Hero Dog Buster – Norwood, NJ

Here is the amazing story of a little dog that performed an enormous deed; he saved the life of his owner. Buster is an Emerging Hero with a large tale to tell - well, his owner tells it for him.

Our Hero Buster came into our lives when my husband started a job that required him to travel. I looked for a puppy and found the best friend ever. Soon after Buster came into our lives my husband became very sick. After multiple hospital stays and surgeries, he came home from the hospital. Buster was 10 months old at the time. One night, my husband was sleeping downstairs in our living room; he was unable to use the stairs after his operation. Buster and I were sleeping upstairs and we were having a terrible ice storm that night. Buster woke me up barking. That wasn't like him. He's not a barker. I thought he may have heard a snow plow outside, but I realized he wasn't barking at the window, he was barking at the bedroom doorway. I decided since I was awake I would check on my husband. It was a good thing I did; when we got downstairs my husband was unconscious on the floor. He had gotten up and blacked out. He hit his face on a piece of furniture and cut his face. When I got him to the hospital his blood pressure was 55/30. The doctors said that if I hadn't found him when I did he very likely would have stroked out and possibly died. If it wasn't for Buster I never would have gone down to check on my husband, I didn't hear him fall but Buster did. My husband thanks Buster every day for saving his life. He's my husband’s HERO!!

For more information or to nominate your hero dog, visit the Hero Dog Awards official site!

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15 thoughts on “Hero Dog Buster – Norwood, NJ

  1. Victoria K

    I read this and immediatly teared up. Buster is a love saver because I love animals and when dogs are as smart as buster its good to know

  2. Dorothy Williams

    What an amazing story. I watch you all the time on Animal planet. You are awesome with animals. I have a nine week old G.S. I had him shipped up from Alabama at 6 wks. old. I truly love him. My goal is to train him to be a great G S. I am having a problem with him biting when he's playing. Oh yes and jumping. I am trying to train him to break these habits, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ,
    Dorothy Williams

  3. Lisa K

    Made me tear up as well. Which is not a good thing when you are sitting at work!

  4. Sheila Gonzalez

    I love Buster!!!!! He is awesome. Its so funny how immediately animals sense something wrong. Many blessings to you all.. xoxo

  5. Laura Byars

    Animals communicate in so many ways.. Thank God this woman listened and heeded..

  6. Anne Friedman

    This is a great story - hats off to Buster! What kind of dog is he? He looks very much like our dog, only larger. Ours is a Shih Tzu/Yorkie. Love your show and have your book. I really admire the way you train the dogs; they truly respect your authority. Thanks for all your great work.

  7. Lorrie Garrett

    Buster is truly a smart loving companion, may you be blessed with long lives together!

  8. Cheryl

    What a great boy Buster is! So many times I think we all forget just how in tune our dogs are to every body movement we make, and every sound they hear. I'm sure Buster just sees his hero actions as protecting his pack! This story reminds us all to be active and help at our local shelter, and/ or donate to a good animal cause.

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