Hero Dog Toby – Sherman Oaks, CA

Toby is a 6-year old Yorkshire Terrier, a 7-pound bundle of joy with a wonderful temperament, who truly loves giving to others. He exemplifies the true meaning unconditional love.

For two years Toby has been a registered therapy dog, regularly visiting children at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. As we reach the hospital, Toby is so eager to begin that he literally drags me up the stairs. Whenever Toby enters the room, the faces of the children and their families light up. Parents often say this was the first time their child smiled since entering the hospital.

Toby snuggles carefully in cribs and beds. He seems to know intuitively where a child hurts and finds an appropriate place to cuddle. Children who are in and out of the hospital bond with Toby during their repeated visits. One little boy was too sick to lift his head, but when he saw us enter the room, he said, “Toby, you made my Christmas!”

Voting is now open for the Hero Dog Awards!

You can vote for Toby here, or any of the other amazing hero dogs.

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