Puppy Comforts Whimpering Senior Dog

video-undefined-1F9277C300000578-53_636x358Whether the older dog is actually having a nightmare or just a dream, this video will melt your heart. Check out what happens when a Golden Retriever puppy hears his older friend whimpering in his sleep. It's these types of videos that reminds me just how incredibly intuitive and emotional dogs of all ages are. The puppy looks to be a little confused as to why his friend is whimpering but instead of walking away he lies right next to him again, this time by his head, which shows a good deal of trust.

The owners of the two fast friends say that the pair quickly bonded after they brought the new puppy home.

While this video is a great example of the positive influence and new energy that a puppy can bring into a home with an existing senior dog, it's important to keep in mind that not all older dogs tolerate the addition of a new puppy.

While many well-meaning owners think that bringing home a new puppy will re-energize their older dog, a new addition can often cause stress and anxiety for senior dogs. It may be a good idea to work with a positive trainer to determine whether your existing dog would be able to tolerate a new puppy in the home.

If you do bring a new puppy home and you have an older dog, make sure you allow your older dog time and space to retreat from the rambunctious puppy if he wants to. Watch your older dog for signs of stress, and consult a positive trainer if your existing dog shows any signs of aggression towards the new addition. Giving each dog a chance to adjust to each other will ensure they have a peaceful, long-lasting relationship.


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