Paris Hilton Buys $13,000 Pomeranian Puppy

Paris HiltonParis Hilton just added a new addition to her household of animals. This time, she   reportedly bought a five-month-old Pomeranian puppy named 'Mr. Amazing' for a whopping $13,000. According to news sources, the puppy is supposedly the "world's smallest Pomeranian." The breeder states that he weighs 11.6 ounces and stands just over two inches tall. Read more.

While this tiny puppy may certainly be adorable, I can't help but think back to the recent puppy mill bust that I took part in. Cage after cage was lined with puppies just like this one, and while the hundreds of dogs in that case have gotten a second chance at life, there are so many others that continue to suffer in similar situations.

What are your thoughts on Paris Hilton's $13,000 puppy purchase? Please leave your comments below.

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Positively Expert: Victoria Stilwell

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18 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Buys $13,000 Pomeranian Puppy

  1. Spider-Man

    We can't make an informed comment about this. I don't know if she'll take good care of this dog or whether she'll push it aside when it doesn't serve her purpose as a "trophy" dog. Yes, ideally it would be great to save a sheltered/rescued animal, but she might be a good pet owner.

  2. Elaine Leung

    Man.. $13,000. That's a lot. If I were a celebrity, I would adopt rather than buy from breeders, just because I know how it is for the dogs in the shelter! This also promotes awareness (if a celebrity adopts/supports animal shelters). I just hope she takes good care of the pup...

  3. Warner Dalton

    If she was willing to pay that amount, I say that's her choice as this is a free country, although the $13k could have surely benefited other causes.

  4. Linda Gray

    They are called teacup's and no they aren't genetically altered. Once in a while one is born super small

  5. Linda Gray

    She should be ashamed giving a dog breeder that much money when there are so many rescue animals needing homes!

  6. Cara Swann

    I have mixed feelings, but do hope she'll take good care of the tiny dog. However, if she can afford to pay that for a dog, she should also donate at least that much money to a few animal shelters.

  7. ANorthAmerican

    Actually, there is no such thing as a "tea cup" breed. It's just a word that the traffickers made up to make their stock more tantalizing. Even AKC doesn't recognize a "tea cup". You might want to do some research on that.

  8. SJ370

    Almost always these tiny dogs have many health problems. I know of several vet's that won't even accept them as clients. It's wrong that she spent so much on one dog; it's wrong that it might encourage people to try to breed that small and that she might be encouraging a demand for such.

  9. Linda Gray

    No, it isn't a breed. I never said that at all. A tea cup is a dog that ever so often is born super small. Our neighbour across the road had a tea cup born to one of her mini poms a few years back. They happen randomly they are not a breed but they do exist.

  10. ANorthAmerican

    A dog born that small to normal sized dogs is a runt, not a "tea cup". It's not a recognized size. There is miniature, toy, and standard - that's it. People like this breeder with the $13,000.00 dog breeds them small on purpose, and that's not normal and could be medically problematic for the dog.

  11. Lisa K. Kuehl

    $13,000 would sure help alot of rescue animals. And when folks buy pets from breeders, shelter pets, who are scared and begging for a home, are killed by the millions each year. No doubt about it...Paris Hilton and others like her are why we have puppy mills and kill shelters in the first place.

  12. Steve Barker

    Actually, Jackie and Linda, if you take a closer look at the way breeding (on purpose) works, one way to gradually work your way towards a specific objective is you pick a male that has the attribute(s) you want and you pick a female that also has the attribute(s) you want. Then you put them together in the hopes that more than one or two of the pups will have those attributes. Then you repeat the process with one of those offspring combined with an offspring from a similar mating of other dogs. The more you do this, the closer you will get to your objective.

    That is why breeders become known for their particular "look". One breeder of a particular breed may be known for size, another for working ability, another for softness, etc.

    So, it is absolutely possible to consistently produce smaller and smaller dogs, thus producing what those trying to market something unique would call "teacup". They're no longer the runts of the litter when most of the litter is that size. Is it a separate breed? No. Is it recognized by any reputable kennel club? No. In my opinion, teacup just means very small. But they're not runts. They're not accidents or occasional anomalies. They're the result of deliberate selective breeding.

  13. Karen

    Why would anyone care what a wealthy celebrity buys with their money? it's her money and if she wants to spend it on a poorly bred pup from a backyard breeder, more power to her! If I had that kind of money to spend on a dog, I would buy a well-bred purebred with solid bloodlines, championship pedigree, and health and temperament guarantees, not a puppy mill dog. But that's just me! I would like to buy a second dog but it will be awhile before I have the extra cash (and that's only a couple thousand, not 13,000!). I doubt her dog will live out a normal lifespan. It is bound to be riddled with health issues.

  14. Damianos Skourtis

    So many animals waiting to be rescued and Mrs. "I 'm on a constant battle to prove myself", spends 13K on a puppy.
    "The moron is invincible"

  15. Linda Gray

    It's the name given to them by the breeders and the buyers. I didn't say it was an 'official' breed or an 'official' size or anything 'official' like that. However all breeders refer to a dog that never grows more then I think its about 1.5kg as a teacup.

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