Hero Dog Phoenix – Hopewell Junction, NY

This is Phoenix. At a young age (7 months), Phoenix was involved in a terrible accident that severely injured his right hind leg.

Read his heartwarming story as told by his lucky owner:

Shortly after his accident, and during the period the veterinarians tried to save his leg, Phoenix came into my life. Ironically, he appeared at a time when I too was dealing with some rough, heart-ache issues. Although our pains were different, we went through them together. I have never seen a dog face such adversity, discomfort and complications with the grace, gentleness, trust and strength he did. His veterinarians and vet techs can attest to his endurance. After many surgeries and painful procedures, Phoenix suffered one final complication which caused his leg to re-fracture. He handled his amputation with courage and perseverance.

I learned many things while watching Phoenix face and meet his challenges including a special kind of love that is pure and true. Anyone that has met Phoenix along the way has also experienced the kindness and love that he exudes. Strangers, even from a distance, feel the need to meet and pet him. I knew I would never be able to keep all of this sweetness and love to myself and therefore we joined a wonderful organization called Good Dog Foundation. Through Good Dog Foundation, Phoenix and I have been able to go into our local VA Hospital to share happiness, love and thank these wonderful men and women who have served our country. Phoenix has also recently started work in a local library reading program, where children read aloud to him, show pictures, or just talk and pet him. He LOVES it!! Phoenix is a special pup that has taught and shared his love, trust and strength. He will always be a hero in my eyes.

Voting is now open for the Hero Dog Awards!

You can vote for Phoenix here, or any of the other amazing hero dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Hero Dog Phoenix – Hopewell Junction, NY

  1. Joy Rosetto

    Good Luck to Phoenix! I am trying to train my dog to be a "touch dog". he is a labradoodle named Gabriel..because he is such an angel. We hope to bring joy to lives of those in the nursing homes and hospitals as well.

    Kind Regards,


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