Snowshoeing with VSPDT Trainer Louisa Morrissey and Her Dogs

I'm not much of a skier (learned too late, much too cautious, etc), but I do love being in ski-country during the winter. Last year, I visited Aspen, Colorado and spent some awesome days hanging out with avalanche dogs, sled dogs, the Aspen Animal Shelter, and learning about the very cool sport of ski-joring with one of my CO-based VSPDT trainers, Louisa Morrissey. You can check out the avalanche and skijoring Ehow videos here, or see the Aspen Animal Shelter segment here.

But I thought you might like to see a little clip of my daughter Alex and me snowshoeing yesterday. Our host and guide was once again Louisa (her business is called Skijor N More), and this time she brought two of her lovely dogs who were used to hitting the snowshoe and cross country ski trails in their skijor harnesses. So this was a great opportunity to spend some time working with them to stop pulling as if they were doing their usual jobs, but still pull us just enough to help keep us moving up the mountain.

Here's a video we shot yesterday on the trail:

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