The New White House Dog, “Sunny”

Bo and Sunny, courtesy of Pete Souza

Bo and Sunny, courtesy of Pete Souza

The newest four-legged addition to the White House has arrived - a female Portuguese Water Dog named "Sunny." Sunny joins "First Dog" Bo, who is almost five years old,  alongside the Obama family. Sunny will no doubt be mentored by her seasoned four-legged housemate who has made quite an international impression. Bo conducts visits with soldiers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and serves as one of the most frequent targets of White House photographers.

Bo and Sunny are stunning dogs and make quite a pair, and the Obama family's decision to welcome a second Portuguese Water Dog into their home will certainly generate interest in the breed.

Although these dogs are beautiful and can make wonderful pets, it's important to consider a few variables before following in the Obamas' footsteps.

Should your next dog be a Portuguese Water Dog?

  • Portuguese Water dogs are active and highly athletic dogs. This breed is not for the couch potato owner.
  • They require extensive daily exercise and activity to keep them well-balanced.
  • Highly attentive and intelligent, Portuguese Water Dogs excel in dog sports and obedience training, but without mental stimulation may become bored and destructive.
  • Their coat requires regular maintenance; grooming costs must be considered.

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2 thoughts on “The New White House Dog, “Sunny”

  1. Kelly

    Hi Victoria,
    My name is Kelly & my fiancée and I own two Portuguese Water Dogs and we couldn't agree more with what you said. Our pair, Hinckley and Henley, are big love muffins but do require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation; that is when they are happiest. Grooming can get quite pricey and you can count on at least once a month when the weather is hot and beautiful, less often in cooler/winter months. To thwart grooming costs out breeder showed us how to groom them ourselves. Definitely not a dog for the less active and they are very vocal! Any potential owner can expect full fledged conversations with their dogs.
    Kelly from Boston

  2. Charlotte Landolfi

    Dear Victoria,

    I'm so glad that you wrote this... too many get dogs on a whim.... Whatever Dog is being carried or walked by a celebrity or whatever Children's movie is popular at the time...People tend to gravitate to those Breeds... Sadly, not doing their research....first. Dogs suffer the consequences .... being abandoned and dumped at shelters. So, again I thank you!


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