Hero Dog Emma – Fort Wayne, IN

Here is a dog that exhibits talent in a couple of areas, all of which show her love of humans and her passion for keeping us safe.  Read why Emma's so special in the words of her grateful partner:

"My canine (K9) partner, Saint Joseph Township Fire Department (SJTFD) Base-70 K9 "Emma", is a true American ‘Hero Dog’. Emma’s a loyal public servant to surrounding tri-state communities by deploying as a Search and Rescue/Recovery (SAR) Dog through the SJTFD, IDHS District 3TF, Allen County Sheriff & Fort Wayne, Indiana Police Department. Public service and training never end for certified SAR dogs such as Emma. For 7 years this K9 good citizen has lent her extensive love for humans, intelligence, skills and strong work ethic not only to missing person operations & public demonstrations but to enthusiastically teaching fire-prevention and home-safety practices.

"This public safety ambassador memorably demonstrates “BE SAFE” skills for children such as how to 'stop-drop-n-roll' when told, "You're ON FIRE!"; 'crawl out under the smoke' when told, "There's smoke, how do you get out?!"; 'plays dead' when asked, "What happens if you breath smoke?" and barks at me while knocking lighters/matches out of my hand when asked, "Is this a toy? Can I play safe with this?" Emma’s endeared herself to her community to the point where children all over call her by name at public demonstrations, approaching her in the ‘safe’ manner she taught them.

"Whether it’s been supporting the DNR, FBI, IDHS, police or fire departments on a rescue/recovery or an ARC fundraiser, church circle, scouting group, school class or philanthropist society with public safety education, Emma’s been a true ‘hero’ - tirelessly, fearlessly & memorably serving mankind with friendly licks, a wagging tail and her whole heart."

For more information or to nominate your hero dog, visit the Hero Dog Awards official site!

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2 thoughts on “Hero Dog Emma – Fort Wayne, IN

  1. Libby

    My Sister and her girls (her two dogs) spend so much time and dedication into their volunteering. Thank you so much for recognizing her in your blog!

  2. Matt

    I would like you to contact me in reference to sar training in Allen county. i am a former firefifhter/ paramedic with alot of time on my hands and I just acquired a dog that exhibits all traits of a good sar/ accelerant detection k9 my number is 2604153898. Thanks


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