Victoria Discusses Positive Training vs Dominance / Punishment with Jennifer Arnold

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2 thoughts on “Victoria Discusses Positive Training vs Dominance / Punishment with Jennifer Arnold

  1. DeLinda

    Can anyone tell me WHY anyone would be so stubborn that they would rather ARGUE than learn the more humane way to treat a dog!

    I am SO SICK of those that come back with "Oh, but it's a red zone dog, so this won't work." So you would rather exacerbate the problem by using punitive methods on an ALREADY aggressive animal. Way to go genius.

    I don't understand why people would rather harm than help their animals.

    Thank you for this Victoria, and you too Jennifer. Positive methods have worked wonders for my rescued dog. She was so afraid of people when she first came to me, that it was hard to even take her out for a walk, because she knew people were "out thee". But now, you should see her! She is the friendliest dog you would ever know - and this was accomplished using humane, positive training.

    P.S. Her obedience training is going well too. 🙂

  2. Sue

    An interesting chat, but I was more than a little saddened to hear Victoria openly state that there is currently a 'battle' going on between various trainer/behaviourists regarding their methods. Of course, I understand methods vary and that each is passionate that his/her techniques are the most effective and in the best interests of the dogs they work with. However, given the very real and extreme cruelty that is going on across the world every minute of every day, with dogs being beaten, starved, kicked, abandoned, forced to fight and worse, how much better it would be if all the top celebrities in the dog world focused their attention on helping put an end to those atrocities, rather than 'squabbling ' among themselves over variations in training techniques. After all, they all do great work and I'd give anything to have half the talent of any of them with my own dog!

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