Hero Dog MWD Ben, Retired – Flemington, NJ

It is not just men and women serving this country and protecting the freedoms that we stand for. The military also includes heroic dogs that save the lives of our soldiers every day. Here is one handsome military dog with Presidential recognition for his service!

MWD Ben C020 (retired) served his Country as a Patrol Narcotics dog in the United States Air Force. Ben was assigned to the Security Forces team. While his exact duties are mostly confidential, he was awarded a Medal of Commendation at his retirement ceremony at Bolling AFB. He also has a Letter of Appreciation signed by the President. His Commendation reflects a very large drug find and several "live bites" on "bad guys" who didn't want to behave. Ben represents the Military Working Dog in spirit, dedication and loyalty.

For more information or to nominate your hero dog, visit the Hero Dog Awards official site!

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