Shelter Dog Spotlight: Marley

Marley offers me a paw for a treat.

Marley offers me a paw for a treat.

When I visited the SPCA of Central Florida in Orlando last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend several hours there looking for adoptable dogs to join me during my presentation at their yearly fund raising event, Paws in the Park. The criteria I was looking for was simple, but not always easy to find in the chaotic environment of a shelter: a confident, eager-to-please, friendly dog. This particular shelter is privately run and does not euthanize dogs for time or space, and their presence fills a huge need in the community. The shelter is always full of dogs looking for homes, and the adoption of one dog means that room is made for another life to be saved.

The trainer at the shelter recommended I meet Marley, and it was clear almost immediately that he fit the bill. Marley is an 8-year-old Retriever mix who was surrendered by his owner, and who has been waiting for a home at the shelter for a long time.

Marley is good with people, other dogs and is very eager to please. The shelter staff has taught him all kinds of basic cues, and he loves to work for food. I was so impressed by his calm, confident demeanor despite having lived in a shelter environment for such a long time. 27514db0-08bc-406a-95c2-28858d684e7b-1

Marley is available for adoption and is waiting to meet you at the SPCA of Central Florida in Orlando. He is getting wonderful love and care by the staff at the shelter, but it's time for him to find his forever home.

If you're interested in meeting or adopting Marley, visit the SPCA of Central Florida. 

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