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On the 19th May 2010, Lennox, a five year old American Bull dog Labrador cross was wrongfully seized by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens from his loving family home where he lives with his owners and his kennel mates. Lennox committed no crime nor did any member of the public complain about him.

Lennox’s family have done more than required by the law as responsible dog owners who also foster dogs for various Northern Ireland dog shelters. When Lennox was a puppy his owners had him neutered, licensed, insured, DNA registered, Pet Safe registered and micro chipped and although the Belfast City Council have issued a dog licence for Lennox for the last five years and continue to do so today, the Council now find the need to class him as a Pit Bull type dog and euthanize him.

I have personally joined the fight to bring Lennox back to his loving home, having spoken at length by phone with his owner.  After discussing the situation, I came away thoroughly impressed with what responsible dog owners Lennox's family are.  I also developed an appreciation for his place in their family unit, as he serves as a therapy dog for the family's 12 year old daughter.

Please help spread awareness of this horrific situation by signing the petition to have him released via the link below, distribute this information as widely as possible and using social media to help bring this beautiful, innocent dog home.  Although this fight is for Lennox's life, there are countless other dogs in similar situations thanks to ignorance, misunderstanding, and ineffectual, faulty lawmaking.  Whether you think it's morally correct or not (and in my opinion it's completely bogus - targeting the wrong end of the leash), the simple fact is that regardless of how you feel about certain types of dogs, Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) DOES NOT WORK.  Dog bites in municipalities whose government have instituted BSL legislation have gone up across the board.

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166 thoughts on “Save Lennox

  1. Marcia Melchor

    It's so nice to know that there's still kindness in this world, but it's very sad to know that there's still people that judge from the look of the outside and not from the heart. As a proud pitbull owner I'm praying for Lennox to be free. Stop animal cruelty!!

  2. Olga

    Victoria you rock !
    Billy Belfast you rock too for offering Victoria to pay for her accomodation !
    Thank you ,amazing people !

  3. Stephanie

    The people making such laws and carrying them out ought to be banned themselves. Whatever happened to morality?

  4. carole eden

    I am following this poor dogs story and hope and pray they win the appeal, GO LENNOX, xxx

    my 5 month old puppy was seized last week, within an hour she had been destroyed, never been aggressive, never bitten anyone, her crime....she was judged on her looks, this law is a disgrace

    Please god Lennox will be back home soon, praying for him,

    if anyone would like to sign the petition for a law amendment to stop this happening ever again please either find us on facebook , we are linked on Lennoxs page, or go sign the petition

    Justice for Fudge
    Justice for Fudge
    to try and get the dangerous dogs act amended to stop innocent dogs being sent to death !!please sign this and show your ...

  5. Becky

    He reminds me of my puppy who i had to put done beacuse she got sick,i hope he makes it home, i gladly make One one signiture for Lennox, =D for Oregon, USA

  6. Lydia Martin

    What has happened to Lennox and his family is insanity. Whatever happened to the rights of individuals
    and decency? It almost seems these riduculous little men have pleasure in the suffering of these dogs.
    They need to loose their jobs and the entire system needs to be re-evalutated.
    I hurt when I see Lennox's photo. I have two Am Bulldong crosses of my own and I don't know what I
    would do if someone tried to take them from their home with us. They are just as innocent as Lennox

  7. Lydia Martin

    What has happened to Lennox and his family is insanity. Whatever happened to the rights of individuals
    and decency? It almost seems these riduculous little men have pleasure in the suffering of these dogs.
    They need to loose their jobs and the entire system needs to be re-evalutated.
    I hurt when I see Lennox's photo. I have two Am Bulldog crosses of my own and I don't know what I
    would do if someone tried to take them from their home with us. They are just as innocent as Lennox

  8. TaterBaby

    This info says Lennox was seized LAST May -- Is this correct? Has he been in captivity all this time? Poor little guy --- Has it been verified that he is still alive?

  9. Karen Heidenreich

    Please save this sweet family dog. Stop the insanity of prejudice. He is just a dog.

  10. Janine

    Victoria?? Please go see Belfast Council and ask to observe Lennox yourself. Im sure that this would help to convince them that Lennox is not an aggressive dog but one that is obiedient. Please!

  11. Michael Haslam

    In order to tackle the burden on local government there is a public consultation of statutory duties. The UK government are basically trying to cut public services like libraries which are protected to some extent at the moment by the 1964 Library act. If enough people write into this review and suggest that in order to help public finances that councils should no longer be required to enforce Section 1 of the dangerous dogs act . If Breed Specific Legistation is repealed it will free councils to target the real problem of dog fighting rings, illegal puppy farms rather than having to go after innocent family pets and destroying them. If you put review of public statutory duties in the search engine you will be able to leave a suggestion. If enough people suggest this the government will have no choice but to seriously consider this. We have to end BLS because it's not only immoral it is ineffective and costly.

  12. Robyn Turner

    Free this beautiful dog and let him go home to love where he belongs. How dare anyone do this. I would sue whoever did this and I wouldnt stop until I received justice for my pet. HELP SPEAK FOR THE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES WHO CANT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES....DOGS ARE LOVE.........

  13. caroline poumous-targett


  14. Marie

    It's a disgrace that a City Council can remove a dog from it's family simply because of it's breed. All Bull breed dogs will look similar to Lennox and that certainly is not a crime. A "Pit Bull" is a Bull breed dog that fights in a pit and I can't imagine Lennox has ever done this. The City Council clearly does not understand the vast difference between a "Pit Bull" (dog used to fight in a pit) and a Bull breed dog. They need to educate themselves and use the correct terms. Only then will they realize that they have committed a terrible crime and injustice and for what reason than simply to be nasty.

    I hope the Council sees sense and lets lovely Lennox come home.

  15. lesley brown

    i will leave a message every single day until this beutiful boy is back safely with his loving family,you are in my thoughts.

  16. Ricardo

    I really hope Lennox is allowed to go back home, its not fair to see this happen to a loving family and their pet. I wonder how the law would react if they caught a dog fighter or animal abuser? would the punishment be as severe? Lennox must be allowed to go home!!!!!!!!

  17. Sandra Buell

    I'm a former over the road trucker in the USA, a puppy I rescued turned out to be a Pit Bull although he thought he was a Chihuahua and his place when I went to sleep was under the covers curled up with his head on my knees. In the 14 years we had him he only bit one person, and that man had broken into my truck and assaulted my female co-driver, the man ended up serving federal time. He saved my life disarming two gunmen and a man with a knife when they tried to rob me in 3 different cities. Two years ago I held him as his life slipped away, he held on until I told him to go wait for me at the bridge.

    LENNOX deserves to go home and be with his family, to once more feel unconditional love, to sleep beside his little girl, to lay or play in the sun with the rest of his family. He's done nothing wrong to anyone, even the best dog will be upset when a catch pole is used on them. Some breeds have a harder time in cages then others, and Lennox being grabbed from all he knows, having little or no human contact, no toys, nothing to stimulate his mind must be feeling the stress. Please help him get back to his loved ones.

  18. June O'Connor EU, United Kingdom

    Hi Victoria. It has been suggested by someone on Twitter that we send a card/letter to Lennox c/o Belfast City Hall, Belfast BT1 5GS Ireland.
    Some of us on his FB page and group are going to do exactly that.If anyone else can that would be great.
    In a week or two we will be asking them how many cards Lennox got.See if they answer but I doubt it.
    Thanks for all the support,its wonderful.:)

  19. liz harrison

    Belfast council are not providing the 5 requirement needs of a dog. The RSPCA should intervene . This dog has been kept in horrific conditions and the case should be assessed and brought to a solution to prevent the dog suffering anymore. The dog should be sent back to its owners to live a happy life. .

  20. Francheska Torres

    BBL is wrong and based out of fear, ignorance and misinformation based on urban legends.

  21. Abimael Figueroa

    Stop the abuse!! The only Dangerous animals are humans...

    Dogs are the Man Best Friend!! it never say a specific breed... just the word DOG

  22. Michael Haslam

    Todays hearing to decide on the appeal date has been postponed till the 31st of May, which will mean poor Lennox will have spent over a year in squalid conditions before the appeal date is set. Please keep signing and sharing the petiton , it's over 50,000 now but if it gets to 60,000 before the next hearing it will send a message to the court that Lennox's plight will not be forgotten with their delaying tactics.

  23. Mary

    "Hi everyone, just to let you know about the court appearance on the 4th. As you will all know on the 4th we had to attend court to set a date for the appeal date, well for some unknown reason at the last minute Belfast City Council's legal team decided the wouldn't be attending and because of this the day was wasted and no appeal date as yet has been set because the judge would not allow a date to be set without both parties being present in court on the 4th. Typical stalling tactics yet again by council.

    At the minute there is no more new news or any date set to return to court to set an appeal date."

    It is from Lennox on Twitter.

    And now? What to do?

  24. Lory Hayon

    This just makes me sad that this poor dog was taken from the family that he knows and trusts and has been kept in sub par conditions for over one year. Let this dog return to his family and receive the attention and care he deserves. Enough already. Please Victoria, use your influence to save him!

  25. Mary

    On Facebook there are sad news about the case:

    "A very sad day for animal lovers, a very sad day for the justice system and a worse day for Lennox. Judge ruled in favor of BCC stating Lennox is too unpredictable.
    So sad to see that perjury, lies, corruption and cruelty can be rewarded in such a way! God help us all as humans we all need to step back look at ourselves and ask questions."

  26. Leanette Burger

    This is like living in the stone age - shame on you! Did this dog do any harm to anyone- if not why should he be punished and pay with his life. Like witch hunters who burned innocent people at the stake - seems nothing has changed in the UK!

  27. Sam

    If the worst comes to pass will Lennox be able to share his last moments with those who truly love him? This whole situation breaks my heart and the thought that Lennox might be put to sleep without those he loves around him brings me to tears.

    Please let this boy go home.

  28. Maureen

    I have followed the Lennox story very carefully. After reading Amanda Poole's article in the citing that those who support Lennox deem him an icon, and that Sarah Fisher's account was that the dog jumped up on all fours (a trampoline artist?) and then hit her with his muzzled face & knocked her down, (lots of dogs do this when greeting or playing) I am appalled. Amanda Poole ought to get her facts straight. I read what Sarah Fisher said on this site and in no way did the dog act in that manner towards her. I don't know when Lennox was assessed at various times, but I'm curious as to why Lennox had neck injury, newly forming scabs that were present on his flanks and the blood that was present around the nail beds around his right hind foot. He is also on amitriptyline, a strong anti-depressant, as he has lost his hair due to kennel stress. His filthy cell conditions in the last year have certainly contributed to his deterioration. Isolation from his disabled little girl owner & family has hurt him also. Dog wardens are not the kindliest of people and I am certain their actions toward Lennox are questionable. A dog or human on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications may react unpredictably, aggressively, depending on the medicine. I myself can't tolerate Wellbutrin, it is an anti-depressant & made me psychotic within an hour. Now I take a different medicine. My dogs have allergies & one reacts jumpy & unpredictable when on prednisone. So we had to change the medicine. This case is full of lies & the dog needs a good lawyer & to be reassessed by bona fide dog handlers & not dog wardens who treat all dogs as pariah. Something is very wrong with the testimonies given. Any dog will act differently around strangers, especially ones grabbing it with a pole if it has a neck injury. Or if scared. Dogs bark normally at strangers also. The Barnes family did everything right according to Belfast rules. Lennox is not a true PitBull. He is a mix. A true PitBull is purebred & trained to fight. Lennox was a service dog to the disabled Barnes family girl. As I look across the pond from the U.S., I see many falsehoods in this case for a dog that never bit or attacked anyone, but just happens to "look like" an aggressive breed. Well, I am short & Irish descent, does that make me a Leprechaun? A horse and cat both have 4 legs, so does a table. Does that make a horse and cat a table? Note even King Solomon would mete out such injustice to an animal. Then isolate it from its family, not allow family to visit, place it in a feces dirty cell, have it lose its hair, scared, and be watched by dog wardens who are already prejudiced against it. This is not justice. This is animal cruelty, discrimination, discrimination to the disabled Barnes girl. The only right justice would be to FREE LENNOX, give him some rehabilitation from the cruelty he has experienced in the last year, by a kind animal handler, and give him back to his family. That would be justice. All eyes are on this case around the world. I will remember never to "bounce myself" on all fours or twos and never jump up joyfully to greet my husband and shall remind my dogs to never do that either. A crime? And unpredictable? Well, most men would say women are unpredictable (does that make women "a menace to society?" ) Belfast: Do the right thing according to outside experts who are truthful and not basing their assessments on looks, preconceived notions or prejudices. Reverse your decision to kill Lennox & have enough Irish heart left in you to show mercy. This is wrong and all the Belfast officials know this. You are just trying to save face and not admit you were wrong. Get acclaim from the world instead of shame. Let the Barnes family have Lennox back with stipulation that Victoria Stiles give Lennox the rehab from the trauma suffered at your hands and then he can be reunited with his family. You do not want the little 12 yr. old disabled girl to have an asthmatic attack or worse - then not only will Lennox's death be on your hands, but hers will be also.

  29. Maureen

    ooooP! I made two mistakes in my earlier post (see Belfast? one can admit mistakes):

    I meant that NOT even King Solomon would mete out such injustice to an animal

    and I mean have Victoria Stilwelll and Caesar of Caesar's Way evaluate Lennox after some kind treatment due to his trauma being in lock-up in horrendous conditions and care.

    Thank you for understanding my mistakes in original post.

  30. Maureen

    okay, I made a 3rd mistake: It was Senior Dog Warden Alexandra Lightfoot's account that Lennox jumped up on all fours and hen hit her with his muzzled face & knocked her down. I apologize, typed too quickly trying to help this dog and the family. Sarah Fisher did not have the same assessment as the Dog Wardens

  31. courtney murphy

    This is the saddest story, and by doing just a small amount of research, realized this is a common occurrence. What is wrong with people? Judging dogs by their appearance, that is like judging people by how they look. Please let's take a stand and unite against this injustice, we've got to do something, i just don't know what. God bless you Lennox, I'm praying for you.

  32. Pingback: Lennox gets ‘Stay of Execution’

  33. Michelle

    Yolanda Elwood or any of her buddlies do not have the right to play god by dictating who should live of die. When an individual meets all the criteria that is set to have any animal, they have no right pulling this dog from his family. Esp not letting Lennox visit him while he lives inhuman environment. She outta be ashamed of herself.

    How would Ms. Elwood like it if the police came to her door, arresting her son or family member due to being falsely accused. Then sitting in a nasty old jail cell, no contact, then sentenced to death on false pretense. She's scared now, I'd date to see the judge sentence Lennox to be put down, This bullies and any of her clan better relocate. Although I don't condone violence, what does around comes around. Do on to others as you'd like to be treated and karma can be rather nasty. These are her consequences for her own chip on her shoulder actions.

    ~ The Belfast City Council Dog Wardens flat out lying without proper proof that Lennox is aggressive and should be put down.
    ~ Not letting the family visit with Lennox to make sure he is getting the proper care not only medically but interacting so Lennox DOESN'T develop any type of negative socialize resulting in the dog wardens to use that against Lennox to put him down.
    ~ The way the Wardens removed Lennox, lacking proper medical care ad socialization, inhumane living conditions....all this simply defines animal abuse/cruelty! Purposely inflicting false accusations due to some unknown chip on their shoulders.
    ~ Since the judge got involved in this case, should have went to visit Lennox on their own, unannounced to the wardens to see Lennox for herself. There is a reason none can visit of see Lennox, they are lying!
    ~ Weather Lennox is a pittbull or mix, the bread of dog doesn't determine the dogs behavior, HUMANS DO!
    ~ They have time to change all this and and let LENNOX GO HOME! Otherwise I only pray that GOD have mercy on their cold, black souls. Do on to others as you would, what goes around comes around, and karma is a bit*h!

  34. sarah

    I've been following this case for a while now,and a few similar, and never fail to be amazed at how in this day and age laws can still be passed based on ignorance.
    I hope for the day when these laws can be based on rational thinking and common sense and the persecution of the innocent can come to an end.

  35. Save Lennox

    For those in England and beyond that were unable to listen to Northern Irelands BBC Radio Ulster today featuring the Peter 'no expert' Tallack at his best as per usual! Rather than listen to the full podcast simply skip/forward the player to 1:15.55 which is the start of the dog feature. Here's the link folks and beware if you own a staffie or any bull breed as this man wishes to wipe out every single bully breed:

  36. Kathy O'Carroll

    Belfast Please Please dont murder this innocent dog hes done nothing wrong and all judgements to date have been based on the word of unqualified vested interests. Do the right thing and let him live.

  37. Michelle

    I don't understand. Makes no sense. Even IF Lennox was a Pit Bull, he did NOTHING WRONG!

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