Lennox Update – Statement from Sarah Fisher

In a few days Lennox is scheduled to be destroyed.  More and more people are calling for his release and we can only hope that somehow this might happen.  There have been numerous legitimate offers from sanctuaries in Southern Ireland and the United States willing to take Lennox, with the knowledge and funding to do it.   I implore the courts and Judge to consider this option.  What still concerns me about this case however, is how incredibly unjust it has been from the start.  What also sickens me is that those against Lennox and the case are now releasing footage of a small part of Sarah Fisher’s assessment, like they did with David Ryan’s assessment, which has been taken out of context, misread and misunderstood by these people’s ignorance.  Sarah is a true professional in every respect, but she has been forced to issue the statement below because of misinformation that is being spread by the ignorant few and I would encourage all of you to read it and learn the truth about Lennox’s behavior.

Sarah Fisher is one of the nation’s leading experts in the field of canine behavior as well as being a TTouch practitioner.  She has spent seventeen years teaching, lecturing, filming, writing and working with a wide variety of dog breeds in the UK, South Africa and other European countries.  She works with shelter dogs, assistance dogs, working dogs, competition dogs and family dogs and specializes in working with animals who suffer from health and/or behavior problems and those in need of training.   Because of her additional experience in canine physiology she notices structural abnormalities in dogs that others miss and more compelling evidence comes out from her evaluation of Lennox that this is a dog that does not deserve to be in the position that he has found himself in.  This has happened to him because of highly flawed, knee-jerk legislation, developed from human fear and ignorance.

Sarah has asked that I post the following statement from her, and we encourage you to share it and re-post as widely as possible:

Statement on Lennox by Sarah Fisher

It has been brought to my attention that a small clip of my assessment of Lennox has been put on the internet.  This clip has been taken completely out of context and whilst I have remained relatively quiet on this case since I spoke in court, I feel that I am now forced to make a statement to clarify what actually happened during the time I was with Lennox.

Wrongly or rightly many documents and details about this case have been passed onto different parties. I do not feel it is appropriate for me at this moment to discuss in detail everything that has been said to me, nor to put forward my own ideas regarding all the statements made, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs.  What I am qualified to do however is to discuss behaviour. My assessments, statements and videos of those assessments have been accepted in other court cases at Magistrates, County and Crown Courts here in the UK so the field of assessment in cases such as this is not unknown to me.

I do not care if I am to be criticized by members of the public or even other professional bodies as I have a wealth of experience handling and working with many breeds of dogs, large and small and I also work with horses with behavioural issues so do not need to defend the claims that I have little or no experience of working with powerful animals such as Pit Bull Types. I would however like to clarify that a Pit Bull Type is often a mix of dogs.  Nothing extraordinary happens to the psyche of a dog when it conforms to certain measurements.

I do care however that Lennox is being portrayed in a poor light through this video clip as my experience of handling Lennox was thoroughly enjoyable and I now feel the need to explain in greater detail the truth, as I see it, about my assessment.  I know that Victoria Stilwell has been what I would consider to be a sane voice amidst the madness that surrounds this case and she has seen full video footage of the assessments carried out by myself and David Ryan plus other documentation.

When the door to the van was first opened Lennox barked.  He barked at me three times when I approached.  As I said in my report this is not uncommon behaviour in any dog that is in a confined situation in a crate, kennel or in a car.  He was also shaking like a leaf but this does not come over in the video that my assistant took of this assessment.  He was clearly frightened as he could not have known what was going to happen to him and again this is not an uncommon behaviour in the dogs that come to me for help. No one has ever disputed that Lennox can be anxious around some strangers but I believe the key word some has sadly been overlooked.

I asked for someone that Lennox knew to take him out of the crate to keep his stress levels low. Entry and exit points can be a source of conflict for any dog. I was told I had to handle Lennox on my own for the entire assessment and that he had bitten the last person that came to see him.  This is the clip that has been released.  Had I had any concerns for my safety or those around me given that I was to be fully and wholly responsible for a dog that I do not know and that I had been told has bitten, I would not have continued with the assessment if I believed that dog to be a danger either to myself or those who were standing in the car park. Lennox gave me a lot of information about his temperament whilst in the crate.  In court however, and therefore under oath, Ms Lightfoot the Dog Warden stated that in fact Lennox had not bitten anyone so I have to assume on the evidence placed before the court that the statement made to me at the start of my assessment was untrue.  Given the publicity surrounding this case I am also confident that had Lennox actually bitten anyone whilst in the care of his family as has been suggested someone would have come forward by now.

I spent approx 15 minutes with Lennox prior to being taken from the crate, working with a clicker and some treats to see if, even in the environment that was causing him some anxiety, he could still learn and take direction from a stranger. He could. His eyes were soft and he was friendly. At this point I would also like to clarify the meaning of the word friendly.  It does not mean confident.  Was Lennox anxious? Yes.  Hostile?  No.

I believe that Lennox would have been totally at ease had I indeed taken him out myself but I also believe I have a duty of care to reduce stress where possible when handling any animal in a situation that is causing them distress.  No doubt this statement will also be taken out of context by those who wish to discredit me and to discredit my belief that Lennox is not a danger to the public based on my experience with him and also based on the video assessment carried out by David Ryan which I have also seen.

I use food in an assessment to monitor the dogs stress levels and emotions at all times. It is not a bribe. A habitually aggressive dog will generally seek out conflict in my experience but even these dogs can often be rehabilitated. No amount of food can disguise this behaviour and giving food to a dog with aggression issues can be extremely dangerous. The dog may be lured to a person by the promise of food but once it has taken the food it may panic as the offering of the food has now brought that dog into close proximity with the threat i.e. a stranger. I have worked with dogs with aggression issues and whilst some may well take the food, the person delivering the food may not be able to move once the food has gone as the movement of the person, even the smallest movement of their arm, may trigger the dog to lunge and bite. I would not hand feed a dog that I deem to be aggressive. The delivery of the treat must come from the person that the dog knows and trusts - not the stranger. The dog can learn to approach a threat and then turn back to the person that the dog trusts for the reward if the approach to the person is appropriate.  I use food throughout an assessment to monitor what is happening with the dog on an emotional and physical level not to make him my best friend.

Lennox was so gentle with the taking of the food both in the crate and also later in the car park.  He was also appropriate in his behaviour with the games we played. He was also gentle when he jumped up at me to see if he was allowed the food that I was withholding in my hand. When he realised it wasn't forthcoming he politely backed off. This would suggest to me that he has been around a family. Not chained up in a yard as has also been claimed by people who do not know the family or the dog.

Lennox showed excellent impulse control at all times and at no point did he grab me or my own clothing which many dogs do when getting excited by a game.  I have worked with some truly challenging dogs and some will become increasingly aroused by lead ragging or games with toys and start seriously mouthing or biting the handler’s arms or clothing. This can quickly flip over to more overt aggression and these dogs can be dangerous particularly if they are being handled by just one person.  It is imperative that dogs with this behaviour are taught a more appropriate way of interacting with people and responding to the leash and also greater self control. There are many ways to help dogs that have been encouraged, through mishandling and misunderstanding, to behave in such a manner.  Kicking and beating them is certainly not the answer.

Lennox does rag on the lead but it is very self controlled. He did not exhibit any of the behaviours that I have mentioned above. Regardless of what some uneducated people may wish to think, it is possible to glean a lot of information about a dog through games and food as many behaviour counsellors and trainers will confirm.

I wrote a fifteen page report on my experience with Lennox and my thoughts about the David Ryan assessment. In this report I state that I have concerns about the appearance of Lennox’s neck. In the video I explain this too.  His ears are unlevel and there was a change in the lay of his coat over the Atlas in line with the nuchal ligament that is present between T1 and C2 vertebrae.  Coat changes often occur in dogs, cats and horses that have suffered injury or those that are unwell. I have studied this over seventeen years of handling many animals. In all cases where I referred an animal back to a vet, whether it was in the care of a shelter, owned by my private clients or students that I teach changes to the soft tissue or skeleton were noted on further detailed investigation.  When I see this around the neck in a dog I know that it is likely to give the dog cause for concern when someone unknown to that dog attempts to handle the collar or put on or take off a lead.  Coat changes may well be present where deep bruising has also occurred. Pain and pain memory is a key factor in many behavioural problems.

Lennox was quite rightly put on Amitriptyline. I do not believe that the Council have failed in their duty to care for Lennox when it comes to the stress that he has been under and I understand that this drug is used to treat anxiety and depression.  It was with interest, though, that I discovered that this drug is also used to treat chronic pain in dogs. Again this was mentioned in my written report.  This may explain in part why my experience with Lennox seems to fly in the face of other evidence presented before the courts. He was not on Amitriptyline when he was assessed by David Ryan.

I would absolutely move on to touch an animal all over its body in any assessment that I do.  I may or may not choose to muzzle a dog that is unknown to me to do this if I have concerns about the body language that I have seen prior to this part of my assessment.  I elected not to stroke Lennox all over because of my concerns about his neck, the newly forming scabs that were present on his flanks and the blood that was present around the nail beds around his right hind foot. This decision was made based on the physical evidence before me not because I felt I would be in danger.  I talked about this in court which was open to the public and at the end of my assessment which is also on film I explained this to a representative from the BCC Dog Warden team and asked if there was anything else that she would like me to do with Lennox.  She said no.

I cannot comment on what happened when Lennox was seized or measured by Peter Tallack because I wasn't there. I can explain behaviour though and any frightened animal can be intimidating. I have recently been in Romania working with traumatised horses and two stallions had not been mucked out for months as the staff (men) were too scared to go in with them. They called them 'pitbulls' such is the misguided impression of this type of dog.  Hay had been simply thrown over the stable doors and their water buckets were hanging crushed against the stable wall.  I went in with them, not because I have any desire to be a hero, but because I can read an animal well and within minutes they were quiet, standing at the end of their stables albeit it pressed up against the walls. I was calm with them and we took out all the filthy bedding and fetched new water buckets for them too. They didn't attack anyone. They were simply terrified and they were not provoked. I spent time with one of them on my own, hand feeding him and was finally able to touch his face. This process probably took less than half an hour. I was totally absorbed in what I was doing and when I turned to walk out I realised that one of the Romanian men had been watching me. He raised his eyebrows, gave me the thumbs up and walked away. Other people could then go in with this magnificent horse too and hand feed him the fresh sweet grass that we had picked from the surrounding fields so it isn’t simply that I am quiet in my handling of animals nor possess some extraordinary skill that can make even the most savage lion behave like a lamb when in my company.

I can perhaps, help an animal that is struggling, gain trust in human beings as many people can.  I can perhaps work with a difficult animal and make it look as though that animal is calm but all the time I am reading that animal. Every second of the way. I am looking at the eyes if it is safe to do so, I am watching the respiration, I am studying the movement, the set of the ears and the tail and so on and my opinions about an animal are based on many years of working in this way.  One case that will always stand out in my mind was a large member of the Bull Breed family.  I believe she was two years old.  I won’t go into the details here but I will say that when I worked with her she appeared to be very good to the member of kennel staff that was watching.  At the end of my assessment the member of staff asked me what I thought.  I sadly had to say that I thought the dog should be put to sleep. The member of staff was horrified and I remember her saying ‘but she’s been so good with you’.  But I had noticed some worrying signs.  The shelter ignored my advice and rehomed the dog who savaged the new owner so badly the owner ended up in the ICU. Of course the dog was immediately destroyed.

I knew what I was walking into when I agreed to go and assess Lennox for the family.  To have to defend Lennox outside of the court has, however, come as a surprise.  I have made this statement to shed a little more light on what is a distressing case for all those involved,  knowing full well that I will no doubt be subject to further scrutiny and criticism. So be it. I am not afraid. If nothing else this case has highlighted some important issues about the fears and prejudice concerning dogs, their breed types and their behaviour. Certainly it highlights the sad truth as Xenephon said so wisely in 400 BC. ‘Where knowledge ends, violence begins.’

Sarah Fisher

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56 thoughts on “Lennox Update – Statement from Sarah Fisher

  1. Lisa

    Thank you so much Sarah for taking the time to write this, taking the time to assess Lennox and continuing to fight for him, his family and his release. I fail to see why assessments from well respected behaviourists are being ignored in favour of assessments from less favourable sources.

  2. shirley

    hi i am also delighted to see this and have not commented on sites about this dog as i have no right as i am not qualified. lovely to see all the work and kindness you put in with lennox.

  3. Shell

    Thank you for telling us the truth which i have to say makes it even harder to bare if Lennox should pay with his life. Thousands are behind this boy but it seems the one's that matter are not and are more interested in making a "Point " from this wonderful dog. However should Lennox have to pay the price with his own life. He will of taught the world that "of type" dogs are not to be feared. I hope and pray this does not come to this. That finally BSL legislation will come to an End. It is time for this boy to come home!!

  4. Jacquie Dougan

    Thank you for your side of the story, now the world will be able to read it first hand. To know the "FACTS" and not heresay is important to all involved. I and many thousands will not critise a well respected behavourist but we take note of your "FAIR" assessment. Dogs won't take treats if they are stressed or afraid of strangers and this was not the case. BCC behaviour is appaulling for leaking seconds of a clip and not showing the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    I will keep writing to people in Belfast CC and sharing all the links to friends and family.......hoping he will be released.

  5. mary keating

    Thank you for going the distance for this beautiful creature... it is a massively inspiring gesture...the terror campaign being waged against Caroline, Craig and Brooke and Lennox is a manifestation of the most obscene and hideous gang stalking bullying that has ever occurred in full public view...


  6. Angie

    THANK you for doing this People need to know what we already believed, I hope beyond all hopes that somehow his life will be saved but thank you. angie

  7. Jim

    We can only hope an pray that justice will be served and Lennox will be spared.

    I think BCC wants to do the right thing, but they have backed themselves into a corner.

    For all things just and right, release Lennox and show us that Ireland and Belfast are civil and just.

  8. emma

    I feel for lennox and his family if the council pts this dog they themselves should be brought to justice for killing a defenceless animal this report just highlights the nature of this dog how can they carry out with the verdict people judge with their eys not their hearts which is very unfortunate ;(

  9. Virginia Hagan

    I hope and pray he can go to Southern Ireland. Then maybe his family can visit him once he has recovered physically and emotionally from his ordeal. If he is killed on Friday, despite these worthy offers, then the BCC's motives will be clear.

  10. Richard Ford

    Thank-you for being so clear. I am in full support of what you have said here and hope they find a way to place Lennox safely without having to euthanize him. Sad what lengths people will go to to cause fear in order to gain power. Intimidation by supporters of BSL seems to e their main tactic though. I call on the love of people and the love of their dogs to stand up for Responsible Dog Ownership and end BSL!

  11. Tiffany Shaw

    I think it is sad that pit bulls are so unjustly treated. I once heard the saying blame the deed, not the breed. I think this is very true. If a dog is raised in that kind of environment, how is it the dogs fault? It never asked to be born into a life of cruelty and pain.

  12. Brenda

    Thank you Sarah for your voice for Lennox. Someone needed to speak the truth. he needs to be with his family and the little girl

  13. Judy Kear

    Thankyou Sarah for such an detailed and informative report of your findings and thoughts on this dreadful case. I truly believe that if an alternative is not found to try and repair the damage that has been caused through lies, fear and lack of knowledge, the future does not look good for animals and their owners. Neither does it bode well for authorities dealing with such cases as this....or indeed the justice system. Please don't give up everyone. We have to still keep trying and campaigning and try to put this right.

  14. V Tomkinson

    This becomes a more tragic story as the days go on, but Thank you so much for speaking truthfully and letting the world know that Lennox is not the dangerous dog that some would have him portrayed . It will be a travesty if he loses his life on Friday . 112,000 plus supporters will be absolutely devastated. !and Our heart breaks for the family.. I'm praying for a miracle or at least some last minute common sense.

  15. ann

    Thanks for your message Sarah. I am so heartbroken about this case - cant believe that such a beautiful boy should pay with his life for something he just hasnt done.. We are still fighting for Lennox. God Bless you Sarah. x

  16. Louise

    Another fantastic piece, thank you Sarah for speaking out. I was in court on the day you were giving evidence and have nothing but admiration for you and your work. You truly have an understanding of animals and their behaviours. I am glad you have chosen to speak here and let those individuals who have done nothing but "gossip", hear the truth. The people who have been negative towards Lennox and his family should take the time to look past the "here say" and try to think for themselves, to make an informed decision, instead of taking things out of context.
    For too long we have lived in a society were certain dogs have been judged and condemned, for no other reason but prejudice and misunderstanding. I strongly believe opinions and attitudes will change, because of people like you and Victoria, who have taken the time and make the effort to broaden people's minds and understanding.
    It was a pleasure to hear your comments in court about Lennox, you showed him in what i believe to be his true light, a family dog who has committed no crime, and who passed every test you gave him. You gave Lennox the opportunity to prove he is not a threat and for that I personally am grateful to have wittnessed this, so I can be a voice for him. Thank you again for all you have done for Lennox and his family.

  17. Julie Beales

    I'm so glad that you have chosen to speak out, I just hope that your statement will be taken into account . Please still keep up the good work. " FREE LENNOX " iT'S THE ONLY THING THAT NOW MAKES SENSE.

  18. Gloria Ford

    Thank You So Much Sarah!
    As a FEDERAL SERVICE DOG TEACHER IN USA, TTtouch Practitioner, Reiki Master, Animal Therapist, Vet Tech, Dog Groomer, & Professional Dog Trainer of OVER 30yrs; I am VERY PLEASED with your ASSESSMENTS & Involved Coverage of our BELOVED "LENNOX."
    As you WELL know... "LENNOX" is a THERAPY DOG to his sick young owner, 'BROOKE.' ANY THERAPY DOG IS GOING TO FLIP WITHOUT THE OWNER IT IS "RESPONSIBLE FOR & CARES FOR!" I am surprised "Lennox" has ENDURED SO MUCH FOR SO LONG! I love, & train AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS only. LOVE ALL BREEDS. A dog is WHAT ONE MAKES OF IT. You get 110% back in return!
    Gloria Ford

  19. Priya Sawhney

    Victoria, thank you for a balanced and insightful article. And thanks to Sarah Fisher for coming forward with the truth. They have to release Lennox home to safe hands. In some countries - if a private person locked a dog in a concrete cell for 500 days with limited company, sawdust for a bed and dank surroundings - the person would be jailed for animal abuse.
    If anyone with a shred of sense and integrity and the power to make a difference is reading this - please release Lennox. Save whatever reputation is left for fairness and integrity and morality. Please spare an innocent dog and allow him a few years of joy with the family that loves him. And help all of us that are following this case to get back some hope and faith in the justice system. Please.

  20. Sandra

    This is a wonderful, educational report.
    I have little knowledge of Lennox but assume he has been taken from some family that loved him and is now living in a crate with his days numbered.
    For those who are deciding his fate, I hope and pray they will READ this report, LISTEN to your recommendations made in Court as you arte reputable and have many years experience.
    In todays society it is all about putting animals....be they dogs/cats/whatever to sleep. That is the easiest way out.
    Thank you so much Sarah for this educational report.
    It was well worth the read.


  21. Susan Squires

    So happy you posted this. Someone has to stand up for Lennox and all the others He needs to be released, if not to his family to someone who will love him and make up for all the injustice he has suffered. I pray he will go home. It's the right thing to do.

  22. Tara

    Thank u for giving us ur side of the story and speaking out! It must take a great deal of courage to do so given the way this whole case has been handled by BCCF from the start.... I truly hope that u will be shown the respect u deserve for coming forward and that ur info will help the to turn this case around. I dearly hope that u have sent a copy of this to the judge concerned!

    Kind regards


  23. Tina

    Sent an email requesting attention to the Lennox story to about 40 email addresses and online submission forms for the major US news outlets. Included the savelennox website address and other links with info about the case.

    Would have a better chance of succeeding if others would bombard them with similar requests!

  24. Deborah

    Dear Victoria and Sarah

    Some truth at last from two proper accreddited experts. it is so true what they say about a liitle information being a dangerous thing. BCC and Judge Derek Rodgers by releasing a carefully selected snippet from Sarah's assessment have blinkered the facts and evaluation of this case.

    THANK YOU to both of you for caring enough to correct the misinformation. We as supporters are condemned for our lack of expert knowledge in the field of BSL but the non-supporters should realise that once you discover the unconditional love of an animal you know where the truth lies and what is right and wrong.. There is no such thing as a bad dog only bad owners. To condemn a child's pet dog to death when he is clearly innocent of any wrong doing is unjust, inhumane and immoral. Taken out in public wearing a muzzle, microchipped, insured, neutered and licenced. Never bitten anybody and never a complaint raised against him. How can a judge dismiss an appeal on the grounds of possibility of unpredictability???

  25. Sandra Buell

    Thank you Sarah for coming forward as you have despite knowing this could possibly rebound on you, Your comments and experience is greatly appreciated, I just hope there's some small chance that they'll come to their senses and let him go home where he belongs.

    This case has left many people angry, heart broken, and shocked to their very core at the lies and verdicts handed down. That Lennox should never have been taken from his home in the first place goes without saying, but to compound that error by killing him is incomprehensible and a travesty of justice. Personally the whole thing has left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and a deep feeling of shame.

  26. Jewel Rainbow

    Sarah and Victoria, PLEASE ASK THE QUEEN, PRINCE CHARLES and BELFAST LORD MAYOR to intervene to save Lennox. It upsets me greatly to know Belfast City Council is considering destroying this good-natured dog at all, especially within days. This is so unjust! I am outraged. PLEASE DEVOTE TODAY and every day until Lennox is safe to righting this terrible wrong that blackens the reputation of Belfast City Council. Lennox must be returned to his family - he is kept safely within a fenced yard so WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?! The Belfast Lord Mayor has the power to intervene to save Lennox - please ask him to do so, and get the BBC involved to get Lennox safely home.

  27. Shannon

    Thank you for taking the time to clear up alot of the misunderstandings and statements and for all that you do.

  28. Ester Bredenhand

    Lennox deserves to go home there is absolutely no reason for them to keep him there, all the evidence shows that the wardens had lied under oath and what about the pictures where Lennox kisses and cuddles her. No there 's something sinister going on behind all this, the judge should have let him go home long a go already after all the evidence that was gathered that he is such a loving boy, what's going on with their justice system. And even if they don't want to let him go back to his family, they can allow him to get adopted in another country where this stupid BSL doesn't apply. There is thousands of people that is willing to adopt him, so there is absolutely no reason for them to keep him there.

  29. Joleen

    This is one of the most well written, articulate blog posts I have read to date on Lennox. I have followed this case closely, petitioned, posted and reposted information regarding Lennox... But mostly I have prayed! I continue to pray for a miracle to save this precious dog from the injustice he is enduring. The day the ruling came in, my heart broke in a way that's indescribable, and I think about Lennox (& check for news about him) every day. God Bless you, Victoria and Sarah! Thank you for doing the right thing by being Lennox's voice and helping the public know the truth. As a Labrador pet parent, this just breaks my heart... And I just pray something can be done to get him to safety!!!! Please keep fighting for him!!

  30. Kathy

    Thank you Sarah & Victoria for putting the truth out there. From all of the footage I have seen its quite clear to me Lennox is not a dangerous dog, and I am no expert. If the Judge had only seen the full footage and not the edited clips I suspect Lennox would be free today. I hope & pray that there will be some good news on Friday, because anything less would be a trajic injustice to a poor innocent dog who has never hurt anyone.

  31. Michael Haslam

    If the judge had actually listened to Sarah, and allowed Victoria's expert analysis of the assessment videos to be heard instead of being swayed by a warden who is a proven liar and a man who's expert testimony was based on prejudice and the politics of fear then perhaps Lennox would be back home with his family.

  32. Johanne

    Thank you Sarah for such a thorough statement, I have watched this case from London and am appalled. It is a pity those at BCC are not experienced enough in the behaviour of dogs to understand how frightened and stressed this poor dog must have been, though surely even the basic of handlers would realise this.. They have made grave mistakes and obviously now they want to cover their tracks and keep their jobs, otherwise why leak part of a clip on the internet without the whole story. Ignorance breeds contempt. I do hope the truth and good sense prevail in this case and Lennox is given back to his owners and given the love and rehabilitation he needs to adjust back to his loving family and the life he deserves. Thank you to you and to Victoria and to the many others who are using their expertise in this case to help get justice done.
    Bless you all.

  33. Lisa H

    I am just about finished listening to Victoria's Oct 11th podcast and it would appear a clear cut case that this Belfast organization should be charged with animal cruelty. Society entrusted this organization to care for all the animals under their watch - for better or worse. There is no excuse for the condition Lennox is in regardless of the medication that he has to be on as a result of confinement, his health is not being cared for properly. A citizen would be charged for animal cruelty, they should as well. In addition, it's not as if they didn't know of his skin condition before, and this is not something that shows deterioration overnight. Whatever happens here, i suggest someone get a sympathetic prosecutor to charge them. Not knowing what the animal cruelty laws are in N. Ireland, this might also be an opportunity to strengthen them. Shore up the definition of cruelty as being not providing for the care of an animal - physical, medical and emotional needs.

  34. Val Bagwell

    Thank you Sarah for this very honest & uplifting letter, it has been a pleasure to read & has certainly clarified many things here regarding Lennox & other animals in similar situations. Your expertise & knowledge is invaluable & should play an important part in seeing Lennox returned to his family, the people who know & love him, & understand him.
    He is not a viscious dog, he is a frightened one who has had his life turned upside down by people who THINK they know, but know absolutety NOTHING, & above all else have openly lied.
    It's time for lennox to go home now, he's been punished enough for doing nothing wrong......he belongs to a little girl who needs him.

  35. lesley Roberts

    I have found this whole thing so upsetting and got a lot of people to sign up to release poor lennox this has been a terrible story from the start i can only pray that the judge reads this statment above and comes to his sences and sends lennox home the judge should have to spend some time with lennox as well so he can see for him self god bless u for your statment and for lennox xx

  36. Pat F

    This is one of the saddest cases of which I have ever heard. Poor Lennox, it seems, has been ripped from the arms of his loving family and confined and stressed for over a year, and condemned to die, for his physical appearance, and perhaps some slight nervousness with strangers, but has not ever hurt anyone. I pray that the poor dog will be saved. Thank you, Ms. Fisher, for the clarification.

  37. gemma

    we treat pedophiles and murders better than this is sick and curel to treat a dog like this and the poor family would be beside themselfs !!!!!!! if that was my dog i wouldnt even be able to do anything but cry till i got my dog back these poor people this judge is heartless what the hell is the world comming to ...... feel your pain to for lennox x FREE LENNOX

  38. gemma

    lennox has a good home with a good family he is a good dog why the hell would u take him send him back i hope those people rott in hell !!!! the needs to be on the news WORLDWIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - from new zealand

  39. Teresa Smith

    Please just let this dog go. Let a rescue group or sanctuary take him if you will refuse him to his family. He doesn't need to die to make a point or because of the pride of the court. Please just let him live with those who are willing to take responsibility for him.

  40. Martha Rose

    Sarah Fisher and Victoria Stilwell,

    The Facebook group listed, was created for the sole purpose of bringing about awareness of Lennox's plight. As with everyone in the group, I believe and feel that Lennox has been unjustifiably accused of something he did not do except to be borne.

    It is our deepest prayer that the courts sees the injustice they have created and let Lennox go home. It is nothing better then racial discrimination in the human society, as well as being based on fear of the unknown as would be the case of seeing a human with a physical deformity and not knowing what the physically disabled person is or is not capable of until asked about the disability. It is my belief that at that time of asking, one can start to overcome their fears. It is no different then being and interacting with a dog of any breed not just one that looks of an APBT, or SPBT type. It is a great and grave injustice that some in society along with the court system has this kind of discrimination in existence, before ever getting to know the individual.

    Our group looks forward to the chance to be able to help spread anything possible and needed to help get Lennox released.

  41. rosa mitrano

    ..I mean no disrespect.......There will be world war three if Lennox is killed..We have all been hanging by a thread on what could happen..Lennox has become the HOPE we all need and want..when the world is in chaos..and our lives follow..Lennox is all of us
    We all are this dog....this breed....WE ARE LENNOX..all of our hearts are with this gift from God...when you say your going to kill lennox..you are killing the 110 million animal lovers on this planet..If you KILL LENNOX..you think your going to put him down once......you think your going to destroy him once...the reality is those that kill him will reap the rath of lennox death. not for killing him once..but a million times ..when the word gets out..it will make more news than before.ONE KILL= killing each one of us...Lennox may die...But we will not die..we will linger a slow and never ending death.....and each one of us will be outraged and each one of us will protest..I know I will..I will begin with boycott travel,products and services..we will rant and rage in disgust..not just on that one day... that one hour... that one minute.... that one second..I will be outraged forever..what else do we have to loose..110 million animal owners..lovers and activist in the world..65 million in the USA alone...Does the Queen want US to celebrate or protest her 60 year on earth..when we are asking for several years for an animal that she can pardon Lennox..if she decides not to...well ....thats what will happen...do we begin with Boycotting the Queens Birthday..its never been done...in thousands of years..the Queen eats cake....If Lennox is not pardoned by the Queen ..
    she may be eating...CROW..not CAKE....the power of the people of this world should not be taken..lightly...it only takes one apple to tip the cart..

  42. pru halliwell

    I have to say that the BCC are really QUITE INSANE !!!!some of them seem to be orchestraating criminality from inside the City Hall.Also they have now a reputation for victimising the public at large,including trying to extort money to the tune of £38,000 fr4om me and also demanding goods and electronic items from me .When this was occuring I discovered the horrific case of this poor dog ,as I chatted online with many supporters of Lennox the BCC were spying on us and illegally copied pages from Facebook also they tried to complain to the High Court in London that pro Lennox people might "lobby" the BCC elected councillors and have attempted to lure ME to Ireland to " engage" with staff of the BCC .I am of the educated opinion that these people are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!! And further more the BCC and their agents have attempted to disable my computer system and also a solicitor acting for them wrote a libelous letter about me to British Telecom ,calling me an email abuser and a"WRONG DOER" .Actually Im not even a customer of B telecom and the BCC were to ones sening me suspicious emails and calling me late at night.
    BCC will indescriminately attack the public Worldwide in order to carry out their combatitive campaign s
    Incidentally they also sent a male person to my door , in England one night this week saying that he was a bailiff from the County Court in Dartford Kent .I called the court the next day only to find that neither the bailiffs nor the Court Services managers had ever heard of the caller and he was therefore an imposter.SO YES the BCC are very criminal indeed!!!!!

  43. Shirl Wong

    I have been following Lennox's story from the very beginning. Lennox was taken from his loving family, he is a sweet loving dog that has done no harm to anyone. It angers me how Lennox was just ripped from his furever family for no particular reason. I am every way, shape and form fighting for Lennox"s release and be able to return him to his family. I"ve signed every petition, and made my voice loud and clear to get Lennox to be able to return to his family who misses him so very much and I will continue to fight for him, just like thousands of other people who is also fighting for Lennox's release.

  44. terra

    I hope that Lennox will be released and given back to his family since this new information that you gave everyone has come to light. FREE LENNOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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