Hero Dog Hawk – Clinton, IA

A gorgeous dog carrying out a host of beautiful work! Hawk is a search and rescue dog who doubles as a therapy dog and is obviously making a HUGE difference in so many lives.

Hawk began training for search and rescue when he was only 10 weeks old. As a member of Emergency K-9 Operations, Inc. Search and Rescue, he attained Operational Certification in Trailing, Area Search, Evidence Search, Building Search, Disaster First Response, and Human Remains Detection. Hawk was only the second K-9 to serve as a Clinton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve K-9. He has worked with Master Trainers from NAPWDA, US Border Patrol, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Miami-Dade Police Department. He assisted agencies in four states and Canada on searches involving disasters, drowning, suicide, murder, missing children and adults, wandering elderly, historical grave location, and evidence recovery. Hawk made his first find on his second deployment when he located two missing young people who had run away from their home. Soon after, he found a confused elderly woman who wandered from her residence. Working his first disaster, a fire that destroyed most of a city block, he located the sole victim of the fire under the rubble.

The community knows Hawk because of his participation in hundreds of educational programs for schools and civic organizations on wilderness safety and abduction prevention at Safety Town, DARE, Scouts, National Night Out and Fire Department Safety Days. Nationally registered as a Therapy Dog, he visits at the Ronald McDonald House and the Sarah Harding Residence. He has worked with Alzheimer’s sufferers to improve memory and reduce anxiety; with Physical, Occupational & Recreational Therapists during rehabilitation of head trauma patients; and to comfort the terminally ill.

For more information or to nominate your hero dog, visit the Hero Dog Awards official site!

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2 thoughts on “Hero Dog Hawk – Clinton, IA

  1. Cathy Collinson

    I have an 11 wk old female shepherd that looks just like him, and her daddy is a retired drug dog! I have one question if I may, Ms.Stillwell, how do you break a puppy as smart as these are from biting? I've bought her all types of chew toys, but she's rather chew on US! Please help.....
    God bless you,
    Cathy Collinson

  2. Becky

    This is SO AMAZING, I thought about cross training my new Service Dog when I get one in Search and Rescue. I LOVE German Shepherds they're such wonderful dogs :O)

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