Merseyside Police Seize and Kill Legally Exempt Dogs

Lavinia Ali and her dog Chloe, who was killed by police. (Photo: Matthew Pover)

Lavinia Ali and her dog Chloe, who was killed by police. (Photo: Matthew Pover)

I am appalled at this latest story coming from Liverpool.  This is Breed Specific Legislation at its worst and yet another example of innocent dogs being taken away from their owners and euthanised without due process.  I support law enforcement in many ways but this kind of policing is barbaric, especially when many of the dogs seized were insured, but were on the death list because of a clerical error.

Now some of the families are seeking legal representation.  Solicitor James Parry, is calling for a judicial review into the illegal destructions.  "We know some of these owners had valid insurance, so the police had no cause to seize the dogs in the first place,” he said. “Others had, perhaps, allowed their insurance to lapse. Other forces tell owners their exempted dogs must be insured and usually give them seven days to comply.”

Of course the Merseyside Police have refused to comment or accept responsibility for their incompetence, bringing a stain on all police officers who get tarred with the same incompetent brush, even when so many of them are doing such a great job in protecting the public. No wonder people don't trust the local government departments that are supposed to protect them, especially when family members are so cruelly ripped away.

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