi had a little goat in her ancestry! It's good to know she's not a bit of a nutcase :). Well, I still think she is butshe's a loveable one.
    Off topic, my wife and I love yuor show. We just discovered it on Animal Planet and have been trying many of the techniques you use on the show.

  41. Molly Viza

    Hi,Victoria! My name is Molly and i'm from Greece! i'm 13 years old and i really want to be a dog trrainer like u! me and my familly are watching your sow every noon at 2 o'clock! this is the time that they are playing it here ^-^ i've got 3 dogs, 6 cats and a horse! i'm training them as much as i can everytime i'm off from school or have finish my homeworks! really my dogs like eating grass, it's not a bad thing right?
    Love u! Molly Viza

  42. Alyna, The Gift Detective

    Some dogs love grass. My pup, Isabelle, enjoys greens, indoors or out. She loves veggies (salad, carrots, cukes, green peppers, etc) and will sometimes really be enthusiastic about a particular bit of grass and I've known for a while now that the myth of dogs eating grass only for an upset tummy is occasionally, but not always, true.

    Word of caution! Pesticides!!! Please make sure that you know that the grass your lovey is chomping on is chemical and pesticide free. If in our own area or a park that I know uses organic fertilizer (usually fish...which the dogs looove to roll in!) I'm fine with her munching. But I am cautious not to let her munch at places that might make her sick. Because the last thing I want is a poisoned puppy! So, please, be careful WHERE you let them get their greens.

  43. Mary P

    Hello Victoria... It is nice to see that you have the same problem as I do... When my dog goes outside she grazes like she has never eaten before and I always wondered if I was doing something wrong... Her name is Diamond Pearl and she is an Italian Greyhound... Because of you and your show I have decided that I was going to be a dog trainer and have enrolled in ABC training school... I want the best for my pet and to help others have the best for theirs... Thanks for your inspiration and your show... She is a gem and so are you!!! 🙂 Mary

  44. Destinee Garis

    My dog loves eating grass too, and YES, it DOES show up in the poop!
    I once had to pull the grass out his butt at the corner of a busy intersection. Owners gotta do what an owners gotta do (but still embarassing).

    See you in San Diego!

  45. Lyn Zalk

    '!5 week old Havanese ShihTzu mix!!! Treat training and feeding a good organic dry diet but am introducing a raw diet... (Bravo Balanced)
    My little guy cries terribly when he is put in his crate despite the fact that leave treats hidden and feed him in there.. bedtime is a crying ordeal. Annoying when we visit others or have guests here. Any advise?! Love your show and the manner in which you call us humans to task!!! Help me speak better dog so I may help my little guy - want to train well so we can become a therapy team and work in schools as well as with children in hospitals and home hospice care!
    thanx in advance!!!
    a loyal fan:

  46. Lyn Zalk

    '!5 week old Havanese ShihTzu mix!!! Treat training and feeding a good organic dry diet but am introducing a raw diet... (Bravo Balanced)
    My little guy cries terribly when he is put in his crate despite the fact that I leave treats hidden and feed him in there.. bedtime is a crying ordeal. Annoying when we visit others or have guests here. Any advise?! Love your show and the manner in which you call us humans to task!!! Help me speak better dog so I may help my little guy - want to train well so we can become a therapy team and work in schools as well as with children in hospitals and home hospice care!
    thanx in advance!!!
    a loyal fan:
    my little guy also loves to eat dandelions in any form - full flower of fluffy stuff or dried out and rotting has not shown any signs of stomach trouble but sometimes like your dog at other end...

  47. Jan S.

    My Chinese Cresteds are regular "grazers". especially in the spring. They rarely seem to eat grass tp purge, but rather because they seem to enjoy the vegetation. It does not seem to have caused any problems over the years.

  48. grenelda

    I have a wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier, Fig that indulges in the grass munching too. The only problem that I have with it is his reaction to the end result which resembles the Tasmanian Devil. He has successfully damaged many of the plants and bushes in my yard. He also frightens people in the park when the intense twirling and running around begins! I fear he will hurt himself or someone someday. Any suggestions to calm him down during the episodes? 🙂

  49. Liz & Koa

    I was laughing my rear off, I love the way you tell it. It is so true, all of it. The poop part is the WORST.

    I don't let Koa eat grass, even though I know it is normal, but I had a beautiful GSD for eleven years named Bruin. Bruin died of bloat in 2007. He was very heallthy and in great shape. On this particular day we had a few people over and I was not watching him non stop. My brother in law said he was grazing on some green and white grass I has. It was very course, I took him away from it and thought nothing of it. Five hours later we were at the vets and we had to let him go. I really think that glass was fermenting in his stomach while trying to digest it and it caused a build up of gas that twisted his stomach. Now I might be wrong, but it is to much of a coincidence to me.

    I am sure you have, but I would mention it to your vet and see if gas build up could be a side effect.

    Thank you and I look forward to every show.


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