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On the 19th May 2010, Lennox, a five year old American Bull dog Labrador cross was wrongfully seized by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens from his loving family home where he lives with his owners and his kennel mates. Lennox committed no crime nor did any member of the public complain about him.

Lennox’s family have done more than required by the law as responsible dog owners who also foster dogs for various Northern Ireland dog shelters. When Lennox was a puppy his owners had him neutered, licensed, insured, DNA registered, Pet Safe registered and micro chipped and although the Belfast City Council have issued a dog licence for Lennox for the last five years and continue to do so today, the Council now find the need to class him as a Pit Bull type dog and euthanize him.

I have personally joined the fight to bring Lennox back to his loving home, having spoken at length by phone with his owner.  After discussing the situation, I came away thoroughly impressed with what responsible dog owners Lennox's family are.  I also developed an appreciation for his place in their family unit, as he serves as a therapy dog for the family's 12 year old daughter.

Please help spread awareness of this horrific situation by signing the petition to have him released via the link below, distribute this information as widely as possible and using social media to help bring this beautiful, innocent dog home.  Although this fight is for Lennox's life, there are countless other dogs in similar situations thanks to ignorance, misunderstanding, and ineffectual, faulty lawmaking.  Whether you think it's morally correct or not (and in my opinion it's completely bogus - targeting the wrong end of the leash), the simple fact is that regardless of how you feel about certain types of dogs, Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) DOES NOT WORK.  Dog bites in municipalities whose government have instituted BSL legislation have gone up across the board.

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166 thoughts on “Save Lennox

  1. Sylvia Cleverley

    Victoria, I have watched your programes and have nothing but respect and admiration for your understanding and handling of dogs. Your support for Lennox and his family have heightened the respect I have for you even more, thank you for supporting the cause.

  2. Susan

    I have been following Lennox's story for months now. We adopted a staffie in November 10 and I am saddened and surprised at how some dog owners respond to the bull breeds but the staffie has never shown any sign of aggression - other dogs have! Lennox has done nothing to deserve the situation he is in and common sense is not prevailing at this time. I worry that BCC will do something bad because they don't want to admit they got it wrong with Lennox.

  3. Lisa

    I think that this is a travesty, and needs to be sorted soon. This dog was born as a puppy, just like all other puppies. He cannot help how he looks, anymore than I can. He does not know why he is being kept away from his family. Let him go, and clean up your act BSL. What goes around comes around.

  4. Janice

    It is incredible to me that they can just seize a dog who has done nothing wrong and had no complaints lodged against him. That seems dangerously close to Big Brother--watching our homes and lives and interfering as they see fit. I will certainly sign the petition and spread the news far and wide about Lennox. I pray that this baby gets to go home soon to his loving and grieving family. Thanks for your support, Victoria!

  5. Billy Belfast

    Victoria I honestly and sincerely hope in my heart of hearts you can personally overturn this judgement even with a personal appearance. I will pay for your flights and accommodation. There has been too many untruths said about this case from a corrupt council, fact as when my wife and eldest animal were attacked by a pit bull they did nothing even though we all sustained injuries.

    Probably the best person and only person who can do something about this so welcome aboard.

  6. anne

    Thankyou for helping Lennox and his family. This draconion law is ridiculous and needs to be changed, The media is a powerful thing, its a good part of what brought about the hysteria that created this law so i think its fantastic that you are able to use your place in the media to bring its craziness to the publics attention. THANKYOU SO MUCH

  7. Patti

    Thank you Victoria, for stepping up to lend a renowned voice of opinion to the cause. Lennox needs to be released to his loving family, and we can only hope that other experts and celebrities will step up and shout out on his behalf as well. Your support and expertise is so appreciated!

  8. Amanda Pugh

    It's really a scary world we live in where this can be allowed to take place. Plenty of dogs are uneasy around strangers, and their owners should be responsible for maintaining control of the dog while calming them down. Or get them therapy for goodness sake!! This approach is plain WRONG. Making this innocent dog pay with his life for what he looks like or what "could" happen is plain WRONG. Lennox and his owners have done nothing wrong. I SO pray that with more and more support the Belfast City Council will see that this is a travesty and reunite Lennox with his family.

  9. Tony Quinn

    I am a huge fan of your TV shows and you have helped me with my own dogs with your easy to follow yet brilliant advice. My dog used to be fearful of other dogs and constantly lash out them. But with your advice to give a treat every time she saw another dog I managed to gradually positively reinforce that other dogs bring good things. I got her closer and closer to other dogs. She got more comfortable around other dogs. More de-sencitised. Now she has my ex-foster dog living with her. Thankyou :o)

    I am so pleased that you have joined the fight to help Lennox and his long suffering family. They do not deserve to be put through this horrible ordeal. They have been targetted because they have done everything right. They are responsible, intelligent owners.

    Like you say. This fight is also about all the other poor dogs who have been wrongfully killed due to BSL. It's time to target the animal on the other end of the leash !!! It is a social problem, not a problem caused by a particular breed of dog. What next? Rottweillers, German Sheppards?

  10. Angela

    Victoria, thank you for joining Lennox's campaign. I know from meeting you some years ago that along with being a lovely person, you are very much opposed to BSL,


  11. Aine O'Donnell

    This is an absurd situation, this is a healthy, non threatening dog, being taken from his loving home. Dog laws regading any dangerous breed should be over hauled & dealt with on an individual basis, not a general breed specific, shame on the authorities for pulling a happy family apart.

  12. Karen Bell

    My friends 5 month old puppy was seized and put to sleep immediately just the other week because the police said she "looked" like a pit type dog. The owner was given no chance to even appeal as the police arranged to have the puppy destroyed immediately. As you can imagine, Fudge's owner is completely devastated. This happened in Merseyside. The dog was in no way a pit bull or even pit bull type.

    We have formed a group on Facebook called Justice for Fudge and have a petition to sign. We also have been in touch with the Save Lennox group and our members have signed his petition too and highlighted his plight.

    We need to stop this from happening again and again.

  13. Twila Davis

    I will be praying for Lennox and his family! This is a very scarey world we are living in and getting worse everyday.

  14. Teena Johnson

    I have always loved to watch your show. Now, I have even more respect for you! BSL is horrifying, and idiotic. I have two pit-mix shelter dogs. I adopted them out of fear that no one else would (because of the misguided Pit image), and I love them. They give more love than anyone could hope for. I hope that Lennox goes home to his family. I've followed their plight for months. Thank you so much for bringing this to a large audience.

  15. janine campbell

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for supporting Lennox. I am in the United States and know that BSL doesn't work. It was put in place by people who are ignorant and it's just not the answer. There are no dangerous dogs, just irresponsible dog owners. Lennox's family have been far more responsible than most, and they along with poor Lennox are being punished far more than most.
    I applaud you for your support.
    Janine Campbell

  16. Michael Haslam

    I am so glad you are taking such a strong stand and interest in Lennox. It is about time all BSL legistation should be suspended and a intelligent debate about dog welfare in the 21st century be held. Not just BSL but draconian dog laws such as leash laws and dog bans which reduce the chance for dogs to socialise and become the very danger that such laws are meant to stop. It would be an interesting scientific study to compare draconian dog laws areas to more dogfriendly places and I would bet the amount of dog attacks would increase in the restrictive areas. Fear, bigotry, prejudice and ignorance has no place in informing effective laws. I would suggest you send an open letter to The First and Deputy First Minister For Northern Ireland explaining the BSL situation and the behavioural science and asking for a suspension of the act. Bless you and Lennox and his lovely family.

  17. Hildy

    I pray that Lennox is brought back to the family that loves and cherishes him. He looks more like a Labrador than a Pit Bull. I agree with Mahatma Gandhi and what Northern Ireland is doing is not making them look good in the eyes of decent citizens of planet Earth. I'm on your side Lennox!!!

  18. laura cooley

    Thanks for spreading the word and lennox's story..we need to share this awful plight with everyone and your doing just that..

  19. Kathi Burns

    I watch you all the time Gloria and i have even more respect for you. Praying from OHIO, USA that Lennox comes home very soon. I am just appalled at this. They need to change the laws there!!!!!!

  20. Susan Tosi

    Have they even bothered to check the DNA test results that had been done on him.How is it that Lennox has lived all this time and been licensed and now they want to kill him What bug is up their a__.That dog does not deserve to be treated like crap...hell murders are given better treatment in jail.That poor dog is very depressed ,terrified and lonely.Do they not realize that being treated this way can kill him in itself.He is in physical pain from the treatment he is receiving and a broken heart .....he can not even see his loved ones.Do they even feed and water the poor sweetheart. LET HIM FREE NOW SO HE CAN BE HAPPY <SAFE SECURE AND LOVED BY HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!

  21. Willow


    Found a very interesting article about a similar case though Duke, a pit-bull type, was allowed home after 9 months removal. This case is in the UK, the dog was held under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 and the dog was assessed by Mr Peter Tallack.

    Mr Tallack is unwilling to comment on certain elements of the case at court because he is not a 'behaviourist' and he admits that his first impressions of the dog was wrong. Could Lennox have been wrongly assessed, regarding the ADBA standard would Lennox have been measured, was the assessment of him 'selective'? If Mr Tallack is not a behaviourist, then how can he comment on Lennox's behaviour in court?

  22. Kirsty

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Victoria I think you do an amazing job and with you behind the case it shows the public that BSL is a joke and that Lennox belongs at home.

  23. Keeleigh

    Hi everybody, we whould like to make a live petion About Lennox , please send us pictures with yourselfs and your animals and what country you live in so we can make a video on saving Lennox! Tell all your friends and family! The more pics the better! Make statements with hardbacks saying Save Lennon or whatever message you want to send through this video petition. Send to [email protected] the more circulation the better! Thank you all, now let's bring Lennox home!

  24. carolyne lewis

    please light a candle for Lennox, its his 7th birthday today...... keep the faith !

  25. Jackie Loveland

    This is a terrible thing to do!

    The breed has nothing to do with how they act. It all has to do with how the owners raise them. Every animal in this world has just the same right to live in this world as we do. Going out and destroying creatures is not the right way to go about it!

  26. Erato

    I'm just going to keep my comment short, or I won't be able to keep myself from saying what I really feel about this. I signed the petition, as I will sign any that opposes breed-specific laws. They don't work, they're based on prejudice and urban legends more often than actual statistics, but most of all, they're barbaric. I cannot even comperhend how can any creature that has feelings of any sorts (and I assume people who issue and enforce those laws consider themselves not only to have feelings, but think they are "good people") deem any other being to death based on the fact that "it kind of looks like it could be dangerous". If they wanted to ban dangerous dog breeds, they should've had them registered, and enforce personality and behaviour tests in order to only allow breeding non-aggressive individuals. But taking a dog away from his home and owners and killing him just makes me want to to exactly the same to members of those people's families and see how they'd feel about THAT. See? I already said too much...

  27. Anita

    It is a shame that people are so stupid when it comes to dogs. It's not the breed that makes a dog vicious, it is the owner. This is a shame. I hope this dog can be returned to it's owner soon.

  28. mariodacat

    While reading through my blog roll, I found your link in another blog I was reading. I'm also on Twitter, so have been seeing lots of tweets about this horrible situation. I had my peeps both sign the petition, and I'l doing a blog post today with a link back to your bloggy. Hope you don't mind.

  29. Brenda Howlett

    Further to my earlier message, it would be really good to get lots of celebrities involved, expect Victoria would know of a few dog loving ones through her work? How about Martin Clunes as well as Paul McCartney? I know he is a dog lover

  30. Alison

    During 20 years of working at a veterinary practice I have never come across such a stupid and back dated way of dealing with the 'Dangerous Dog' situation. We have family pets that come to our clinic that would think nothing of taking a chunk out of you and the majority of them are everyday pedigrees or crossbreds. How can they make such a monumentaly stupid decision to remove a well loved, loveable family pet and expect it to be acceptable. How dumb are these people??? You shouldn't judge a dog by how it looks but by its behaviour and threat to peoples safety. We have many SBT crosses that come to us that potentially could look the same and they are the sweetest most loving family dogs. If the council go ahead with euthanasia on this poor dog they should be held accountable for their actions along with anyone who has had a part in this sad, sad tale.

  31. Janine

    Horrendous situation when someone can dictate in this manner, lie, decieve, abuse and defile an animal and get away with it because they are a council/government group. Easy targets thats what we are to them, easy numbers! Thank you Victoria for coming forward and joining us in this fight, this must stop.

  32. Anne Jenkins

    I truley don't know what the world is coming to, I wish you all the luck in the world. If BCC succeed in this matter, I think they will sincerely regret it! Best to admit you have made a terrible mistake now BCC, swallow your pride and do what you honestly know is right - LET LENNOX GO HOME!

  33. Amanda

    This is beyond absurd. What is next? Poor Lennox and his family, I cant imagine the emotional trauma he has endured in his time away. I pray for his return home and JUSTICE for his family, who was so clearly wronged.

  34. Casey Lomonaco

    Is he a therapy dog or a service dog? There is a large difference, and there may be different legal regulations depending on the answer (there is a HUGE difference in the legal rights of handlers of "therapy" vs. "service" dogs here in the U.S.

    Therapy dogs generally work with groups of people (strangers) in therapeutic settings. Service dogs are trained to work with one specific disabled individual and by definition must do tasks which mitigate the handler's disability.

    Not sure what Ireland's laws are like compared to here in the States, but if Lennox is an actual service dog, they may have more legal recourse than if he is a therapy dog. (Not that it should be that way - breed is never an accurate predictor of aggression!)

  35. Chris

    I just wanted to let you know that its very difficult to find this page when entering the site from "" the only way to find it is through a post that was left on facebook, and that has since been buried under other posts.

    I think its great that you've addressed this. I feel sorry for the dog, the little girl and her family. This is a disgrace!

  36. mary beth harwood

    Give him back to his owner. This Child needs his therapeutic tendencies for survival. Not every dog should be stereotyped in the same way each person should also not be.

  37. D Caf

    Wonderful article! What is happening to Lennox and other maligned dogs is nothing more than a disgraceful witch hunt!

  38. Caroline Barnes

    As the owner of Lennox I would again like to say how grateful I am for Victoria's support and help and we are very humbled that such a star is giving us her time and support. We all thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

    We would also like to say thanks to all who are supporting Lennox and every dog that finds themselves in Lennox's situation through no fault of their own.

    Thank you
    Caroline xxxxx

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