Hero Dog Tyson – Escanaba, MI

It does not get any more heroic than this - a dog that saved a life and a family that will always be forever grateful.  Here's his amazing story as told by his grateful owner:

"Tyson is a two year old American Pitbull Terrier. He came into my family’s life in December of 2009 when he was saved from breed specific legislation. I never knew what a blessing Tyson was going to be by bringing him into our family. We often fostered many dogs for our local animal shelter and Tyson was always by my side helping those dogs find their forever homes. He has become an amazing representation of his breed and is always looking for belly rubs when we go on our daily walks. In July of 2010 we were fostering a mother dog and her ten puppies. I had left the room to bottle feed the puppies when Tyson and my son, Joshua, were relaxing in the living room.

"Within a couple of minutes I heard Tyson hysterically barking. This is not typical for Tyson as he is generally quiet. I assumed someone was walking by or it was the mail man and I ignored his unusual barking. When I came back up the stairs I realized my home was completely smoke filled and black. I could hear some thumping and Tyson still barking. Tyson was dragging our one year old son from the living room into safety. After the fire department arrived and we were allowed into the home to see the damage done, I realized how lucky we were. The reclining chair Joshua was napping on with his crocheted baby blanket was filled with burn marks and ashes. This amazing dog was a blessing in disguise and he will remain a part of our family for the rest of his life. In my eyes he will always be our hero and our best friend."

For more information or to nominate your hero dog, visit the Hero Dog Awards official site!

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3 thoughts on “Hero Dog Tyson – Escanaba, MI

  1. Audrey

    WOW! Your dog is a true hero! Though I don't know you or Tyson, I know that he is a true hero and he did a very good job at rescuing your son! What good instincts! I would love to have a dog like yours. I have a dog, but nothing bad or anything like your story has happened. There was 1 night, we had come home from my birthday party, and I brought balloons home and usually, over night balloons fall, and they did, our American Eskimo (Niko), started barking like crazy and that was very unusual unless it was a nightmare, (though he dosent bark that loud when he has nightmares) we thought we had a robber braking in! Thanks God it was just the balloons!

    Good Luck in your future life!

  2. Barb Roberts

    What a hero! Thank goodness Tyson was there to sound the alarm, intelligent enough to know what to do to save your baby, and brave and loyal enough to do so. We are truly blessed to have such guardians in our lives.

  3. sara

    I know the owner and right now she is choosing her new boyfriend over this dog! She use to run a rescue group for dogs but was shut down for selling drugs out of her rescue. She claims this dog and another that she owns are too much of a headache to keep any longer. Im sorry but if my dog saved my kids life, I would sooooo be choosing them over some boyfriend! Great to have positive press for the bully breed but she isnt a very good owner.

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