Hero Dog Treasure – Cochranville, PA

Treasure has overcome adversity in her own life ... She was born both blind and deaf. She has known the sting of loneliness while waiting in a shelter for someone to notice her. She has known what it is like to be rejected and unwanted. Perhaps this is what makes her so good at her job. People can relate to her in some way. They hear her story and it touches a place in their hearts. They can recognize on some level a part of what she's been through.

You see, Treasure is a therapy dog. She is now loved and cherished for the role she has both in her own family, and in the hearts of others. Treasure visits people who are hoping for a friend. She shows no judgment. She loves to be touched and is just the right size to snuggle into a lap. Treasure visits people who can relate to her. When one woman living at an assisted living facility found out that Treasure couldn't see or hear her, she stated cheerfully, "Well, that's ok. I can't always see or hear that well myself." Her focus was not on what Treasure couldn't do, but on what they had in common and how that made them each special.

Treasure has a way of inspiring all those who meet her, but what she does best is to provide a welcome friend in a sometimes lonely world. To many, she is a hero every day.

Voting is now open for the Hero Dog Awards!

You can vote for Treasure here, or any of the other amazing hero dogs.

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